Papa Bacchus interviews Melanie Wise about the Artemis Women in Action film festival

Hey y’all and welcome to another installment of Shithoused Saturdays!

This week, while sippin’ a nice ice cold Hard Cider, I sat down with the wonderful and wonderfully talented Melanie Wise, to talk about the Artemis Women in Action film festival.

The festival will be taking place in LA April 24-26, and celebrates, as the title indicates, women in action roles. It was a lot of fun chatting with her so check out the interview below!

For more info, check out their website here: Artemis Women in Action Film Festival

And stay tuned – as soon as we know more about this festival, we’ll be sure to let you know!



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  1. Nice job, Papa B; this is a wonderful adjunct to our normal HH fare, a perfect illustration of how HH is/should/will reach out in every direction, will not just lie there like a submissive bitch. I have always adored women in action, both in & out of movies, even on TV you have Hayley Atwill on AGENT CARTER, the kick-ass women on MARVEL’S AGENT OF SHIELD, PERSON OF INTEREST, etc. Scarlett Johansson does wonders in the AVENGERS films, & LUCY; & the lists go on & on. Like you I adored Sigourney Weaver in all the ALIEN films, & Linda whatsherface in TERMINATOR movies. Truth be told women have been kicking my ass all my life, & I have been a terribly creative person forever, & on the basic psychological
    charts, creativity is considered a feminine trait.


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