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Twisted Terror Con – PROVOKED review

A group of wanna-be ghost hunters bite off more than they can chew

Bottom line? Mess with the ghost bull, get the ghostly horns!


SYNOPSIS (mild spoilers, highlight to view)

At first blush this movie offers nothing we haven’t seen before.

A frustrated group of paranormal investigators, modelling themselves after the ‘M.A.P.S’ team (think Ghost Hunters) has a chance to investigate a house where an extremely angry and aggressive ghost has been assaulting a family. The risk is perceived as real, since the haunting has been violent, especially towards women.

The cast fits nicely into a series of roles. The douchebag ‘player’, the hot piece the leader of the group had a relationship with and still pines after, said love lorn leader too caught up in his own emotional bullshit to focus, and the ghost hunter so desperate to actually experience something he puts his own life at risk (our lead).

During the investigation of the house there’s a few hints that something isn’t right – but nothing the hunters pick up on. Matt, played by the talented Chris O’Reilly, loses it, as the pressure to finally experience something gets to him, and provokes the ghost (OH HEY THERE TITLE I SEE YOU THAR) 

After his breakdown everyone leaves…but something hitches a ride.

What follows, all the way through the surprising conclusion, will at times both frustrate and excite.


For 80% of this movie, I was at times alternatively bored, piqued and midly aroused (damn beautiful female casting). There’s a whole story arc between the lead paranormal investigator and his jilted lover that had me thinking they were the leads – again, throwing the viewer off course of the real story; Matt’s obsession with the paranormal and his relationship with his unfortunate (but extremely HOT I mean GODDAMN) Girlfirend who has to suffer as a result.

She’s got some of the best lines of the movie, as the spirit continually fucks with her and Matt refuses to believe her (which by the way is CRAZY frustrating) until she finally has enough. I mean, this ghosts fixation on women is a bit rapey. Lets be honest.

Make no mistake – it definitely seems as though you’ve seen this movie before. Its a standard ghost hunter scenario (blissfully free of ‘found footage’ style camera work). But! And there is a butt, if you catch my drift HEYO – BUT – its just that standard formulaic setup  that lures you into a false sense of security.

I truly didn’t even consider the budget, it never came to mind during our screening at the Sacramento Twisted Terror Convention – and thats saying a lot. When I found out what they were working with, I was blown away. Given their available resources, the final product is really impressive.

I mean, shit, at the very least you have GOT to check this out for Tony Moran’s hilarious work as Doug the plumber – but stay for the ending. Its absolutely worth it.

A solid 6/10


IMDB for the film

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