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HALLOWEEN (9) (2007)




HALLOWEEN (9) (2007)

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In the five year interim since HALLOWEEN (8): RESURRECTION (2002), the series patron, & primary executive producer, Moustapha Akkad, died of the severe injuries he sustained after after a terrorist attack in Jordan in 2005; now that is one creepy adjunct to the franchise legend.



Dimension Studios had been working on two projects. The first would have been a cross over film, using the character Pinhead from the HELLRAISER series, to cross paths with Michael Myers, a sort of MICHAEL VS. PINHEAD film, hoping for the success of FREDDY VS. JASON (2003).


The second project would have been a prequel, HALLOWEEN: THE MISSING YEARS; a film that would have dealt with Michael Myers early days in the Asylum.


HALLOWEEN (2007) @ 109 minutes.


As far as I can tell, this is the movie we Myers-Heads have been waiting for. It was rated hard “R” for strong brutal bloody violence & terror throughout, sexual content, graphic nudity, & obscene language. Tits, gore, dry humping–it will have to be a fucking masterpiece!


Taglines:        Evil has a destiny.

                      When Darkness fell, He arrived.

                      The face behind the mask.



It was written & directed by rocker-turned-director Rob Zombie, aka Robert Bartleh Cummings. He was coming off as a hot property after the success of his first two horror films. He had his own Heavy Metal band, & has become a writer, producer, & artist as well. He gets involved in the music score & the Art Design on his movies. He has his own record label Zombie A Go Go. He was fired for his furious clashes with the producers on THE CROW: SALVATION (2000). He is close friends with Alice Cooper & Ozzy Osborne. He approached John Carpenter, who he also knows, to consult with him about making this movie. Carpenter advised him to “Make your own movie”, more a re-boot of the series than a re-make. After the film was released, Carpenter, secondary to their friendship, never commented on it. Oliver Stone was slated to direct this film before he opted out to shoot his own film WORLD TRADE CENTER (2006).


Zombie has written music for 71 films, & has directed 12 movies, including HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES (2003), THE DEVIL’S REJECTS (2005), one of the fake trailers in GRINDHOUSE (2007), THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL BEASTO (2009), THE LORDS OF SALEM (2012). 


The movie project was initially called HALLOWEEN 9: RETRIBUTION. The budget was 15 million dollars, & it grossed 80 million dollars internationally, with 58 million domestically. The original HALLOWEEN (1978) has now grossed 160 million bucks.  The body count was 17, but one of those was a suicide. No dogs were killed.


The cast was sterling. Emma Stone had auditioned for the role of Laurie Strode.

Scout Taylor-Compton as Laurie Strode.

Malcolm McDowall as Dr. Sam Loomis.

Tyler Mane as Michael Myers.

Brad Dourif as Sheriff Brackett.

Danielle Harris as Annie Brackett.

Sheri Moon Zombie as Deborah Myers.

William Forsythe as Ron White.

Richard Lynch as the Principal.

Leslie Easterbrook as Patty Frost.

Hanna Hall as Judith Myers.

Kristine Klebe as Lynda.

Dee Wallace as Cynthia Strode.

Sybil Danning as Nurse Wynn.

Udo Kier as Walker.

Clint Howard as Dr. Koplenson.

Danny Trejo as Guard Cruz.

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Tyler Mane, at 6’9” tall is the biggest actor to ever play Michael Myers. He repeated the role for Zombie in HALLOWEEN II (2009). He is an actor, wrestler, producer, & stunt man, who has 32 film credits, including STARFIGHTERS (1992), X-MEN (2000), THE SCORPION KING (2002), TROY (2004), & DEVIL MAY CALL (2013).


The musical score was not composed by Rob Zombie; he hired rocker/musician/writer Tyler Bates, who has scored 71 films since 1993, including GET CARTER (2000), LOVE & A BULLET (2002), HALF PAST DEAD (2002), DAWN OF THE DEAD (2004), THE DEVIL’S REJECTS (2005), 300 (2006), THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (2008), WATCHMEN (2009), HALLOWEEN II (2009), ARMY OF TWO (Video game) (2010), SUCKER PUNCH (2011), GOD OF WAR: ASCENSION (Video game) (2013), KILLZONE: Shadows Fall (Video Game), & GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2014). 


The cinematography was done by old pro Phil Parmet, who has lensed 59 film projects since 1976. He is considered a documentarian & still photographer too.

Phil Parmet


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Once more, for all you tit-hounds out there, we struck HH Gallery Gold.


Our lead-off lady is the stunning Sybil Danning.


She played Nurse Wynn.

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She had been the queen of sexy horror & action films for 25 years before she appeared in this one.

Picture 19

Her tit-shots have been nothing short of spectacular.


Next up we have the director’s sexy wife,


Sheri Moon Zombie

Picture 3

who played Michael’s Mom, Debra.


She has done great nude shots in many of Rob’s projects.


Next for us is Scout Taylor-Compton.who was picked to play Laurie Strode.


Not as buxom as Jamie Lee Curtis;

Picture 19

still she was an actual teenager when she filmed this movie,


the only female that was actually.

Sexy TwitPics Scout Taylor-Compton 56

As an actress, she did a great job.

Picture 3

Hanna Hall played Michael’s sister,

Picture 25

Judith myers; the first victim.

Picture 33

She has done nudity in her other films.


She seems comfortable having her tits

Picture 3

looking ten feet tall on the screen.

Picture 19

She does have a perky sexiness, for sure.

Picture 25

Leslie Easterbrook played Patty Frost.

Picture 3

She is buxom enough to shine in the HH gallery.

Picture 19

We tit-lovers appreciate a nice rack.

Picture 3

Thank you for participating, Ms. Leslie.


Danielle Harris makes her third appearance


in the franchise, and this time


she got to play Laurie’s BFF,


Annie Brackett, the hapless Sheriff’s daughter with the hot pants.

Picture 3Picture 54

Kristina Klebe played Laurie’s other BFF,

Picture 3

Lynda, & did not disappoint us

Picture 9

in her steamy sex scene,

Picture 53

or her demise scene with Michael.


Nice that finally they endorsed graphic nudity.

Picture 19

It heightens the intensity when the vagina shots accompany the tit-shots; no shit.

Picture 9

Our senior babe is Dee Wallace.




She never really did much cheesecake, but I did manage to hunt up some nice shots.

Picture 19



We see from the credits this is a film that Malek Akkad presents; he is Moustapha Akkad’s son, who was brought on board the franchise express for HALLOWEEN H2O (1998), & HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION (2002).


We are told this is Haddonfield, Illinois on Halloween; no year is noted. We get to meet the Myers family, young 10 year old Michael, with a  cherub’s face & long blond hair, who is cheerfully killing his pet rat Elvis just for the fucking thrill. He is called down to breakfast by his sexy older sister, Judith.


His disabled injured stepfather, Ron, is treating his sexy young wife horribly, pissed off she is working as a stripper, & he is hearing rumors she may be turning tricks for bread money. He calls Michael a girlie boy, fears that the kid might turn into a fag. There is a baby sister, Angel, who is crying loudly, reacting to all the coarse yelling. He demands  to be waited on by everyone while he is calling them fucking idiots, whores, bitches, & queers. We all know how this asshole is going to end up.

Cut to elementary school where two bullies are pushing younger Michael around, taunting him about his stripper whore mother who sucks dicks for handfuls of quarters. Michael is enraged, but the bullies beat his ass regardless. The principal comes in, & takes them to his office. The older boy is put on detention, again, & he vows that if he finds Michael, he will kill the little faggot.

Picture 3

Cut to the strip joint where Deb Myers is doing a lap dance. She gets a phone call from the principal, & has to leave work to deal with Michael’s dilemma.  At the principal’s office, she rails against being called to the school so often. She is introduced to Dr. Loomis, whom the principal feels might be able to counsel Michael. She calls the principal a fucking pussy, yells at Michael, who just stares at her with dead blue eyes, & she heads back to the strip palace.


Cut to the end of the school day, as the head bully is cutting through the woods on his way home. Michael ambushes him, knee-capping him with a tree branch club. He beats the crap out of the bully, bloodying him up, but as the kid begins to spit up blood & begs for him to stop hurting him, Michael begins hitting him in the head, bashing in his skull, popping his eye sockets, hitting him a dozen  times.

Cut to the Myers house later that evening, with Halloween in full swing. Mama Deb has to go back to work for a special Halloween evening of stripping, so she instructs Judith to take Michael, who is all dressed up in his clown costume, out trick or treating. Ron calls for more beer, watching old horror movies on TV. As soon as the mother is out of the house, Judith’s boyfriend, Steve, shows up. They head upstairs to her room to do some “Studying”.

Cut to Michael sitting on the curb in front of their house munching candy, watching the other kids rushing by enjoying themselves. After an hour, he tires of this, & heads back into the house. Ron has passed out in the recliner, the cast on his broken leg, & the bandages on hands are filthy. Michael stands there staring at this butt-wipe for a while, then goes into the kitchen & snags a large roll of duct tape. He tapes up Ron to the chair, arms & legs, then his head & mouth, leaving his eyes uncovered.

Halloween 2007 14

Then he goes to the kitchen & picks out the biggest butcher knife he could find, looking like a machete in his young hands. He bitch slaps Ron to consciousness, who is barely aware of the first stab wound to his gut. Realizing his predicament, he explodes with rage, eyes bugging out, straining against the tape binders. Michael stands there calmly & dispassionately stabs the man a dozen times in the head & chest.

Cut to upstairs where Steve & Judith are having sex. The young man rabbit fucks her & then rolls off self-satisfied. The lingering tit shots are lovely. How was that? he gasps, Oh, it was the most wonderful 8 seconds of my life. He puts on a  Halloween mask to heighten the weirdness of the sex (which is, of course, the white mask with long hair that Michael will pick up & use later). She rebukes him, calls him a retard, & he, of course, thinks she’s kidding, so he takes off the mask & drops it by bed, before insisting he is hungry & asks her to go downstairs & fix him a sandwich. She tells him to fuck himself, & go get it on his own; which he does.

Cut to Steve coming downstairs & going to the kitchen. In fuzzy foreground we see Michael watching him. Steve pulls out the bread, mayo, & ham from the fridge, & is busily making a sandwich when Michael walks up behind him with an aluminum baseball bat.

Halloween 2007 4

His first blow is on Steve’s neck, knocking him off the chair. Then little Mike goes to work, pummeling him with vicious blows to the chest, crotch, & legs. This all happens so quickly, Steve goes into shock, & has not even screamed or yelled before Michael starts hitting him in the head. We hear that wonderful sound of a metal bat crushing a skull, as a massive pool of blood spreads out on the floor.

Picture 19

Then Michael calmly goes upstairs & stands for a moment over Judith who has slipped off to sleep. He spies the MM white mask, takes off the clown mask, & dons what will become his moniker. The mask is too big for him, which makes him look like a murderous gnome. She is wearing a cotton nightie.

He strokes her naked thigh with a bloody finger. She swats it away, saying Quit it, one bunny hump is enough for now. She rolls over & sees Michael in the white mask holding a very large kitchen knife. What the fuck are you doing? she stammers as he stabs her in the mid-riff. She screams & rushes out of the room. Standing in the hall she sees that she is mortally wounded.

Halloween 2007 13

Michael appears, attacks her again, stabbing her 17 times as she goes first to her naked knees, then face first onto the hardwood floor.

Cut to mother Deb driving up a couple hours later. She enters the house & we hear the cacophony of screams. Only baby sister, Angel, was spared.

Cut to the expected swarm of police cars & aide vehicles, as we watch a montage of newspaper headlines & newscasts, announcing after one of the longest trials in state history, Michael was convicted of four counts of first degree murder, & he is imprisoned/checked into Smith’s Grove Warren County Sanitarium. The renown child psychologist, Dr. Sam Loomis, is assigned to his case.

Picture 9

At first, Michael pretends not to remember any of that terrible night, but working with Loomis, answering all his questions, not revealing much about himself. He starts becoming obsessed with making paper mache masks, preferring to wear them during his sessions & even when his mother visited regularly. He admits, during session that he likes the masks because he feels invisible behind them.

Picture 3

She is in denial as to Michael’s true nature, but Loomis is kind to her. At one point, he offers to walk her to her car after a visit. A buxom older Nurse is asked to stay with Michael for a few minutes. But as the witless nurse is looking out of the window, Michael has found, or fashioned some kind of blade, & he attacks her, stabbing her repeatedly.


When his mother hears about this latest atrocity, she sinks into the deepest despair, capping the evening by blowing her own brains out.  (We hear the shot, but are spared the gore).

Picture 19

Cut to fifteen years later (making Michael about 25). He has been mute since his mother’s suicide, but Dr. Loomis has tried to reach him for all those years.

Halloween 2007 9

One of the kinder hospital orderlies, Cruz, has befriended Michael, & he talks to him every chance he gets, not being upset by Myers’ silence.


Director Rob Zombie on the set.

Michael’s room is covered by masks, & he continues to make more of them. One of the other orderlies, a redneck cowardly bastard continuously chides & threatens Michael. Myers has grown into a 6’9” giant, but he causes no trouble.


Finally, Dr. Loomis closes out the case, & retires, writes a book about Michael, & goes on a lecture tour to promote it.

One night, the redneck orderly & his cousin decides to gang fuck one of the younger catatonic inmates. They really get into it, & the orderly decides to unlock Michael’s door, & continue to pull a hillbilly train on the hapless young woman. At first Michael does not pay any  attention to them, concentrating on his mask work. But the redneck, who has been drinking of course, begins to poke & slap Myers, while his cousin tries on several of the masks & laughs hysterically.

Picture 27

Oh shit, we had been warned earlier by Cruz that no one should ever touch one of Michael’s masks. Myers explodes, leaps up & drags both toothpick thin orderlies out into the hallway. He holds the redneck up off the floor, strangling him, while the drunken cousin is pelting Michael with pussy punches. After strangling the first orderly, & dropping his dead ass on the linoleum, he grabs the cousin, swinging him by his feet, banging his head repeatedly on the wall, streaking wide swathes of blood for twenty feet. He takes a set of keys & heads for the front door.


He is intercepted by Cruz, the kind orderly, who seemed quite shocked that Michael killed him without any compassion or compunction. There are two security guards in a booth near the front, watching TV & discussing donuts & hot bitches. Michael strangles one them at a vending machine, before banging his head to apple butter on the wall. He walks in on the fat second guard, tossing him through the booth glass, before calmly walking out to him & stomping his head 6-7 times.

Cut to a shot of Michael, outside in the dark, walking away from the sanitarium.

Picture 19

Cut to Loomis being awakened the next morning by the sanitarium director, telling him that Michael escaped the night before. Oh fuck me, I will be up there in two hours was his reply. He couldn’t have gotten far, he doesn’t  know how to drive. It was a hundred miles to Haddonfield. (which brings up another problem;  how the fuck does he travel 100 miles in one day without being able to drive; we are never told that).

Cut to a fancy truck stop. An 18-wheeler pulls up into the garage, & a large black man, Big Joe Grizzly, tells everyone that they had better do a fucking great job on cleaning up his rig. Then he goes into the shower/bathrooms, finds an empty stall, drops his overalls, pulls out a good girlie magazine, & gets busy (hard to tell if he is going to beat his meat, or take a dump, or both at the same time).

Enter Michael Myers in his pumpkin paper mache mask, bangs loudly on the locked stall door. Big Joe yells a lot of shit about whoever that is had better cool it or he would come out there & carve some ass; he pulls out a large hunting knife to back up his threats. Myers continues to beat on the door, before kicking it open. Big Joe is 6’4” tall, but when he stands up to face Michael, all he can say is, Fuck me!  

Michael knocks his truck driver butt into the side of the stall, bending the metal; then begins to pound Joe’s head off the metal side, bending it more, smashing another skull while strangling him.

Cut to Big Joe in his long johns lying in a pool of blood as Michael zips up the coveralls, & pockets the Bowie knife.

We are told it is Halloween day. Cut to Myers arriving at his old abandoned house. While there, Laurie Strode stops by & drops off a real estate brochure for her father. The kid she is going to baby sit that night tells her not to go near that house since a demon bogyman lives there. Laurie laughs it off. Michael watches from inside.

Then he goes to the attic & tears up the floor boards, finding the original mask & butcher knife he had used 15 years before to slaughter most of his family.

Picture 19

Cut to Laurie Strode at high school, seeing Michael outside, or a glimpse of him, several times. After school she walks home with her two friends, Annie, the sheriff’s daughter, & Lynda. As they walk, Laurie keeps looking over her shoulder. Their giggling conversation is about sex, small cocks,anal sex, & how best to give a blow job.


Sheriff Brackett drives up, exchanges pleasantries & gives Annie a ride home. Lynda talks about making it with boyfriend Bob later that night. We like to use the old Myers house, lots of privacy. Cue the synthesizer music. Annie is babysitting a little girl later that night, & Laurie is taking care of a little boy. After trick or treating, they promise to get together.


Cut to Dr. Loomis stopping at a gun shop on the way to Haddonfield, & buying a chrome-plate .357 Magnum pistol. Former Monkee, Mickey Dolenz, played the gun store owner.

Cut to hotbox Lynda, dragging her dufus boyfriend, Bob, into the old Myers mansion. They go upstairs to Judith’s old bedroom, & I guess the sheets were clean enough to fuck on her bed.  Bob is not a bad lover, so Lynda enjoys getting banged by him. We all know that Michael is somewhere lurking & hiding in the house.

Picture 19

Lynda shows lots of tit in several shots. Then she tells Bob to go downstairs & get her a beer. He puts on his britches, pulls on a sweater, & heads down to do her bidding. The beer is in a cooler in his car. He grabs two of them & heads back.

Cut to Bob coming to the stairs, giggling, wearing a sheet, with eye holes cut out, wearing his Clark Kent zyl glasses outside the sheet. Michael appears & knocks his ass down. Bob is game, he leaps back up, & punches Myers a couple of times; but it was like pounding your fists on a dump truck. Michael grabs him by the neck, lifts him off the ground & stabs him in the chest a half dozen times, driving the last blow deep into the kid’s chest, leaving him dangling on the wall.

Picture 33

Cut to Lynda getting bored waiting for her beer. Michael appears in the doorway, wearing the sheet & glasses. She laughs, flashes her tits, says Do you see  anything you like?



Picture 19


but big Mike just stands there. This finally pisses Lynda off, so she gets out of bed, & we see some graphic full frontal nudity, snatch & all.

Picture 32

Bless ole Zombie’s heart–he was proud to show us what John Carpenter could only tease us with. So, numbnuts, give me a beer; she turns her back on him to open the pop top,


but Myers has his hands around her neck immediately; we get to see it all, her tits dancing, her face turning blue, him shaking her in the air like a naked rag doll.

Picture 41

Then he drops her on the floor & we get the butt/beaver shot.

Cut to the Strode house, where Laurie is getting ready to go babysitting. Annie comes up in a red car, & picks her up. Her father, Mason, is patting wife, Cynthia, on the ass, wanting some conjugal privileges now that they are alone. Cynthia heads into the house, but before old Dad can join her, Michael shows up, pushes him inside & slams the door. Myers does not fuck around, slicing up Mason quickly.

Picture 20

Cynthia hears the ruckus & investigates, walking right into the knife. He corners her on the couch & stabs her ten times very quickly.

Picture 19

Cut to hackneyed scene where Loomis has to convince Sheriff Brackett that Michael Myers had returned, & more people were surely going to be killed; the sheriff explained that after Michael had killed most of his family, & later his mother had committed suicide, he put baby sister, Angel in an orphanage, finding out later that the Strodes had adopted her. They decide to cruise over to the Strodes house first.


Cut to the babysitting scenario. Annie brings little Lindsey over to the Doyle house, leaving her with Laurie, who is babysitting Tommy. Laurie is very aware that Annie is going back to the Wallace house to have sex with her boyfriend Paul.

Cut to Annie & Paul making out on the couch. They both strip off their shirts, & Annie’s slim figure & perky tits are on display. If you want to fuck me, then get to it, Buster; which he does, exclaiming that her box is very warm & wet. At that point Michael appears, pulling Paul off her by his long hair, & stabbing the shit out of him while Annie jumps up screaming.



Picture 19

She makes it to the door topless, screaming for help as he pulls her back inside, & begins to beat her up, him at 6’ 9” & her at 5’2”; really sad to watch.


Cut to the Doyle house, an inane scene where Laurie determines that Annie has had enough time to get laid, & that she needed to bring Lindsey back home. She tells Tommy to lock the Doyle doors, & she walks across thestreet to the Wallace house. The door is ajar, so she sends Lindsey back to the Doyles, as she enters the house alone.  She finds that Paul is dead;


Annie is bloodied & cut up but still alive. She is calling the police when Michael shows up.

Picture 25

They tussle, & she is stabbed in the leg. She makes it out of the house, & goes limping down the street screaming for help; & as in all 8 other Halloween movies, not a soul hears her, or gives a rat’s ass it seems.

She makes it to the Doyle house, pounding frantically on the door until Tommy lets her in. But Michael will not be stopped by a mere locked door. He smashes through it as Laurie is taking the children upstairs. She locks herself & them in the bathroom (WTF, she just watched Myers walk through a solid oak door, what good was it to lock that fucking hollow core interior door?).

They are all in the bathtub screaming as Michael begins tearing his way through the door. Laurie pushes the kids out a window, just as Myers grabs her & knocks her ass out.

Cut to Michael dragging Laurie back into the old Myers house. She struggles & manages to get away from him. She stumbles into a room where she finds Paul hanging from a beam with a bloody pumpkin smashed onto his face,

Picture 3

& the very dead BFF lying naked under the stolen Judith Myers tombstone. Then we watch a cat & mouse game where Laurie would hide somewhere, & Michael would demolish walls, floors, doors until he would catch sight of her.

Picture 9

At one point she makes it outside, but is so beaten up & wounded she is  stumbling along & falls into an empty swimming pool. She is finally defeated,  & just lies there sobbing as Michael finds her, & joins her in the leaf-strewn pool.


She expect the blade embrace, but instead Michael drops to his knees, & drops the butcher knife. He reaches in his pocket & shows her the old family photo his mother had given him of himself at ten, holding his baby sister, Angel. She looks at it, but doesn’t understand what it means (since she was raised by the Strodes & had no idea who she really was).

Then Michael reached up & took off his mask; of course his long stringy hair still covered most of his features. He looked very sad, confused, deflated. She takes this moment to pick up the dropped butcher knife & drive it to the bloody hilt alongside his neck. He pitches over on his face. She struggles to get up, & tries to pull herself out of the abandoned pool. But Myers rise up, pulls the knife out of his neck, & pursues her. Just as he grasped her ankle, Dr. Loomis showed up with his  trusty .357, & shot Michael four times; Myers went down again.


Loomis helps Laurie out of the pool, & over to the borrowed police car. He puts her in it, & gets behind the wheel. Then we hear the old Carpenter dialogue; she asks Is that the bogyman? & he answers Yes, I think that he definitely was.


Then Michael appears & attacks Laurie through her open car window. Loomis rushes around to save her, but Myers slaps the gun out of his hand, holds the doctor in the air & squeezes the skull until blood runs out of Loomis’ eyes. So, what the hell is a girl to do?

Laurie picks up Lommis’ gun & heads back into the Myers house (sure why try and get away, or just shoot the son of a bitch).  We get to watch 10 more minutes of cat & mouse games, screaming, & house demolition,


before Michael corners her on the upstairs balcony. Before she can lift that heavy pistol, Myers rushes her head on, & they crash through the railing & plummet to the yard below.

Somehow, she ended up on top of him, still holding the gun. She struggled to her feet, aimed at his head, pulled the trigger, Click on an empty chamber, then Click on an empty chamber.  Michael comes to & grips one of her wrists just as the last loaded chamber fired & a .357 Magnum bullet struck him in the head. Loomis appeared, bloodied but still alive. Fade to black, roll the end credits.


ROTTEN TOMATOES rated the film at 25% Critic’s Approval, with 60% Audience Approval.


Frank Sheck of THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER wrote: “The result, though undeniably preferable to yet another misbegotten installment of the long–exhausted franchise, still struggles to compare to the John Carpenter landmark original film.

Halloween 2007 2

Kyle Smith of the NEW YORK POST wrote: “This is the BATMAN BEGINS of Slasher movies, one of the most frightening stabathons of recent years.”

Picture 19

Wesley Lovell of CINEMA SIGHT wrote: “Modernizing the classic slasher staple, Rob Zombie’s film is surprisingly adept.”


Rossiter Drake of the SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER wrote: “This film may prove to be too verbose & literal-minded to satisfy fans of Carpenter’s original, but I found it to be a harsh, disquieting experience.”

Picture 3

Jamie Russell of BBC.COM wrote: “Zombie may not be able to fully match the true menace of John Carpenter’s steadicam original, but when the Big Z’s knife hits the right groove, he cuts right to the heart of the Myers legend.”

Picture 3



Well, even though many of the Michael Myers die hard fans prefer John Carpenter’s original film to this one, I have to disagree. This one had four ladies who showed more than a glimpse of tit, the “F” word was uttered like 40 times, the characters seemed more fleshed out, we began to understand what motivated young Michael, & watched him grow up in the Sanitarium. We found out that the trademark white mask was not an arbitrary shoplifted item from the drug store, we began to get some insight into his rage, his madness that brewed for 25 years.

The cinematography was wonderful, everything in focus, not too much jump cut editing. The musical score, I must say, was a bit lackluster, with different arrangements of the Carpenter original score replayed for 75% of the scenes.

I had read where Malcolm McDowall was such a cut-up jokester on the set, that he put the cast in crew in stitches constantly, causing a lot of new takes to be shot, but I felt that his acting was superior to the long suffering whimpering Donald Pleasence. This Loomis was cocky, arrogant, pivotal. Tyler Mane was simply marvelous as Michael Myers, this mute hulking menace that could walk through walls without Druid magic. His scene with Laurie in the pool was very touching, creating a tinge of emotional depth to the character. Kristina Kelbe, tall & beautiful was the perfect Lynda, & her graphic nude scenes were tit-wonderful & pussy perfect. Danielle Harris, petite & sexy really made Annie Brackett into a flesh & blood character, & her tit scenes were great fun. She was 29 when she filmed it, but looked like a teenager.  Hanna Hall, with a figure that reminded you of Michelle Williams, was funny, profane, sexy, sassy, & really much more than one dimensional by the time Michael put the blade to her. Scout Taylor-Compton brought some humor, & realistic moments to the preposterous predicaments laced  into the plot. Her acting was generally panned, but I liked what she did. Sheri Moon Zombie exhibited some decent acting chops as Mama Myers.

The guest star roles were well done– starring roles  & cameos like Brad Dourif’s  sheriff, Richard Lynch’s Principal, William Forsythe’s wife abusing Ron, Danny Trejo’s sympathetic orderly, Clint Howard wearing a decent wig as the fussy inept Dr. Koplenson, Mickey Dolenz’s redneck gun dealer, the still lovely Dee Wallace as Mama Strode, with senior sexpot Sybil Danning doing her two lines as the sanitarium nurse that got killed. Adrienne Barbeau’s small cameo was cut from the released film. John Hurt was considered to play Dr. Loomis.

The film was shot in Pasadena, CA, in many of the neighborhoods, & on the same streets as the John Carpenter original. Christ, as far as I am concerned, this ninth film in the HALLOWEEN franchise was the best of the lot, totally rebooting the series, rife with logical explications, gorgeous nudity, scathing epithets, gruesome gory kills, & above average acting. Shallow minded short-dicked critics felt that Rob Zombie had lost his touch after the success of his first two classic horror films; that is a crock of shit; the writing & direction is stronger in this film that any of the previous ones.

I rate this sizzling beauty as 9 out of the HH array of 10 possible stars. I loved every minute of this 1 hour & 45 minutes bitch. It is good enough to make you forget about all the cheesy sequels you had to suffer through to get here.


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  1. OK, OK, one more Michael Myers visit to go for all you HALLOWEEN Heads. HALLOWEEN (10) (2009). Rob Zombie stayed on board as director, & Tyler Mane returned as Michael. Can’t wait to see how Zombie improves upon the original HALLOWEEN II (1981). Any character still alive returned for the sequel.


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