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ABCs of Death 2 (2014), a step above the first

Dark, disturbing, demented, downright disgusting and devilishly delightful – a brief sampling of the adjectives I’d use to describe ABCs of Death 2, even if alliteration isn’t the best way to go, as I’ve just been retaught my alphabet.

Did I mention there’s tits?




I suppose its kind of silly to include this section here – realistically, its not as though I’m going to summarize each of the 26 portions of this film. Suffice to say the basic premise is this: 26 directors were each given a letter, from A to Z, and asked to produce a piece involving death.

There are those that took the silly approach

L is for Legacy...more like 'L is for LAME' AMIRITE??

L is for Legacy…more like ‘L is for LAME’ AMIRITE??

And those that went a bit more topical

M is for Masticate

M is for Masticate

And those that were just…kind of…fucked up

X is for Xylophone. Still shivering over this one.

X is for Xylophone. Still shivering over this one.

Beyond that however, there’s no cohesive story or narrative (obviously).



Oh yes, dear reader, there’s nudity. Even when you REALLY don’t want it.


Generally speaking, ABCs of Death 2 pulls absolutely no punches here. Even the sequences that weren’t live action were actually nauseating, and the final sequence, Z, downright put me off my liquor (and that’s saying something). I mean shit, I had to watch Bob’s Burgers just to be able to get to sleep.



Scare Factor

There’s really nothing scary about any of these pieces. Some, as I stated earlier, can be damned disturbing, but it seems difficult to generate genuine fear in a few short minutes for these directors.


So I’ll say this – its better than the first film. Yes, it has its low points (lookin at you L, don’t know HOW you made the cut) but both its low and high points beat out what we saw in the original ABCs of Death. Even from the credits you can see they took a more serious approach.

W is for Wish...*shudder*

W is for Wish…*shudder*

The bottom line though, without summarizing each of the 26 pieces and boring you all to death, is this:

Is it worth watching?

Bottom line, yes. If you have nothing else going on. My general impression is that I enjoyed the viewing process, and enough letters stayed with me to resonate as a positive experience. Unfortunately, a great many of the pieces fell flat and felt absolutely pointless (F is for Falling?? Come on) – which leaves one in a very ‘meh’ state of mind.


TL;DR 5.5/10. The first being a 5. Marginally better, and still a fun ride, don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed.



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Bonus, wildly appropriate, listening


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  1. A very interesting concept, 24 fucking directors; are some of the segments less than 3 minutes long, or do they vary? Wish you had included a tit shot in the mix.

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