The Great Horror Campout – dates and Black (‘Bloody’) Friday deals!

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Hey all! Just got word from Ten Thirty One Productions that the single greatest interactive horror experience, The Great Horror Campout, is returning next year!!


If you missed our write up, take a chance and get caught up – we had an absolutely amazing time. 12 hours in total, the campout experience can be customized to your desired level of interaction, from extreme horror adventure, to ‘I suck my thumb and mommy tucks me in at night’.

And for Black Friday, the tickets are on sale for $95 per person in a 4 person tent, and $129 in a 2 person tent. Considering that the only downside to the Campout is the price, I’d highly recommend grabbing 3 of your bronze balled friends and snagging a tent ASAP.

Buy your tickets here

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On the fence? Check out some pics from this years event:

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