Category: Thoroughly enjoyable

HALLOWEEN (9) (2007)

  SLASH’S SHITFACED SATURDAY HALLOWEEN (9) (2007) In the five year interim since HALLOWEEN (8): RESURRECTION (2002), the series patron, & primary executive producer, Moustapha Akkad, died of the severe injuries he sustained after […]

S A W V (2008)

  SLASH’S SHITFACED SATURDAY Presents:     S A W   V    (2008) Alright, you righteous SAWphiles, it is time to dip your snorkels into the next segment of the phenomenally successful, […]

S A W II (2005)

SLASH’S  SHITFACED SATURDAY S A W  II  (2005)  Alright, you Gorehounds of Basketville, let us continue with the quite formidable SAW SAGA. SII was directed by Darren Lynn Bousman @ 93 minutes. […]