Classic horror


Perhaps folks don’t realize the contribution that David Carradine made to Independent and mainstream cinema. Tylers review of NIGHT OF THE TEMPLAR (2012) brought this HH super star into focus for me.

Carradine appeared in 229 films, and some of them like BOUND FOR GLORY (1976), THE LONG RIDERS (1980), & KILL BILL (2003) made the Hollywood & international “A”-List.

But some of his lesser seen, lesser appreciated movies should make an appearance here at HH; films like DEATHSPORT (1978), WIZARD OF THE LOST KINGDOM II, DUNE WARRIORS (1991), WAXWORK II (1992), CHILDREN OF THE CORN V (1998), DEAD & BREAKFAST (2004), & DINOCROC VS. SUPERGATER (2010). 51FKWVCQ2PL

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