Los Angeles Screening of "Dark Reel"

Boss Man, T. Sparks scores again, with the gonzo-cool on-the-fly interview with the fetching Tiffany Shepis. Notice how Tyler towers over her; she is 5’3″ tall, born in New York City, she started making films when she was 13 years old.


She often is nude in many of her films, and is not afraid of saying Fuck;

Photo Shoot with Actress/Horror Icon Tiffany Shepis

loves to flash her tits, flaunt her body.

Picture 25


Picture 30

She also has some great dance moves ( move over NAPOLEON DYNAMITE ). 


She has appeared in tons of rock videos with the likes of Lil Zane, Wu Tang Clan, Dexter Holland, Run DC, & Destiny’s child.


She has two chihuahuas named Vlad the Impaler, & Boris K.

Tiffany Shepis-ALO-012629

Shepis said: I go after parts in horror films because I have the most fun shooting them. I mean, wouldn’t you rather be buck naked, covered in blood, fighting some fucker with an axe rather than doing some lame-ass romantic comedy?


She has appeared in 106 film projects since 1996, including BUNDY (2002), SMOKE POT TILL YOU FUCKING DIE (2002), THE DEVIANTS ( Marina the Nudist ), DORM OF THE DEAD (2006), KISS YOUR ASS GOODBYE (2007), CHAINSAW CHEERLEADERS (2008), BONNIE & CLYDE VS. DRACULA (2008), GODKILLER ( AngelFuck), MOUNTAIN MAFIA (2012), & hass SHARKNADO 2 in post-production.

Picture 21

Picture 31

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