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Alrighty then, fucking A, B, or C–Slash’s Shitfaced Saturday has kicked its own ass into gear, and has now made another splash into the beautiful bucket of HORRIBLY HOOCH’S Sci Fi & Horror classics; two splashes actually.

Coming up next Saturday, something I have been excited about & have been looking forward to do–reviewing the Sci Fi Channel’s TVM–IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE II (1996), co-starring, & stealing the whole fricking picture, we have Tyler’s Pop, Adrian Sparks.


Initially I wanted to review this made-for-television, made-for-cable gem because of Adrian’s involvement, but now after having solidly reviewed the original film from 1953, it is logical to write something insightful about the trashy sequel–damn skippy, boy howdy, bet your ass.

I, for one, feel that it is significant, important to understand, to grasp the unassailable fact that our fearless leader, Tyler, besides being four kinds of a  genius,  & some kind of inexorable force in the Gaming World & the inner sanctum dominion of Drunk Horror Genre ( or at the very least he would like to think so )–young Ty has been supremely whelped from the loins of solid authentic Artistic stock.


So, hell, just remember to genuflect while you are flipping the bird with a grand flaccid flourish as we close for now & cast our peepers on a terrific pic stolen from the Sparks family album.

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