The HH Team

Papa Bacchus, Founder


I’m Papa Bacchus, and I like to drink. Like, a fucking lot. I once drank a 750 ml bottle of whiskey and a 12 pack of beer while doing my fucking taxes. You read me? I CHEW GLASS AND SHIT HIGHBALLS.

I also specialize in indie horror and prefer promoting and focusing on those talented fuckers who actually deserve the big break. Given that, I started this blog to write some reviews whilst three sheets to the wind for your enjoyment. So enjoyment away…bitches.

demonsweat (Retired)

Senior Staff Writer

demonsweat insists that the blackness of her heart is only rivaled by that of her liver. She has a love of the particularly sick and depraved and hopes that in writing this junk, she will finally alienate every last normal human being from her life. demonsweat is one of our Senior Staff Writers, and will be running point for Horribly Hooched in the Asian horror dept!


Glenn Buttkus

AKA Slash Phuque

Senior Staff Writer

Picture 13

Born in Seattle on June 14, 1944, on Flag Day; numerologists seem to love these numbers. Lived like a gypsy child, moving around a lot, growing up with three stepfathers. I was the kid who sat on a bluff above Puget Sound staring out at the islands in the stream and dreaming of buying one some day, when I was a wealthy actor or writer or both. Whenever I want a chuckle I go back and look at some of my earliest poetry, as a teen ager in the 50’s. It seemed to improve during Viet Nam, and my time in the service. I did become a professional actor for a decade, quitting in 1977, and going back to school to be a Special Education teacher, working with the blind. So for most of my vocational career I worked with adult legally blind veterans, a very rewarding job. But I never lost my love of movies, and never stopped writing poetry. I did stop writing novels. Two of them gather dust on a shelf in my basement. Retired–coming up on three years now, I can devote a lot more time to writing movie reviews, staying active in my film club, writing poetry, performing in community theater, and doing open mic poetry performance/readings.




Uncle Frank Cotton

Staff Writer


Uncle Frank has no real qualifications to speak of. Other than a career in drinking his enemies (and his friends) under tables. And an addiction to movies where the good people die and the bad people win. In 6th grade, he used to leave Hellraiser on while falling asleep at night because of the dreams. If it’s considered a low art form by the literati, Frank probably knows a lot about it, and has an opinion on it. And he’ll share it. Frank lives in Los Angeles, where he makes a living as a cliché.



Staff Writer


Geinzram fears nothing in the entire world. Except leaving his apartment in Los Angeles to face the entire world. Instead of facing his fear, he remains locked away and plays horror video games and drinks apple ciders by the gallon. It’s not 1989, but he plays Commodore 64 as if it were. Cause he has no fear of anything. Except everything. Isn’t that scary?

Fladnag the Yrag



Raised in a house of madness, Fladnag first witnessed the horrors of film at the tender age of 5 when his tiny mind was subjected to his first viewing of the Exorcist. From that moment, he has been addicted to all forms of Horror in hopes to recreate that initial feeling of terror. Alas…….. he has been unable to recreate it yet. To settle his soul and satisfy his stomach Fladnag the Yrag day drinks on the beach, soaks up sun and spits out awesomeness, all in the name of Horribly Hooched



Art Director


Born into an artistic Irish family, I already had the genetic qualifications to work alongside the good people of HH.  Being raised in Oregon, I have a healthy appreciation for two things; the great outdoors and beer.

My appreciation of cinema came later as I found my love for video games.  Being the only artist in my family to take the next leap forward into the digital age, I wanted to create video games that were story driven.  That idea had me going to schools up and down the west coast.  Starting up in Seattle, WA, to another college down near Santa Barbara, CA.  I worked on countless film sets, I created my own pre-vis company to help me through college, all to give me the cinematic skill set to do what I’m doing today.  Out of the 6 years I’ve been working in the video game industry thus far, 5 of them have had me working on titles with zombies in it (and even voicing a few zombies myself)…so Mom’s proud to say the least.

I’m here to help the Horribly Hooched crew in all things art and to make sure their surplus of beer is of the highest quality.



Streamer of Games


I play games.

I design games.
I stream shit.
I like sex.
I am Eros.


Miscellaneous Contributors

Cara: A saucy minx who enjoys the sauce. We need more of her round these parts.

Eros: A fat bastard with a fatter mouth, Eros joined us for at least one review (that we remember)

Vifen: A real bastard. A real funny bastard. Sometimes.

TBD (want to join the team? Email us at


That being said, I think Shakespeare said it best –

“Shit happens”

And we just happened all over your face.

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