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FRIDAY THE 13TH: PART 2 (1981)


FRIDAY THE 13TH, PART 2 (1981)




Well, damn that is cool. Papa Bacchus, helmsman here at HH, noted that since I am now reviewing all twelve of the FRIDAY THE 13th films, why not change my posting day to Friday? Christ, what a capital suggestion; every Friday for a couple of months, through the tedium of the holidays, all of you HH gorehounds can really look forward to Fridays even more, like TGIFUF,Thank God It’s Fucked Up Friday!


Well, you are hip to how much the old Slashman digs an HH promotional, so boy-howdy, let’s just sink our canines into Part 2 of the Jason saga. Some purists have been disturbed that Jason has not quite found his stride in this one; no hockey mask yet, folks. In a wonderful perversion of logic, we find out that Jason did not drown in 1957 as feared & stated; that he had been hidden by my mother for two decades–but her bat-shit theory that she needed to wreak revenge on all denizens of Camp Crystal Lake, & her subsequent killing spree in his memory even becomes more chilling if we accept this premise. Now we can stretch the vaginal lips just a bit more to show that Jason must have witnessed the decapitation of his beloved Mama, & he has been living as a hermit in the woods, waiting for good time to exact his revenge on every one responsible.


The film was directed by Steve Miner, that I noticed had been a producer & editor on the original film the year before. He took over the director’s chair after Sean Cunningham opted out of the chance to do it.


He must have like directing, because after 1981 he directed 48 more films. He is the only director to helm more than one of the Jason movies.


Some of his other films then include FRIDAY THE 13TH, PART III (1982), HOUSE (1986), WARLOCK (1989), BIG BULLY (1996), LAKE PLACID (1999), & DAY OF THE DEAD (2008). 


Taglines:  The Day you count on for terror is not over.

                 The body count continues.

                 Just when you thought it was safe to return to camp.

Picture 3

The movie was written by Ron Kurz, who has been associated with the horror franchise, since Day One–having worked on the original screenplay, & written PART 2, PART III, & THE LAST CHAPTER, & wrote six short films with Jason themes like JASON VS. LEATHERFACE, MICHAEL VS. JASON, & AN UNFORTUNATE FRIDAY, PARTS 1-4. He also appeared in the fine documentary film, CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES.

Picture 1

The musical score was written again, a second time, by Harry Manfredini.


This time the cinematography was done by Peter Stein, a veteran cameraman who has lensed 51 films since 1977, about 40% of them were documentaries,


including REUBAN, REUBAN (1983), C.H.U.D. (1984), THE WILD PAIR (1987), PET SEMATARY (1989), & GRAVEYARD SHIFT (1990). 


The movie runs 87 minutes. It was filmed in Kenwood Camp, Connecticut. It had a budget of 1.5 million dollars, & it grossed 21.7 million dollars; not bad. The body count was 9. Adrienne King & Walt Gorney were the only two actors to return from the original story-line; though Betsy Palmer did work one day for her cameo. The majority of the actors were pretty much unknown, & interchangeable,


save for Marta Kober, who at 5’3” sported a fine rack of tits.

Picture 50


Picture 42

Our lead off Babe is Marta Kober

Picture 42

the big time buxom beauty

Picture 20

who played Sandra in the movie.


She was sweet enough to provide us

Picture 20

with several tit-shots from NEON MANIACS & other films; thanks, Miss Kober.


Next up we have Amy Steel, our heroine;

Picture 42

She did a fine bra shot in the film,

Picture 87

but her perky breasts only showed up


in tit-shots from other films (still cool though).


She played Ginny in this movie.


Picture 1

Bringing up the rear we have Kirsten Baker,


who is the gal who comes up the most often

Picture 3

when you Goggle this movie.

Picture 33

She played Terry,


She performed a full frontal nudity scene

Picture 20

that is mostly cut out of the existing prints.



Picture 75

Badda-boom, we start right off being reminded this is a film released by Paramount, not really the average Indie horror release studio.

We get an opening scene of evening in a small town, hear a little girl singing itsey-bitsy spider; have to assume this is the no-name burg that is near Crystal Lake. We see the girl’s legs & feet only, as she walks in mud puddles, soaking her shoes & splashing up to her knees. Her mother calls & she exists screen left.

Immediately, we see some much larger legs, plus we hear the Jason theme song; wheee–wheee-wheee, kill, kill. kill, mom, mom, mom, whee-whee-whee. What I notice is that this dude is wearing a fairly new pair of work boots, jet black.

Cut to Someone’s POV, approaching a house, then shifting gaze to an upstairs bedroom window.

Cut to Miss Alice napping on her bed, moaning & shit; no, she is not pleasuring herself, even though that might have been more interesting visually–she is having what we have to assume is a reoccurring nightmare. She is not introduced, nor is there a time stamp to tell us that this scene is two months after the disaster at Camp Crystal Lake. (now, God damn it, in the prior film Jason is a shrimp geek, about 12 years old, so the legs we saw a moment before were of a full-grown tall man, WTF, interesting oversight.)

As Alice (again if you had not seen the original film, initially you would not have a fucking clue as to who this is) twitches & moans, her rolling around all sweaty & shit– is intercut with scenes from the end of the prior film; the intro, & most of the big bitch fight between Terry & Mrs. Voorhees.

Picture 42


Right after we see her decapitate Pamela V., Terry wakes up. The actress, Adrienne King, is still flat-chested a whole year later. As she is waking up, she keeps thinking she hears something or Someone. The phone rings; it’s her mother. She lies & tells Mama she is fine, just needs to be alone to get her life back together.

Picture 33


She peeks into the bathroom. Then she steps back into the bedroom, moving out of sight, as the camera holds on the bed. Soon pieces of her clothing are being tossed on the bed. Hey, does this mean we might get a nude peek at her? Hell, no, just a tease–she steps out in a butt-ugly robe,

Picture 1

She walks around double locking doors. She hears something out an open window; yeah, a fucking open window. She approaches it with alacrity, reaching for the window pane; Bam, we get a jump shot as a cat is thrown into the room. I did jump, always do.

Picture 20

She goes into the bathroom, & takes a shower; no nudity, not even a shadow through the thick pink shower curtain; actress probably stipulated no skin, Jack. I have to stifle a yawn. The phone rings again, with hair hardly damp. No answer–creepy, right?



She asks the cat if it is hungry, then opens the fridge. She begins screaming, for right next to the milk is a bloody severed head; Mrs. Voorhees.

Picture 75


We see an arm & hand moving up behind her. We see her get stabbed in the temple with an ice pick; jump cut, fade.

Picture 1

Cut to a time stamp; it is now five years later. A couple, both teenagers, Sandra & Jeff, stop in town & use the phone booth to call ahead to the Camp where they have been hired.

Picture 1


As they are getting directions, Crazy Ralph walks up & warns them of their impending doom.

As they shrug him off they notice that his pick-up is being towed off. They run across the street yelling at the dumb son of a bitch tow truck drive who pays no attention to them. They chase it for a block on foot, where it stops. They find their friend, Ted, the jokester, standing there laughing; sure, a pathetic stab at humor.

Picture 3

The kids are not amused. On the way to the Camp, they encounter a dead tree across the road, that Someone has put in their way.

When they arrive at the Camp, it seems to be Camp Counselor Training Center (Camp). It is run by a blond 80’s stud called Paul. He seems to know most of them; for they have all been counselors before.

Picture 80


(WTF is this “Camp”, which is on an adjacent lake to Camp Crystal Lake, is it going to be an actual summer camp,  or is this a camp counselor boot camp? None of that shit is explained or explored).



Most of the counselors are there, so Paul starts giving his welcome speech.

Picture 84

Cut to a butch-looking blond, Ginny, driving up in a VW bug convertible.

Picture 20


She is wearing a real ugly white top, & pink skirt; making her look even more butch. She is late, & is Paul’s assistant, also his summer squeeze.

Picture 3

He takes her into his office, grabs her butt, puts a lip lock on her, & sends her to her cabin. There is a nice mix of four couples; one of the boys, Mark, is in a wheel chair. He has some big biceps, so he spends several scenes winning arm wrestling contests.

Picture 1

That night, around a huge campfire, Paul tells the spooky tale of Jason Voorhees, his bat-shit crazy Mama, & all the killings over at Camp Crystal Lake. He warns them that although Camp Crystal Lake is nearby, it is off limits; & might be dangerous. Then out jumps Ted in a Voodoo mask, holding a spear. So Paul hopes this crude joke will dispel any fears some of them might have.


Cut to the next day. Most of them are down at their lake, swimming & shit. Ginny is wearing a nice yellow bikini, & not looking so butch. I don’t know when they were supposed to start their training.

Picture 88


Sandra & Jeff sneak off to explore the Camp next door. It is hard not to stare at Sandra’s fine fat tits, that bounce big time as she walks.


Cut to the Someone watching them POV. They step over the camp fence, & head toward the main part of the camp. An arm reaches out and grabs Jeff; no jump shot for me. It is the Sheriff, who is angry at them for trespassing, & ignoring the warnings.


Cut to Paul’s office. Sandra & Jeff get a soft ass-reaming, then are sent on their way. The Sheriff is not pleased. As he is driving back to town, he sees a glimpse of Someone wearing a mask/hood. The cop slams on his brakes, jumps out of the fucking copmobile, leaving the driver’s door wide open, & runs flat out through the woods after Someone. 

Picture 78

Cut to a hermit’s lean-to shack. The Sheriff enters without drawing his gun, which is pretty fucking dumb. He snoops around, then opens a door, as his eyes widen, & he mouthes WTF;

Picture 3

Someone sneaks up behind him & rams the claw side of a hammer into the back of his skull; a jump cut fade.

Picture 20

Cut to early evening at the Camp. Paul announces that fun-time is over, that real training starts the next day, so he offers one last night on the town. The kids jump up excitedly.

Sandra & Jeff have to stay behind as punishment for their trespassing incident. Terry decides to stay behind & look for her  missing dog, Muffin. Mark, pouting in his wheelchair, decides to stay behind, & Vicki, who has the hots for him, stays behind too.

Picture 1

Cut to Terry, alone out in the dark, decides to go skinny dipping,

Picture 3

so she strips down to cold rock hard nipples & dark bush, & into the lake she jumps. We get to see her fine ass, tan lines, bush, & perky tits quite clearly.

Someone steals her clothes while she is frolicking.  Turns out that Scott, another of the boys, has taken them as a prank. She is not amused, but perhaps a bit turned on. She fusses at Scott, who backs up & steps into one of Paul’s survival rope traps, which jerks him off his feet, leaving him dangling head & arms down 3 feet off the ground. After laughing at him, Terry rushes off to find a knife to cut him down with.

Picture 1

Cut back to the Camp Lodge. Mark is beating Jeff at arm wrestling. Sandra shakes her bra-less tits in his face & asks him if he would like to fuck her lights out. He, of course, leaps to it. They go upstairs.

Picture 79

Cut to Crazy Ralph peeping in windows at the fun seeking oversexed teenagers. He hears Someone, but it’s too late, as Someone garrotes old Ralph with some barbed wire. Another jump cut fade (most of these deaths by Jason/Someone are pretty tame & bloodless, like soft-core gore; kind of beginning to piss me off).


Cut to Scott hanging helpless in the rope trap.Someone sneaks up & slices his throat with a machete; jump cut fade, very little blood.

Terry finally finds a pocket knife, & returns, only to find Scott portraying hanging meat.

Picture 3

She turns around & screams as Someone attacks her;

Picture 76

her demise is off-camera; for Christ’s sake, director; what the hell are you trying to film here? A PG-rated dumb-assed excuse for a Slasher film it seems.

Picture 3

Cut to the bar scene in town. Ted is getting seriously drunk. Ginny is trying to psychologically figure out Jason’s motivations,& need to murder everything that moves near Crystal Lake.

Picture 1

Paul tells her to get a grip, & shut the fuck up. They leave Ted there. A thunderstorm has descended upon them, of course, & in the torrential downpour, Paul & Ginny start back to camp.

Cut back to the Lodge. Vicki is making her moves, sitting very near Mark, playing flog the log with his dick through his jeans, & very pleased that his Equipment seems to work fine. After swapping spit, & spoon-slapping his blue balls, she says she will be back in a few minutes; she wants to go change & clean up.

While she is gone, Mark rolls out onto the covered porch, staring at the rain, dreaming about pussy & shit; so much so he doesn’t hear Someone sneaking up on him, & plunging a machete into his face.

Picture 3

Mark, in his wheelchair, plunges down some stairs. (Again, jump cut fade, very little blood, no gore; fuck me.)

Cut to Jeff & Sandra post-coitus sighing & moaning. She is on top, but the camera is careful not to disclose or include any sort of tit-shot; hey, Marta Kober had the primo rack in this movie, so why not show them off?


Someone is sneaking upstairs, carrying the voodoo spear. Jeff rolls her underneath him, ready to sprout more youthful wood, when Sandra’s eyes get huge.


Someone shoves the spear into Jeff’s muscular back. Cut to the bloody tip passing through them both, emerging under the bed, their demise off-camera (again, shit fire, more disappointment; perhaps Paramount wanted to sell this clunker to cable TV as a young people’s after schoolspecial).

Picture 42

Cut to Vicki putting on some sexy underwear, going out to her car to find some perfume, then putting some in her bra, & in her panties. Someone’s POV is watching her through windows & her door is open. In a long shot we see her take off her black panties, flashing her bush, as she put on the shit-brown panties.

Picture 33

Cut to Vicki returning to the lodge looking for Mark; instead she finds Jeff’s bloody corpse hanging on a coat rack.

Picture 81

She is attacked by Jason, FINALLY revealed, on camera, flour sack with one eye, bibbed overalls, lumberjack plaid Grunge shirt.

Picture 76

He clumsily chases her around room by room, where again we see Jeff hanging dead like a limp bloody raincoat.

Friday the 13th Part 2 12


Jason finally corners her in the kitchen, takes away the butcher knife she is brandishing, & stabs her in the stomach; jump cut fade,little blood, no gore; my fucking mantra it seems.

Picture 1

Paul & Ginny arrive at the Camp, run in from the rain, & start looking for the rest of the gang. Do you think there’s something wrong? she asks; chuckle. Jason appears all flour-sacked, one-eyed, & raving, & attacks Paul–who actually does a good job fighting him off, wrestling with him all over the floor.

Picture 85


Ginny, screaming, rushes from the building with Jason lumbering after her. She hides, he finds her; she hides again, he finds her again; like 6-7 fucking times. He is carrying a pitchfork this time. Of course she tries to start her car, but it refuses to cooperate, & he almost gets her.


Cut to Ginny somehow stumbling upon Jason’s ramshackle hermit’s crib. We see him coming through the window. She enters the other room & finds an alter with Mrs. Voorhees’ mummified head in the middle, & the freshly killed bodies of the Sheriff, Terry, & someone else unknown; a prior kill perhaps.

Picture 3


Ginny reaches down & picks up the mother’s raunchy sweater & puts it on, just as Jason bursts into the room. Ginny pretends to be his Mother, ordering him to stop & sit down like a good boy.

Picture 83

Jason seems to buy the ruse, seeing his mother’s face, hearing his mother’s voice

Picture 20

(giving Betsy Palmer a chance to show her one day’s work on the film).

Picture 77

Then Jason notices the mummified Mama’s head, & the spell is broken–

Picture 82

just as Paul appears, not killed as suspected earlier, & he gets all tough & rough with Jason, kicking his ass, twisting his neck & shit; which gives Ginny time to pick up a/the machete & stab Jason deeply in the shoulder.


He keels over, seeming to pass out. Paul & Ginny, of course, assume he is finished, slain by a fucking shoulder wound, so they slip off the flour sack hood. The camera does not show his Mongoloid ugliness, we just see the oh-shit grimaces on the kids. They rush out of the place.

Picture 20


Jason had wounded Ginny’s right leg, so she needed to lean on Paul, who at some point said to hell with it, & just picked her up & carried her the rest of the way to Camp.

Picture 3

He takes her to her own cabin, where she breaks down weeping from the stress. Then they hear something outside. Paul gives her a pitchfork for protection, & jerks open the door.


It is Muffin, the mutt, looking for Terry; too fucking bad, little blue-ribboned white bitch, Terry will not be coming home soon. Ginny reaches down to pick the dog up


just as Jason appears, machete still embedded in his bloodyshoulder; he bursts through the window behind her, mask-less, looking triple butt ugly & shit, & attacks her.

Picture 3


(The actor playing the mask-less Jason was Warrington Gillette, who has his name in the credits, but 95% of the other shots of Jason hooded was done by Steve Dash, who tells folks that he was The Real Jason). Fade to black; Christ.


Here is where the whole fucking film falls on its celluloid butt. Cut to Ginny being loaded into an ambulance, with cops scurrying all about. She asks about Paul. No one talks to her. The ambulance drives off. We have no earthly idea what happened to Paul or Jason or Muffin.

Picture 89

Cut to the Jason ramshackle hideout crib, dolly in on Mrs. Voorhees’ severed mummified head; hold the close-up for 5 long beats. We fully expect to see those dead eyes open, those dead lips smile; but fade to black, roll the end credits. (Miner did shoot an alternate scene where the head becomes animated, but he cut it later).

Picture 20

Rotten Tomatoes rated the film at 33% Critic’s Approval & a 49% Audience Approval.


Roger Ebert wrote: “This movie was a cross between the Mad Slasher & Dead Teenager genres–about two dozen movies a year feature a mad killer going berserk, & they’re all about as bad as this one. Some have a little more plot, some less; but it doesn’t matter.”

Picture 3

John J. Puccio of MOVIE METROPOLIS wrote: “The new camp counselors are interchangeable with the old ones; different faces, but the same basic characters.”


James Kendrick of Q NETWORK FILM DESK wrote: “It cannot be defended intellectually, yet, the film’s very simplicity & directness gives it a kind of folklore power.”


Dustin Putnam wrote: “A solid first sequel & the truly chilling jump scare at the end gives the original film a run for its money.”


Rob Humanick of PROJECTION BOOTH wrote: “It’s general competence remains a surprising improvement, albeit not one strong enough to elevate it into a realm of recommendation.



You know I’ve never been a big fan of Hide the Villain until the last part of a movie. It just seems tedious, & a bit lazy to me. We/I needed a reveal for the mad killer much earlier on. It also bothered me that Jason was wearing a damn burlap sack with only one eye hole, looking exactly like the killer from THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN (1976). 


In a bizarre side bar, it seems that Adrienne King only agreed to do a cameo, because after the first movie she had been bothered by a fan stalker. He had broken into her apartment, & she had feared for her life. So much so that she chose to quit acting; & hasn’t done no on-screen work since.


Overall, I really felt this sequel was too rushed, too many oversights, too much clunking of illogical sequences. The nudity was nice, Kirsten Bakers full frontal nudity, & terrific butt were a welcome sight. Lauren-Marie Taylor’s long shot on her bush while changing panties was cool too. But not seeing Marta Kobers DD jugs was an unacceptable tease for me; shit.

The nine kills were all sanitized, as I mentioned ad infinitum; no blood, no gore, jump cut fades; just a damn Slasher film-light; no real substantive gore; so ultimately it got a “R” rating for use of the F-word, for nudity, for sexual situations, but its death scenes were lame as silent-but-deadly flatulence. You were knocked over by the stink, but missed out on the butt-cheek squeeze notes. & god damn it, old Jason just was not scary; his get-up was hillbilly stupid.


They worked hard on his make-up for when unmasked; perhaps we needed  to see it more often. The musical score was excellent, the cinematography uninspired but adequate. Connecticut worked well for the locale. I am looking forward to the other sequels where Jason can get all demonic, unkillable & shit. I would give this film only 5.5 out of 10 HH stars. It paved the way for the good stuff, but hick-upped like a wheezing asthmatic gimp while doing it.


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  1. Alright, followers of Jason, it is time to move like slash-lightning onto the next film in this series, FRIDAY THE 13TH, PART III (1982), directed (again) by Steve Miner, with Richard Brooker as Jason, where the J-man picks up his first hockey mask, & his indelible image begins to form in substance. The movie was released in 3-D; part 3 in 3-D; can only hope the gore will be ramped up, & fine tits will be on display.


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