Indie horror

Pain is Beautiful (2015)

The nearest and dearest to my heart are independent horror films. Without a doubt, they offer to most unique perspective on an otherwise bland industry drowning in rehearsed bullshit. This year, I’ve committed myself to rededicating my time to this most important sect of the industry – and blissfully, i’ve been blessed with some seriously stellar offerings.

Second in the list, following A Grim Becoming, is Pain is Beautiful – a truly unique film directed by and starring a wonderfully unique personality – Chris Staviski.




What would you do to feel anything?

A compelling question, posed by this film, enters into a realm I never even remotely considered – what if I couldn’t feel?

In the exploration of this idea we find our antihero, William, wrestling with the realities of existence. An early thirties year old man condemned to die at a much earlier age, he tackles the matter of life itself – something no doctor could have possibly prepared him for. As he goes through his ups and his downs he realizes his gateway to feeling lies in the words of more intellectual individuals (writers hide your cocks) and seeks our the more verbose members of society, in hopes they can provide him the one thing he misses most – insight.

The journey itself is one of combined empathy, disgust, and pity, which doesn’t create the prettiest picture for the end viewer. We have a man, incapable of physical feeling but rather experiential feelings, seeking to define first pain, and then by route, pleasure…something he desperately needs for his girlfriend, the preeminently sexy MIA


What follows is his at times tragic, mostly horrific, and finally saddening, journey.


Lets be honest, one of the major things we all take for granted are our senses – only recently, thanks to my girlfriend by way of her deaf mother, have I been exposed to those who couldn’t sense the way the I did. She was deaf, and I realized the one thing I wanted more than anything was to be able to talk to her. So I taught myself sign language. But I digress – – – – – –

‘Pain is Beautiful’ is a brilliantly imagined and tragically flawed piece on the imperfection of the human experience – we all imagine we are doing just the right thing, but when reality itself cockslaps us with the unfortunate existence of our preconceptions it can at times be difficult to stomach.

For really, what is life without all 5 senses? Can you imagine, relatively sensorally intact reader? What would your life BE without one of these senses? Most especially sense of SENSATION itself??

Its a tough question, one I found kept me watching through multiple views.

(sidenote: I always watch my films for review twice. Once drunk, and once sober. After all…we’re all Greek in this bitch)

I wonder how I’d go about it.

Finding sensation.

I know that oftentimes the only thing keeping me sane is the everloving touch of my lovely lady – without that I can’t imagine what i’d be. But who would you be, if you didn’t know how hot the stove was, if you didn’t need to put on a coat on or not, or if your shower was the right temperature…these questions alone are enough to push a man to the edge. Imagine if that man were already pushed to the edge of sanity by a father who perhaps cared to much.

TL;DR 7/10. For all its shortcomings this film is an exercise in the extreme existence of humanity, and for that, if not the inherent quality of the film itself, you should watch it.


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PS It also features MANY of our favorites from Bloody Bloody Bible Camp! WIN!!!

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  1. YOU GOT INTO SOME HEAVY SHIT in this one, Papa B; (demon)strating, I suppose, some of the versatility that lurks beneath your buzzsaw persona. It did not contain some of the Bacchuslistics about tits, or the F word, but it peaked our curiosity relative to those things we all take for granted; our senses. Working with the blind for over 30 years, I became expert at transferring capacities to the 4 remaining senses, but as a disabled person myself (my senses, like balance, touch, malaise, dexterity, fluctuate relative to where I am on my wellness cycle each month), so I dig where you’re coming from; & by the by, congrats on learning some form of American Sign Language, fucking impressive feat.

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  2. After watching your interview with Staviski, it really pulls all this shit together, makes even an old sarcastic doubting turd like me begin to believe that HH is on the fucking rise, man; that with Papa B at the helm, there is absolutely no limit as to where the site, or the phenomenon of Horribly Hooched could ascent to. I am more than thrilled to be an early participant in this event. I would say “I am not worthy”, but we all fucking realize that is not true, right?


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