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Unbridled Chaos (2014) (short)

Louis C.K. famously paints dating as “literally insane and ill advised, (yet our) whole species’ existence is dependent on it. ….there is no greater threat to women than men, statistically”.

Which is equal parts hilarious and terrifying – but its an idea a lot of people clearly espouse. So rarely is the other side considered, that maybe women aren’t the only ones at risk; set to challenge that mind frame and make me eternally grateful to have been blessed with comparatively sane ex’s, I bring you:

Even the cover's fucking disturbing

Even the cover’s fucking disturbing, if a little…downs-y lookin

Click through for only mild spoilers (nothing a monkey with two brain cells to rub together couldn’t gather by the one sentence synopsis on IMDB). I saved the best shit for viewing.


Directed by Chris Greene (who you’ll recognize from one of our previous fave’s, Sanctuary; Quite a Conundrum) and starring the disturbingly sexy Vanessa Aranegui, Unbridled Chaos is a character study in insanity.  Jilted lover Adrianna copes with the end of a relationship. Her coping mechanisms…well, lets just say I once had a chick come after me with a screwdriver and Adrianna makes her look like a saint.

And when it comes to rebounds?



I don’t want to focus on the story so much, to avoid spoilers, but I really need to talk about Vanessa Aranequi’s performance. Beautiful, psychotic and Bateman-esque, with each passing minute I could feel my manhood running for warmer climes and I briefly contemplated how bad it would be, really, to go gay. There’s the added bonus of superior interior decorating and having a decent workout partner, just not sure I could get used to all the dickbutt play.

Thats how it works, right...?

Thats how it works, right…?

I digress.

The perfect accent to Aranequi’s performance is the audio backdrop – wonderful use of aural clues to increase tension and set the tone. Director  Chris Greene seems to perfectly grasp how important atmospherics are in a piece such as this – what may have otherwise seemed comical or ridiculous becomes squirming-in-your-seat, peepin-through-your-fingers material.

While the story is at times predictable, I legitimately was surprised by the ending – the slow build leads to a fucking EXPLOSIVE finish. As in I audibly said ‘oh what the fUCK’ and elicited some strange stares from my lady.

Solid 8/10, can’t wait to see more. Everything I’d want in a short.



IMDB for the film


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