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Midnight Son (2011)

In a word? Sexy.

I can’t tell you how or why this movie came across my desk. Last I remember I saw its box art on Xbox Video or some shit – I don’t know exactly but I do know i’ve been thinking about it for quite some time.

And, apparently, with good reason.


PS There’s titty’s. Sweeet sweeeeet tittys.



For this one I actually went with a white wine, Pinot Grigio to be exact. Normally I’d say a red to accompany a vampire film, but the sweetness of this particular varietal offsets the romance quite nicely.


Initially, its something many of us introverts can respond to – the loner, the cast out, unable to deal with his situation finds solace at a bar (HH Crew sound off – we’ve ALL done that) and unwitting love in the arms of a drug addled social castaway, Mary.

The way this movie runs and rolls, rollicks and fights with your senses, is reminiscent of many of us. Any of us. At some stage of our lives, we’ve been there. The difference?

Well, for starters, a dash of modern day vampirism. A disease that our lead Jacob has been wrestling with for some time but not had a name for…so he works as a night shift security guardscreenshot_00012

alongside this guy

You should recognize the face - Tracey Walter has OVER 250 ACTING CREDITS

You should recognize the face – Tracey Walter has OVER 250 ACTING CREDITS

Back to Mary. As Jacob and Mary wrestle with their respective addictions, their on again/off again relationship is solidified around the sale of Jacob’s art. Unfortunately, Jacob’s having some difficulty coming to terms with his crimes, and he attempts to confess to his crimes – which, while unsuccessful, also puts an otherwise unsuspecting detective on Jacob’s case.

From there, the movie moves to an epic conclusion rather quickly as Jacob and Mary, an unsavory contact of Jacobs, and the detective quickly converge.



A quick note about the marketing done for this movie. It thankfully has been a few years since I saw the original cover art, so I’d completely forgotten it, but WHAT THE FUCK? THIS GIVES IT AWAY. I’m going to hyperlink the image, so you don’t see it and have the fucking plot spoiled.

Check it here and see my rage.

Nuff said. But if you’re going to check out this movie (and you SHOULD) do NOT click that link.



A movie like this doesn’t come around often. In fact, a vampire tale so stirring and not Jim Jarmusch or Anne Rice is pretty unheard of.

And that, I must assume, is why I am still so incredulous. Was I just hammered? That special flavor of drunk that defies general logic and forces my normal cynicism to leave me? I had to know. So what’d I do? Fucking watched it again.


And still, after all that…I stand by my original statement.



TL;DR 9/10. A modern vampire tale that blends romance, intrigue and ultra violence more effectively than any recent offering. Midnight Son is everything you want in a vampire movie (and thank fuck no one sparkles)


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  1. Now this one gets our fucking attention, Papa B; personally I am hundreds of movies behind in catching up to my “gotta watch sometime” pile; but if I run into this one, the old peepers will want to feast on it; & it’s all on you.


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