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HALLOWEEN 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)


HALLOWEEN (6): The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)






That is correct, Halloween Heads, it is time for the old Slashman to take you back to Haddonfield, & check on Michael Myers, the mysterious Man in Black, the cranky Dr. Loomis, & find out who the hell is living in the old Myers mansion–and how did they find the cash to fix the old shithole up?

Picture 16

It took the producers six more years after HALLOWEEN 5 (1989), to put this project together. This film was directed by Joe Chappelle, the sixth director to tackle the Michael Myers mythos. At one point Peter Jackson was asked to direct, but I think was in the middle of prep for something cinematically more significant. Then Fred Walton ( WHEN A STRANGER CALLS (1979) ) was hired, but he did not work out.  Most of the cast & crew disowned this movie, claiming that the constant bickering & power plays between the studio, producers, & director, arguing to the point of ridiculousness,  resulting in what they labeled “a poorly directed & edited film”.


Director Joe Chappelle has directed 16 film projects since 1993, including THIEVES QUARTET (1993), PHANTOMS (1998), & TAKEDOWN (2000). 


Then he has spent the last 14 years directing for American television, series like WITCHBLADE, FRINGE, CHICAGO FIRE, WOLF LAKE, & THE WIRE.


Taglines:  Everyone knows his name–now everyone will know the truth.

                Terror never rests in peace.

                Six times the Terror, Fear, & Thrills.

                Haddonfield is ready for Halloween–so is Michael Myers. 


The musical score was credited, again, to Alan Howarth,



but this time he was assisted by Paul Rabjohns–who is better known as a Music Editor, working on 34 films, including MEN OF WAR (1994), & CHILDREN OF THE CORN V (1998). 


The cinematography was done by Billy Dickson, who has lensed 45 film projects since 1987, features include CODE NAME ZEBRA (1987),  GROTESQUE (1988), & EDGE OF HONOR (1991). Then he has spent over 20 years shooting American television series.


The script was written by David Farrands, who claimed he did a dozen rewrites, but that director Joe Chappelle rewrote the script anyway, paying little attention to his original concept.


Farrand, one of many disgruntled employees, felt he had been very prepared of this writing gig: I spent weeks preparing, filling up a huge notebook with my HALLOWEEN films research–I had the entire series laid out in a timeline, a bio for every character, a family tree of the Myers & Strode clans, & I did a ton of research on the Druid runic symbol (Thorn), & I had a lot of plans to include all of it.”

For the third time now, the franchise producers chose Utah, around Rush Valley & Salt Lake City for the locales. The budget was 5 million dollars, & it grossed about 15 million domestically. The body count was 20, and this time there were no dogs killed.


Perhaps this film will be watchable after all:

–during a sex scene a woman’s breasts are shown.

–during another scene a woman strips down to her bra & panties.

–the film is explicitly gory & bloody.




Our lead off babe is Mariah O’Brien, who played Beth. (Denise Richards auditioned for the part, & was turned down; probably wanted too much money).

Picture 22

She is the only actress to reveal her breasts.

Picture 18

It always warms the groin to view a nice tit-shot in a slasher movie.


then she closes with some nifty cheesecake for the gallery.



Next up we have our lead actress, Marianne Hagan as Kara Strode.

Picture 30

She is our character who strips down to her bra & panties.

Picture 22

Some of the producers did not want to hire her. They felt she was just too skinny.


But hey, we at the HH Babe gallery are pleased with her.

Picture 18

As stated several times in the past, small tits are just fine with us.


Kim Darby (yes the TRUE GRIT gal) played Debra Strode.


She never really did much in the cheese cake department.


Couple of shots from THE GRISSOM GANG was the best I could do. Still, it is the Kim Darby, right?


J.C. Brandy, whose name sounds like a pole dancer, played the hapless Jamie Lloyd Curruthers. Danielle Harris wanted to reprise her role for the third time, but she asked for too much money it seems.


Susan Swift played Mary, & she smiled nice for us.





Nice, but odd to see Donald Pleasence as the only name above the title in the opening credits, then Kim Darby, Mitchell Ryan, & Paul Rudd show up in the cast; otherwise we get a bunch more new babes to butcher, & some character actors that we may recognize but will not connect their faces with their names.


We open up with the perennial 5 minute review of HALLOWEEN 5, but this time it is cooler because Paul Rudd did a narration; he played the grown up Tommy Doyle, the little kid Jamie Strode babysitted in HALLOWEEN (1978). He lets us know that the mysterious Man in Black rescued Michael Myers from jail, & then they abducted their neice, Jamie Lloyd. Jamie, now 15 was impregnated by Myers, & she was ready to give birth on October 20, 1995. The Thorn, as the group is called, has been integral in shaping Michael Myers evil nature, it seems, & have been protecting him, & hiding him for the last six years. We see the symbol of Thorn all around, & recall that both the Man in Black, and Michael have a tattoo of it on their wrists.

Picture 35

Cut to Jamie being pushed on a gurney by medical staff, lots of close-ups of her screaming in pain, struggling with labor. Camera pulls back, & we see they are in some bizarre underground tunnel, laced with fat steam pipes, all lit with red & blue jells. She is wheeled into a Druid ceremony, with fucking candles lit all around her, & some inaudible babble-chanting going on; hooded figures standing around enjoying the vaginal peep show in the name of cult & religion.


The Man in Black is there, in his hat & black trench coat, always shot from the back. After she gives birth to what we assume is the anti-Christ, she is just left whimpering, begging for her baby.


A (kind) nurse brings her the child to hold for a moment, but the Man in Black quickly grabs the infant, & beats feet. The baby screams, Jamie screams, & that gregorian throat chanting continues.

Picture 32

Cut to later that night; the (nice) nurse, Mary, rushes into the operating Cult room where Jamie is still lying, gives her the baby, & tells her to scram up some back stairs with the kid; which she does.


The nurse makes it about a hundred yards before she hears something, and Michael Myers (George P. Wilbur–all buff in his hocky pads & new, more human looking white mask) appears.



She knows she is fucked, so she doesn’t even run. Myers grabs her by the neck, lifts her like a rag doll, & impales her on some sharp metal spike sticking conveniently out of the way. She hangs there like a twitching puppet while he steps back to admire his handiwork.


I must say old Michael must have got some evil mojo juice in the interim between sequels; he is three times as strong as ever before, can tear off car doors & knock down walls & shit in this one–super hearing too–he hears Jamie heading up some winding stairs trying to escape, so he rushes after her (& I must say he moves a lot faster in this one, none of that Frankenstein slow-mo shuffle this time).

Jamie, holding a very quiet newborn, reaches the top, pops open a hatch door, & gets the hell out of the place ( I have to add that this actress, J.C. Brandy, does not look 15, more like 25+). Outside she is at some kind of natural gas plant, or some industrial place, & it is raining like hell in the dark of night; seems like these heavy rain scenes sprout up in HALLOWEEN films on a regular basis.

Conveniently she immediately finds a pick up left running by some Gas worker. She gets in with the still fairly quiet offspring of Myers. The worker walks up, sees that his ride is being jacked, and screams WTF.



Jamie motions for him to look behind him, & of course we know why. Myers steps out of the shadows, grabs the bearded putz by the neck, & twists his head clean off. Jamie stomps on the gas & jets the fuck out of there.

We get the obligatory traveling scenes in the rain as she heads toward town, which we have to assume is Haddonfield. She sees a sign for the bus station; which she stops at.

Here is where the first plot illogic begins to sprout. Why the fuck would she stop driving a perfectly good stolen pick up with gas in it to go to a bus station? She is still dressed in her medical white blood stained nightie, has no ID or cash–yeah, yeah, maybe she hopes to report shit to the police, or get some assistance, right?

She finds the bus station deserted, with only a sign at the ticket counter that the employee would return in 30 minutes. She goes into the ladies room and splashes water on her face. The demon child is still not fussing, not needing a diaper change; hell, isn’t wearing a diaper, isn’t demanding the tit, or demonstrating frustration for being thrust into this fucking world. Then she hears someone coming.

Picture 16

It is of course, Michael Myers. She hides in a crapper stall. He comes in, & begins to open the stall doors, but finds them all empty. Cut to her back out in the pick up driving off, but very soon she is pursued by Michael in a white van (wondered how he caught up to her so quickly). He backs into her rear bumper, the side of the truck, & finally runs her off the road. She gets out & limps off into the woods, immediately finding a barn.

She struggles along looking for a decent hiding place (of course not looking for a weapon, I mean, why the fuck would she want to protect herself?).

Picture 9

Myers appears out of the shadows, grabs her by the neck (this is the third time in a row he starts his attacks in this manner), then impales her on a corn thresher.



She looks at him pleadingly, holding her arms out to him. He takes her hands & then shoves her deeper onto the thresher; nice move, Michael. She is still alive long enough to tell him that he could fuck himself, & that he would never get the baby. He rushes out to her pick up, & finds that the baby is not there.


Cut to Dr. Sam Loomis, living quietly in his retirement, living off the grid in some reclusive cabin. He is listening to a local radio station that has a shock jock on it, named Barry Sims (they tried to get Howard Stern to play the part, but he wanted too much cash for the gig). Sims is doing a Halloween Eve show talking to people about how ridiculous it is to still be afraid of Michael Myers, that most of the stories about him were probably urban legends.


We see that Tommy Doyle has called in telling him that, in fact, the stories are not BS, & that he is sure Myers is still alive. Then Loomis hears Jamie Lloyd calling in from the bus station, babbling about being a prisoner of some crazy Druid mother-fuckers for years, & that she has just given birth to Michael’s child, & that she desperately needs help.

Picture 9

What kind of drugs is this bitch on?” chides Simms.

Cut to a knock at Lommis’ door. His visitor is Dr. Wynn (Mitchell Ryan), who asks Loomis to come back to work at Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, where his is the chief administrator (what about all those years Loomis worked for the Children’s Psychiatric facility in HALLOWEEN 5?). Do these damn writers assume that the public would forget shit like that? Loomis politely turns down the offer.


Cut to the Strode family, folks related to the original Strodes who had adopted Laurie back in the day. They are living in the old Meyers house; which was ramshackle & ready to fall down in HALLOWEEN 5, so they must have pumped a lot of work & cash into fixing it up. This dysfunctional family, drunken arrogant John, the father, church mouse meek mother, Debra (Kim Darby), oldest daughter Kara, her 8 year old son, Danny, & teenage son, Tim. We find that little Danny, of course, hears voices in his room, sees the Man in Black, & Michael Myers, & obviously is being groomed for some evil shit in the future.


Tommy lives across the street from them in a boarding house. There is no mention as to what he might do for a living; all we see is that he is obsessed with the Michael Myers saga, & he has the obligatory newspaper clippings & photos all over the walls of his room. Kara decides she is going to get ready for bed, or some shit, & this gives us the first sexy scene, as she strips down to her bra & panties; but then she looks out her window & sees that Tommy is watching her through a pair of telescopic binoculars on a tripod.

Picture 16

The next day is Halloween, & Tommy starts it off by heading over to the bus station, where he knows Jamie Lloyd had called from (& where the hell did she get the change to make a call?).He checks the phone booths, finds blood on the floor of one, & follows the bloody footprints into he ladies restroom.  He walks unchallenged into it, & looks around, finding blood on the floor, in a stall, & in a sink (sure, this bus station does not have a janitorial staff that would have cleaned things up earlier, right?).

He is about to leave when he hears a baby crying. There is some kind of linen closet, or some shit, next to the sinks;  conveniently. He opens the doors, finds the infant, & picks it up immediately (no more noise from the newborn, who hasn’t been feed in ten hours, & has just waited patiently & quietly in that fucking linen closet waiting for just the right person to come along; another sad stroke of bullshit plotting.) We do not see the kid, as Tommy picks up a bundle of rags with the top of a doll’s head sticking out. He decides to name the kid, Stephen; for no apparent reason.


Cut to the Haddonfield Hospital, although it does not look anything like the one Laurie Strode was in for HALLOWEEN 2 (1982), where Loomis blew himself & Myers up. Tommy takes the kid inside to get some medical advice, but because he doesn’t have an appointment, he is asked to wait in the reception area.



Of course, then he just happens to bump into Dr. Loomis who was there for some reason. Tommy recognizes Loomis, & they talk. Tommy tells him that Jamie is missing, that he had her baby, & that he thought Myers was still alive. He mentioned the Strodes living across the street from him in the old Myers house. This freaks out Loomis, who splits, not offering assistance or advice.

Picture 20

Cut to Loomis visiting the Meyers mansion, talking with Debra about the danger she & her family might be in, living in Michael’s old house & shit. Then he splits, & she calls her asshole husband, John, who is already several sheets to the wind down at his real estate office. She confronts him about not telling them that they were living in the Myers house, & he laughs it off, saying they got such a bargain on the house he couldn’t pass it up.

Cut to Debra in the basement, dealing with a broken washing machine, that partially floods the floor. She take a basket of wet clothes outside, & begins hanging them on several clothes lines which still are extant, even though there is a functional dryer in the basement too. She hears something, & Michael appears with an axe, & chops the shit out of her. We only hear the blows, & see blood spattering on a hanging sheet. (Let’s see, this is the fourth kill, & so far no butcher knife).


Cut to Tim & his girlfriend, Beth, dressed as Frankenstein & his bride, getting ready to host a big Halloween gala party a the Junior College, letting us know that shock jock, Barry Simms will be the guest of honor, & that things will be super cool.

Cut to Kara coming home from school, finding an empty house. She calls for her mother, but the place is uber quiet. She spends several obligatory minutes walking around, calling her Mom, opening doors, & finally heads upstairs. Still no one answers her loud inquiries. She slowly opens the door to Danny’s room, & finds her son sitting on the bed with Tommy, who is holding Stephen. Tommy tells them that this house belonged to the Myers, & that will not be safe there, that night being Halloween & shit.

Picture 27

Cut to the boarding house across the street, where the (deaf) landlord is sitting in her living room watching the silent version of  PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. They head up to Tommy’s room where he fills Kara in on Thorn, the Man in Black, the Druid ceremony of sacrifice. One victim is given the curse of Thorn, a demon of sickness & death, & that person will want to kill his entire family, & will posses super human strength. To strengthen the Chosen one, a blood sacrifice of his next of kin needs to be done on  Samhain Eve (which has been mentioned in most all of the sequels). The Thorn symbol corresponds to a constellation that appears on Halloween, & Tommy feels that Stephen would have been Michael’s final sacrifice.

Tommy tells Kara to stay in that room until he gets back; he is off to find Dr. Loomis at the Halloween gala over at the college (how he knows, or deduces that will be where he finds Loomis is not explained).

Picture 34

Cut to the teenage party, where Tim & Beth are upset that Barry Simms has not shown up yet. There is a lot of yahooing & dirty dancing going on with the hormone enraged teenagers, of course. Simms shows up as the Man in Black, opening his overcoat, showing the crowd he is only wearing shorts (WTF?). Simms makes some stupid sexist jokes that no one gets, & he is immediately bored. He asks Tim how does he like living in the house where Michael Myers killed his own sister. This is shocking news to Tim.

We see Tommy wandering around looking for Loomis; what a dork. Simms decides he wants to take his crew over to the Myers house. While he is on the phone to his producer, Myers appears, this time with a knife, & slices up Simms like a holiday ham.

Cut back to the boarding house where Danny has wandered off. Kara finds him sitting & talking with Mrs. Blankenship, who suddenly can hear fine. She tells Kara that she was babysitting Michael Myers the night he killed his sister; although she looks to be in her seventies, so the premise is horseshit. She also tells her that Danny does hear voices, the Man in Black urging him to kill just as Michael did; implying that Danny is the next Chosen One perhaps? Kara takes Danny back up to the room.

Cut to John Strode arriving home late, & drunk; calling for Debra, being pissed off she did not have his dinner on the table. He looks around for her, & ends up in the basement, where the washer is making a weird thunking. He sees the water on the floor but pays no attention to it. He opens the washer & finds bloody clothes in it.


Myers appears, grabbing John by the throat & holding him off the floor shaking his fat ass like he was scolding a Pug who had ate his slippers. Then he shoves the guy onto the open fuse box, & John is fried up like a boar on a spit, with huge sparks shooting up. We see an exterior shot of the house, as all the lights blink, & we can barely hear John screaming. Kara sees this shit from Tommy’s window across the street.

Cut to Tim & Beth returning to the Myers house, being told to go there by Simms, who would meet them there with his crew. Finding no one at home, the lights off, & not trusting Simms, Beth & Tim decide to get into some heavy petting on the couch. She takes his hand & they start upstairs. They use Kara’s room, has a better bed probably, find & light up about 300 candles, & they get busy on the bed. All the lit candles, of course remind us of some Druid ceremony. He keeps whimpering about how bummed he is to find our he is living in Michael Myers old house, even while he is fucking Beth.

Picture 16

Then he gets up & decides to go get some water, or some shit. We then get to see Beth’s tiny perky tits; nice breasts with plenty of seconds to scope them out.


Cut to Tim in the bathroom where Myers appears & stabs him about 30 times, & probably cutting his dick off. Beth is getting up calling for Tim when the scene fades to black.

Cut to Kara noticing that spaced out Danny has wandered off again; the little demonic shit. She looks out the window, & sees him headed across the street. She yells at him, but he shines her on. She rushes downstairs & follows him to her house. Of course, she finds a dark house, with no one responding to her pleas & calling; then she notices some candlelight upstairs. She grabs a fireplace bronze poker & heads upstairs. She sees Beth in her bed, which does not seem to piss her off. Beth appears to be asleep, with the covers up to her chin. We know what’s going on, but of course, Kara doesn’t have a fucking clue.

Kara pulls back the blanket & finds dead Tim cut up to shit, snuggling next to dead Beth, also sliced & diced; though she has no wounds on her face. Kara backs out of the room silently screaming & hyperventilating. She sees Danny wandering past. She calls to him, but Myers appears, & attacks her. She stabs & smacks him several times & runs out into the hallway. When Myers comes out of the room, he can’t find her; but apparently is a bit light-headed, because he trips over his own feet at the top of the stairs, and falls rolling & tumbling all the way to the bottom. She slowly descends, holding the poker out like a lance.

Picture 16

Danny appears next to the fallen unconscious Myers. She steps over Michael, & grabs the mesmerized Danny, slapping him until he recognized her. Michael grabs her ankle, which we expected, but she is ready, & she knocks his ass out with the poker.


She & Danny, of course, rush back to the boarding house back across the street–where she finds Tommy, who has Loomis with him. But before they can agree that things are raw & pretty fucked up, the place erupts with a ROSEMARY’S BABY gang of Thorn thugs, hooded mother fuckers that mean business; even Mrs. Blankenship pulls a knife on them. Dr. Wynn reveals himself to be both the Man in Black & the leader of Thorn. Tommy & Loomis are drugged, as Kara, Danny, Steven & I guess Michael in probably several black unmarked vans back to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium.


Tommy & Loomis head over there as soon as they wake up. The hallways are empty, so Loomis pulls out some puny little revolver, probably a .38 (we’re more used him pulling our a .45 automatic, chrome-plated & shit). Tommy mentions the gun doesn’t mean shit, since bullets have never stopped Michael Myers (who unofficially has been shot point blank at least 237 times in the last five movies).


They, of course, split up. Tommy hears a woman moaning, so he wanders off through the unlocked psych wards. He finds a woman lunatic with black teeth who raves about the Apocalypse, or some bullshit, & then passes out.



Loomis finds Dr. Wynn in his office, who seems glad to see the old buzzard. He congratulates Loomis on being the first one to see the potential for evil that Michael Myers had, & how now Jamie’s baby represents the dawn of a new Dark Age. Loomis is telling him how preposterous that all sounds, when some Thorn thug sneaks up behind him & knocks his ass out.

Tommy finds Kara in a locked room & frees her. Myers appears & they flee like roaches when the lights come on.


For some reason they easily outdistance him, & observe Dr. Wynn with his team of surgeons, some wearing Thorn robes, prepping a surgery suite for some fucking mysterious procedure. Tommy & Kara dunk into an adjacent room &, of course, they find Danny in there holding Stephen; who still is quiet as a plastic doll.


By this time I have given up worrying about whether anyone has fed the baby, or diapered his infant butt. Kara notices vats of human fetuses, with Runes & Druid symbols marked on cards beneath them. We see Michael coming down the hall, carrying some kind of two foot surgical machete.


I guess we have to assume that Michael is not the most intelligent killer clone they have ever had, because he just does not seem to understand all that is going on. The only thing that he does understand is that he is consumed with a blood rage, & the only way to appease it was to get some victim ass–so he marched into the operating room & began butchering the staff, all of them, hacking off heads, arms & legs.

Picture 19

We see most of this from the other room where Kara & the kids are hiding, but the blood splatters on the glass & the glimpses of the carnage were self-explanatory. We do not see Dr. Wynn get killed so perhaps he will be around for another sequel.

Picture 18

Michael immediately spots Kara, Tommy, & the juicy brats, & he breaks the door down & enters the room. Tommy injects him with several syringes of (anesthetic?), but this hardly fazes him. Myers bitch slaps Tommy, knocking him across the room. Kara has found a large lead pipe, & she begins to pound the snot out of the back of his head, vicious lovely smacks to his evilness, knocking him to the floor. Tommy rises, takes the pipe, & tells her to get the hell out of there with the kids; which she does.

Then Tommy really goes to work on Myers, hitting him about 18 times, the heavy blows so powerful, they would have broken bones & crushed skulls–but this was Michael Myers, so pounding him unconscious was the best that could be hoped for. Myers went down, with those cartoon chirping birdies swirling around his maskedness. Tommy, of course dropped the pipe, exhausted by his efforts, & rushes off to find Kara.

Cut to outside, with Loomis standing there with his gloved hands in his pockets. Tommy is telling him to get into the car so that they can scram this hysteria. Loomis smiles sweetly like a demented dwarf, saying, “No thank you. I need to stay here, because I have a little business to attend to.” The kids just say OK, & drive off & leave him standing there grinning, probably playing pocket pool.


The last scene takes place inside the building. We see Michael’s empty mask lying on the floor next to an empty syringe. We hear Dr. Loomis screaming in the background.

Fade to black, roll the credits, get our asses primed for HALLOWEEN 7.


Rotten Tomatoes rated the film at a gut wrenching 7% Critic’s  Approval–showing a 93% negative Critic’s response,  with a 40% Audience Approval.


Daniel M. Kimmel of VARIETY wrote: “This one is a run-of-the-mill horror item, & it is only notable as the final appearance of actor Donald Pleasence.”


Steven Holden of THE NEW YORK TIMES wrote: “Although the series has obviously run out of steam, the ending leaves the door open for Michael’s return, but really–it’s about time for the masks to be removed for once & for all.”


Dustin Puttman wrote: “Bogged down by ridiculous plotting involving warlocks, Druids & Thorn that just have no place in a movie that is supposed to be about a villain who is “purely & simply evil”.”


David Nusair of REEL FILM REVIEWS wrote: “Much maligned, yet quite underrated.”

Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) BluRay 720p

Chuck O’Leary wrote: “The revelation of the Man in Black & the film’s attempt to explain the origin of Michael Myers were the only points of interest here.”


Clint Morris of MOVIEHOLE wrote: “This is a return to form for the horror franchise–there were scares aplenty.”


Luke Y. Thompson of the NEW TIMES wrote: “Yet another sequel’ that no one needed; too bad Pleasence didn’t stick around long enough to live it down.”




Well, let’s start off by saying that technically, this was one of the better looking of the HALLOWEEN flicks. Billy Dickson’s cinematography was lush & excellent. The editing by Randy Bricker was well organized, & kept the story moving along well. There are all these urban myths about a Producer’s cut of the movie with 45 minutes of cut scenes put back into it. Rarely does this ever enhance a film. APOCALYPSE NOW is the perfect example of ballyhoo bullshit; the Redeux edition was just stupid & bogged down.

The settings in Utah were gorgeous, & it appeared it was really Autumn; the fall foliage was spectacular, & one got the real feeling of October & Halloween; no imported plastic leaves or orange painted squash in sight. Even though Donald Pleasence hammed up his Loomis, it was not necessary for director Joe Chappelle to edit out most of his screen time because he found Donald’s acting to be “boring”. Hell, Pleasence had his name over the title. Chappelle must be an arrogant prick. If it is true that he rewrote the entire script, then perhaps it is he to blame for some of the silly plot contrivances. What was left for Loomis, for Pleasence’s legacy, was a glorified walk-on. After Pleasence finished his scenes, Chappelle convinced the producers to shoot the extra scenes he felt would balance out the film, creating a muddle. This treatment of veteran Pleasence, & these useless mandatory re-shoots angered most of the cast & crew.


This was Paul Rudd’s film debut, and he showed promise & acting chops. Most of the acting was above average, even while mouthing inane dialogue. The original title of the film was HALLOWEEN 666; THE ORIGIN OF MICHAEL MYERS, then it became HALLOWEEN 6, & finally The Curse of Michael Myers. Debra & John Strode were named after John Carpenter & Debra Hill. The film did have to trim the death scenes for Jamie, & John Strode, & shoot the surgery room massacre with a strobe light to avoid the NC-17 rating, getting the coveted “R” before release.

In some ways for me, as this film tied up loose ends on the Michael Myers legend, relative to his origin & superhuman abilities, & let us know who the hell the Man in Black was, I felt it was ultimately a better film than HALLOWEEN 5, even though it did not match the box office. I would rate it as a healthy 7/10 stars. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it. The 93% of critics that panned it were just high or fatigued or out of their fucking minds.


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  1. Alright, alright, now it is time to look at HALLOWEEN (7) H20 (1998), this one really puts the franchise back on the fucking tracks, directed by Steve Miner, with a 17 million dollar budget, this one is star-studded–Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, Josh Harnett, Michelle Williams, LL Cool J, & Joseph Gordon Levitt; damn, that is a cast.


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