Indie horror

A Grim Becoming (2014)

In the Indie Horror world I’ve found Horror Comedy to be a rather hit and miss genre – the last brilliant one I’ve seen would definitely have to be Dead on Appraisal, which had me in absolutely shitting my pants and rolling on the floor (I’m not joking people, I pooted). Thus, when I was approaching A Grim Becoming, I was rather wary – pretty hard to follow that act.

So Romulus and I saddled up, snagged a bottle of bottom shelf vodka and a few tall boys, and ventured into the world of  A Grim Becoming – and were WILDLY surprised.



Drink of Choice

A fifth of bottom shelf vodka and a few (like 4? I think? By the end of the movie I wasn’t exactly keeping track) tallboys. There’s something about the buzz that comes from vodka in a plastic bottle that makes for an extra specially fun time…maybe its the nostalgia I get for my college days, drinking Prestige and Old Crow by the gallon…maybe its that extra burny ‘you may die tonight’ warm fuzzy feeling…I dunno.

i legit did this one morning. Lemme tell you, when you're late for work and just want a quick glass of OJ to help that hangover...NOT a pleasant surprise

i legit did this one morning. Lemme tell you, when you’re late for work and just want a quick glass of OJ to help that hangover…NOT a pleasant surprise


Alright, check it: this young, up and coming executive type dude Raphael is close to closing a wicked building project deal when he suffers a death in the family that requires his immediate attention. When Raphael runs off to handle the situation, fellow douchebag extraordinaire Wayne tries to move in and edge out Raphael – but Raphaels got even bigger problems on his hands (like, not having hands. And that shits pretty important).


This new situation arises because of an exceptionally shitty coincidence – Raphael manages to spot a Grim Reaper doing his job, which means in the Reaper world…that you now assume the mantle of a reaper. To drive the point home, Death himself shows up and explains Raphael’s new situation, in suitably theatrical style. Now Raphael must wrestle with this grim becoming all while balancing his family and the attempted betrayal by Wayne.

Fun times, indeed.




Klutzy, cheesy, over the top and perfectly ridiculous, A Grim Becoming will have you laughing and yelling in incredulity the whole time


Solid. Very often in independent films you’ll find some weaker actors for various reasons – friends of the director or producer, the only talent that was available, or whatever they could afford, its inevitable. And don’t get me wrong – I absolutely understand that, and in many cases love them for it, but the wonderful thing about a Grim Becoming is that virtually everyone involved performed in their roles amply. The leads were stellar, the guest appearances (Bill Oberst Jr FOR THE WIN!!) were wonderful, and of course…I mean OH MY GODS Devanny Pinn (if you haven’t seen Nude Nuns with Big Guns well…you’re missing out).


Wonderful!! Totally, completely wonderful. Fun and engaging characters and a colorful sense of humor are really what binds A Grim Becoming together.



I wouldn’t be worth my salt as a reviewer (many would argue a half drunken fat bastard that styles himself after a God already isn’t) if I didn’t bring to light my issues with the film. Fortunately, A Grim Becoming is pretty solid on most fronts – where it falls short is pacing and length. Clocking in just short of 2 hours, its a bit long for a horror comedy, and drags a bit in places. That being said, A Grim Becoming is a brilliant journey following a wonderful premise – if you enjoyed Sanctuary; Quite a Conundrum or Dead on Appraisal, you’ll love this one.

TL;DR 8/10. A successful independent horror comedy that’ll have you side slappin in no time, sober or otherwise!



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  1. Did I miss the part where we find out if there are any tit-shots or not, even from
    Devanny Pinn? Even IMDb copped out, & did not give parental guidance data. they did rate it at 7.1 stars, so you seem to be flying with the flock on that one (although I pride myself on rating whatever film we are reviewing from 100% my own gut feelings, & fuck all those other people). Would you have rated it quite so highly if you had viewed it stone sober?


  2. Very commendable, Boss. I’m impressed with your diligence, & commitment to homeostasis & the HH credo of fucking perfect celluloid justice. You lead–I follow.


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