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SAW (2004)

 S A W  (2004) SLASH’S SHITFACED SATURDAY appearing on FUCKED UP FRIDAY, but then,that is another tale for a different time.   THE SAW SAGA, a horror lexicon, seven of them, with […]


STAR WARS/STAR TREK HOOCH-RIDDEN SCENES + MORE! We all fully understand that Hooch has been around since Cro-Magnon distilled some fermented berries & mastodon shit–and Hollywood has worked hard, as well as […]


SLASH’S SHITFACED SATURDAY, folks, that’s what I’m talking about–something for the dens of demented denizens to get down with, something to spruce up your silly Saturdays with, something that will inform, enlighten, […]


RE-ANIMATOR  (1985) NECRONOMICON  EROS This film is based loosely on a H.P. Lovecraft tale. The producer and director, both, went on to be involved in several other Lovecraft projects. Howard Phillips Lovecraft […]