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MAREBITO  (2004)   SLASH’S FUCKED UP FRIDAY   Further reinforced our WOMEN IN HORROR/ACTION month, I return to the Tartan Asia Extreme series, which consistently has strong & interesting female characters. MAREBITO is the […]

SAW (2004)

 S A W  (2004) SLASH’S SHITFACED SATURDAY appearing on FUCKED UP FRIDAY, but then,that is another tale for a different time.   THE SAW SAGA, a horror lexicon, seven of them, with […]

Dead of the Nite

Welcome to Horribly Hooched’s Macabre Mondays! Today’s feature….Dead of the Nite. —- Investigating a supposedly Haunted House, a group of ghost hunters realize they’ve bitten off more than they can chew, and […]