Fucked up Fridays

Satan’s Little Helper (2004)

I can’t believe how much this one grew on me. I stopped it at first, writing it off as another sub par piece of garbage, but at the insistence of the almighty girlfriend we powered through it.  And while the intro is a bit slow/rough, trust me – its worth it.

Also – TITTIES!!

Satan's Little Helper


Its brilliant in its simplicity – a small, innocent (to the point of developmental disability) boy accidentally begins helping a serial killer disguised as the main character from his favorite video game.

Thinking he’s helping Satan, young Dougie leads said masked man back to his home to kill his older sisters boyfriend…from there, the two embark on a jolly murdering spree through the small town of Bell Island, wreaking havoc, stealing pills and knocking over pregnant women.


SO much fun. A wonderfully original concept that helps overshadow the at times poor acting, accidentally hilarious writing and nasty sound design. That, and the dude playing Satan (Joshua Annex) does a wonderful job conveying emotion through a shitty mask – so all in all, I’d call this one a win.

Gotta love a man with imagination

Gotta love a man with imagination

That being said, there’s some weird shit going on with the Whooly family. Like…some weird incest-y type shit. From the very beginning, with Dougie asking about incest and wanting to marry his sister, you can tell there’s just something off here. Then there’s the mother-daughter relationship, where it seems they’re moments from making out CONSTANTLY and some scenes look pulled straight from a porn.

'Accidental' boob grab. Yeah. I'm on to you Mom.

‘Accidental’ boob grab. Yeah. I’m on to you Mom.

So its not too surprising when lil miss innocent daughter on her first date does a 180 flip at the drop of a hat.

First date to HO HO HO.

First date to HO HO HO.

Really, though, its just another quirky attribute that adds to the fun of this film. Absolutely one to watch with drinks and friends (we were rocking boxed wine like absolute CHAMPS) AND its on NETFLIX! So check it out now!

TL;DR 7/10 for concept, hilarity, and overall weirdness


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