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Demons 2 (1986)

Hello Meat Sacks.

This past Halloween season ol’ Uncle Frank and his buddies decided to watch one horror movie for every day of October. We found some fantastic stuff, and we found some absolute garbage (I’m looking at YOU, “Inseminoid”). One of the more entertaining films we checked out was the movie being reviewed this Wasted Wednesday…




-Should I watch this?

If you liked the first “Demons”, this will be right up your alley. If you have patience for crap acting and dialogue, but appreciate good practical effects, you’re gonna have a good time.

Should I be wasted to watch this?

As with most other Italian films of this era and genre, I find a healthy helping of high-proof spirits hastily inserted into my digestive system improves the appreciation of the film’s strong points while deadening my senses to its not-inconsiderable flaws. So…yes.

Are there titties?

Not a one. Just watch it for the gore cuz the ladies all keep it covered up in this one. Well, there’s a butt on a tanning bed, but c’mon, they show that shit on network tv these days. As long as there’s no nipples, the censors keep their jobs. ‘Murica!

"I'm sooooo hiiiiigh."

“I’m sooooo hiiiiigh.”





So in the first “Demons”, we had some sort of zombie apocalypse scenario by the end of the story. This movie pretends the events of the first film really happened, which was made into a tv movie, and included scenes about the aftermath of the breakout. I don’t really understand what the actual hell these crazy Italians (the same team responsible for the previous film) were trying to do plot-wise here, other than hearken back to their film-within-a-film device from the first flick. All I know is, there’s an apartment building full of people (played by actors from the sniff-some-glue-before-the-cameras-roll school of acting), and another Demon outbreak basically turns the place into a war zone.

Did someone say "Videodrome"?

Did someone say “Videodrome”?

To its credit, this movie is more entertaining than the first Demons, mostly due to its larger scale. There’s more victims, more area to cover, and the result is some scenes of absolute carnage that gave ol’ Uncle Frank some serious horror wood. They also took off the kid gloves in some scenes, and I was surprised to be actually unnerved by some of the situations. Standouts are a demon dog which is genuinely freaky, and an evil little boy whose storyline is incredibly dark and sad. (Of course, his story ends with a flying muppet getting skewered with a fucking umbrella, so what do I know.)

Meth. Not even once. Right Kermit?

Meth. Not even once. Right Kermit?

The transformation scenes are once again bugfuck insane, and the demon makeup itself is pretty gnarly and awesome. Massive credit to Sergio Stivaletti, who did some solid practical effects work here. But unless you’re nice and buzzed, you’re gonna have a hard time dealing with the characters. I mean, they’re hilarious in a face-palming, ‘oh my god did he really just say that’, kind of way. Personally I can laugh at that shit, because I like campy, awful dialogue due to years and years of bad horror movie exposure. But if you need your movie watching experience to be all serious and professional, look elsewhere, sunshine.

It's a pimp-turned-bodybuilder with a flamethrower. What's not to like?

It’s a pimp-turned-bodybuilder with a flamethrower. What’s not to like?

Personally I had a ton of fun with this one. It takes off faster than its prequel, and gets even nuttier and more violent by the end. It’s also surprisingly well-shot in a few scenes (aaaand a few scenes it’s totally NOT shot well, but overall it’s well done), and I liked the inventive kill scenes in “Demons 2” much more. Like the first one the soundtrack is solid, tho they went more for goth-y New Wave in this one (The Smiths, Bauhaus, The Cure) as opposed to the balls-out metal of “Demons”. Also, every time they cut to the gym scenes it’s funnier than a Farrelly Brothers comedy to me. They oiled the FUCK up out of those bodybuilders, and they are REALLY into working out HARD. You need to see it to understand.

Demon midget Mormons are WAY more pushy at the door.

Demon midget Mormons are WAY more pushy at the door.




Good, solid, campy, gory entertainment. Don’t expect a lot of logic or continuity, and don’t expect fucking “Schindler’s List”. You’re not here for that anyways. You want blood? You got it.


We’ll keep this weeks drinking game simple. The main demon in the movie is Sally, and she’s pretty ubiquitous. Drink every time you see her (doesn’t count when she’s human!). Drink when someone (or something) transforms into a demon. Drink every time you see a television (if there’s multiple tv’s in one room, finish your drink!). Finish your drink for muppets and babies, and finish your drink when you see Asia Argento, and you realize that cute little girl grew up to be totally naked a lot. And that’s just creepy and weird.


-Four out of Five awkwardly running Sally demons.



Yours truly,

-Uncle Frank

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  1. Man, you nailed this bitch. Argento, like George A. Romero (he was 35 today), can be overrated by many. On a foreign film like this, it is a shame that you did not see it in Italian with sub-titles; dubbing takes the irony, even the cool, out of a huge part of the film–what you can hear. My film for Friday, CELLO, is South Korean, & it is watchable, in part, because you hear it in Korean. Still amazes me how many nickel dicks out there hate sub-titles, thus missing out on Fellini, Bergman, Kurosawi, & the rest of them. I saw DEMONS; missed this one. Asia Argento did grow up fast, & she loved to get naked in every film; a foxy bitch too.


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