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Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead (2014)

I’ve been debating back and forth with how to start this review. A good one liner? Something punchy to grab the reader, reel them in? Or maybe something insightful, thought provoking…fuck it. Tommy Wirkola has done something with Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead as rare in cinema as the mythical goddamn Unicorn – he’s created a sequel better than the first. And that statement gains even more weight when you consider just how great the first film was.

Over the top, bizarre, hilarious, downright jacked up in the most comical way, Dead Snow 2 is riveting for all the right reasons.

Dead Snow 2


Dead Snow 2 picks up exactly where the first left off – Martin, sole survivor of a group of friends, running down the blood drenched mountain where all his friends have just been brutally and spectacularly murdered by, of all things, a group of Nazi Zombies. Martin successfully makes it to his car only to discover a final piece of the cursed treasure the cursed Zombies seek to reclaim.



“Sir I believe you have something of mine”

At the end of the first movie we’re left hanging, seemingly to believe that poor Martin, having already sawed his own arm off and had his genitals gnawed upon, has been caught and killed.


Our courageous hero makes it out alive, with undead General Herzog hanging on to the driver side window. A brush with a semi relieves Martin of his zombie cargo – but not before Herzog leaves behind a present. His arm.

Martin comes to handcuffed to a hospital bed (if you recall he kinda accidentally axed his Girlfriend in the face. Woops.) with his new found arm attached. Martin learns three things in rather rapid succession: 1. this is NOT his arm 2. said arm is powerful as all get, and 3. its got a mind of its own. Following a remarkably violent outburst, Martins once again restrained, if rather more thoroughly this time.

Shortly thereafter a small child under mission from the Zombie Squad breaks into Martins room and helps Martin gain his freedom. In a very…creative way.

From here on in, Martin’s on a mission. To stop the Nazi Zombie horde he knows is coming, figure out whats up with his arm, and avenge his fallen friends with the help of this ‘Zombie Squad’ group. In order to do so, he has to raise an army of his own…




Sweet mischievous BADGERS is there gore. If you’ve seen the first movie you’ll know what to expect from Tommy Wirkola – and he steps up his game something fierce. At one point they siphon gas using a dudes intestines. So, yeah.


Again, we have some serious leaps and bounds. While the first movie was quite cleverly written, its premise was relatively basic and straight forward, with very archetypal characters – in Dead Snow 2, we see a real evolution of Martin as a character, an engaging plot, and some fun play’s on your standard zombie film characters.

And "Zombie Kill of the Week" goes to....

And “Zombie Kill of the Week” goes to….


Stupid, goofy, badass, airheaded, geeky and dumb as a brick – every actor in this film understood their respective characters and made them (relatively) completely believable (lookin at you one dimensional Star Wars fan). Even the zombie ‘pet’ with no lines was lovable and completely endearing.


Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead is everything it needs to be. Its flaws and shortcomings, mostly minor (how did the kid know about Martin? How did a decommissioned tank have so much ammo and working treads? etc) are completely overshadowed by the grandeur and spectacle of the rest of the film. Lets be honest – its pretty hard to make killing a small child a laugh out loud moment.

Recently I’ve been burnt out on zombie films, just as I was on Werewolf films until Wer came along, and to that end Dead Snow 2 is a breath of fresh air in a stank ass abbatoir.

TL;DR 8/10 Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead is an incredibly successful action/horror/comedy zombie film that breathes life into an increasingly dull genre



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  1. Again, sir, you have raised the fucking bar on the quality of reviews. We are not worthy (grovel, bow, scrape); seriously, this one is bang on, terrific review without revealing much more than your critic’s zeal.

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