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Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Review

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, brought to us in spectacular detail by Ten Thirty One Productions, has only been building in scope and success over the years – and this year is no disappointment.

Lauded as the most buzzed about (and rightly so) Halloween attraction in LA, the Haunted Hayrides theme this year is ‘Echoes from the Rift’, where hell itself opens up and all its ghastly beasts wreak havoc on unsuspecting Californians.



The Hayride’s now in its sixth year, and this time round it boasts two new attractions, the Seven Sins Sideshow and the House of the Horsemen, in addition to the ‘In-Between’ dark maze, and purgatory area, which features a ‘scary go round’, pumpkin carving area, and picture opportunity tent (also a live band!)

The titular hay ride itself lasts an impressive 25 minutes, and features the sort of production value we’ve come to expect from Ten Thirty One Productions (if you haven’t yet, check out our write up of the badass Great Horror Campout).

All in all, there’s plenty of fun for the whole family, and quite a few scares for the squeamish among you.


So….the other draw to the Hayride for the press was the Black Carpet event. With a guest list boasting over 170 A, B, C, and DUNNO list actors, it was set to be a star studded event. While it didn’t exactly pan out that way, I really didn’t mind. Sure, snagging some original photos for the site would be great, but I could really care less what dress Megan Fox was wearing, or whoever, I was there for some scares.

now THATS my kinda Black Carpet

now THATS my kinda Black Carpet

I came in with Romulus and our expectations were pretty high – after all, the Great Horror Campout was an AMAZING production of once-in-a-lifetime quality. So its not too surprising that the Hayride didn’t quite meet up to spec.

Still – its a fantastic event, with plenty of activities and attractions for a whole family (and some you may wanna leave the kids out of). The Hayride itself absolutely met my expectations in terms of production value – brilliant performances, wonderful costumes, and some seriously spectacular contraptions.


The biggest downside to the event is its popularity – LINES. OMG the LINES! I seriously recommend, if you go, shell out for the VIP pass – otherwise you may find yourself spending more time in line than screaming.

TL;DR If you’re looking for a fun group Halloween attraction, the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is absolutely worth your time – just bring someone special to keep you company!

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Additional Pictures from the Event

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