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Papa Bacchus interviews Chris Staviski, director of Pain is Beautiful

Howdy howdy howdy!

Following up on last weeks write up on the wonderful Pain is Beautiful, I sat down this weekend with Chris Staviski, the writer, director, and star of said film.

Check out our convo below, and pick up your copy of the film HERE!!

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  1. Making a watchable film for 5 grand–fuck me, now that is beyond awesome. Staviski is so personable, no bullshit, talented. Your interview techniques just put the person being interviewed into a comfort zone seldom seen in mainstream shit. And how cool is it that this guy actually comes to HH on a regular damn basis, & he digs what he’s seeing. Perhaps we are doing something right here!


  2. You know what this whole thing says to me that the Papa B helmed film plans are actually within the realm of DO-ABLE, fucking A; not just booze-induced dreams of grandeur, but actually viable probable workable plans of films that will join into the stream of audacious Indie home-grown Horror. Shit, I’m getting stoked just thinking about the possibilities!!!!!


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