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HALLOWEEN 5: Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)


HALLOWEEN 5: Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)


I prayed that he would burn in hell, but in my heart I knew hell would not have him.”–Dr. Sam Loomis.





OK, Halloween-Heads, here we are at the mid-point of the Michael Myers franchise saga. John Carpenter is out; way out, & Debra Hill did some consulting work. She had met director Dominique Othenin-Gerard at Sundance in 1988, & “liked his style”, whatever the fuck that meant. She arranged a meeting with executive producer, Moustapha Akkad, & Girard got hired. This was the end of Debra Hill’s involvement with the series.


HALLOWEEN 5 was directed, then, by Swiss-born Dominique Othenin-Gerard at 96 minutes. I had been feeling good about Akkad’s involvement as kingpin for the franchise, until I found out he soon disliked Gerard’s vision for this film; bringing it closer to the original violent version. The original uncut version of this movie featured a lot of blood, gore, & nudity; but Moustapha Fucking Akkad disliked its explicitness, and he cut the living shit out of it, bringing it down to a very tame bottom-rung “R” rating. Damn your mercantile eyes, Moustapha!!

Dominique Othenin-Gerard had attended the London Film School. The script for this movie was a mish-mash, so Gerard rewrote most of the screenplay. He has directed a ton of German/French television series, some live plays,


& his feature films include AFTER DARKNESS (1985), TALES OF THE DARK SIDE: THE MOVIE (1990), NIGHT ANGEL (1990), OMEN IV: THE AWAKENING (1991), & DIRTY MONEY (2008). 


For the fourth glorious time, the musical score was written & performed by Alan Howarth;


who, we remember, was married to actress Nancy Keyes.


The cinematography was done by Robert Draper, who has lensed 47 films since 1988, including TIGER WARSAW (1988), DR. GIGGLES (1992), THE SPITFIRE GRILL (1996), with the vast majority of his film credits done for American television. 


The movie was filmed, again, in Utah, in Salt Lake City, Provo, Rush Valley, & Layton. It had a more modest budget than its predecessor, 3 million dollars, with a gross profit domestically of 11.6 million. The body count was 15, plus another dog (the fourth canine Myers has killed so far; he just does not like fucking pooches it seems).


Taglines:  Michael lives–and this time they’re ready!

                He’s back with a vengeance. 




Danielle Harris is Jamie, our lead-off babe; only 11 in the movie. She grew up very sweetly.


She did become, it seems, quite the uninhibited goodtimes girl;


but some of the nude shots, since she is so small & undeveloped give me the creeps; it borders on kiddie-porn; I’m just saying.


Even though, hey, her latest tit-shots are much more acceptable.


Ellie Cornell as Rachel, is back for 20 minutes of this film.


But these shower shots are still pretty self-conscious.

Picture 3

The phone on the bed cheesecake shots show promise.


Tamara Glynn was Samantha Thomas; a cheesecake shot was her contribution to the HH gallery.


Angela Montoya-Trimbur was the “little girl” in this movie.


She has blossomed into a babe, for sure.

Picture 3

She has done some nudity, but no decent images are available.


She is appearing on the TV series ENTOURAGE these days.



Picture 3

As we watch the opening credits, only mentioning John Carpenter as the composer of the theme music, each credit is juxtaposed to a flash of a butcher knife & the sound of the blade whooshing through the air, & slicing into the flesh of something; finally revealed as a pumpkin, but one that was ripped to shit, barely recognizable–kind of a cool opening.

Cut to a recap of the last several minutes of HALLOWEEN 4, where Rachel is trying to shake Michael Myers off the roof of her pick up, then slams on the binders & Myers flies forward onto the tarmac, still clutching the knife (quite the damn achievement actually, just as hanging onto it while being on top of swerving truck cab, beating the shit out of people with his free hand stretches the clit of plausibility as well). He stands tall (all 6’2” of George P. Wilbur), not moving as Rachel guns the motor and runs over him, impact at full speed, knocking him into the air.

We see his hand relax off the knife as he lies near the opening of an abandoned mine shaft. Four cop cars arrive at that moment; Sheriff Meeker to the rescue. Jamie, after being told to stay in the truck, walks up to Michael & touches his hand; &  as we recall this brings Myers instant rage, pissing him off that some little bitch, his own fucking niece, had the temerity to actually touch him.


So he clutches the knife & stands up yet again with a foot of killer blade facing ten cops with big guns. Jamie ducks down allowing a fusillade of riot shotguns to wound him at least two dozen times. He tumbles over backward, falling into the open mine shaft, causing a lot of debris to tumble in after him. Then we get a new scene where the Sheriff tosses several sticks of dynamite into the hole, blowing the crap out of the shaft; but alas we have already seen Michael come to, & crawl off to safety.

Cut to the outside, as Myers is flushed out of the burning mine in a stream of water, dumping him into a raging river. We watch him bob along, crashing into rocks & shit, with the mask still intact. When the current slows a bit, Michael is able to stop himself near a small dock, & pull himself upright. The place looks like a junk pile of old discarded lumber, with pieces of machinery lying all about.


Cut to inside the cabin, where a hermit is working on repairing a toaster, or some stupid household appliance. He has a parrot who keeps repeating,“ Screee–I can’t believe it, squawk–I can’t believe it.”  The hermit tells him to shut the fuck up, so the bird mimics that. Then the old man hears something or someone outside.  He wanders about alone in the dark, & then returns to the cabin, telling the parrot there was nobody there.

That’s when Michael Myers jumps his ancient shit, & begins choking him; but right in the middle of the choke-job, Myers passes out, falling on the hermit’s bed. The old man shrugs, and goes back to working on the toaster, for Christs sake.

Now if that were not bizarre enough, we then cut to Michael waking up while the hermit works at this table, still telling the parrot to shut his seed hole. Michael casually walks up behind him & picks him up by the neck; we hear the neck snap as the screen goes to black.

The plot just gets stickier than the underside of a honey pot, I mean WTF are we supposed to believe? Was Michael in another coma for a year & just happens to wake up, fully healed, on Halloween Eve? Or since the previous scene seemed to take place soon after Michael had passed out on the hermit’s bed, did he come to, kill the hermit, eat the fucking parrot, & just lay low there in the hermit’s cabin for a whole year playing pocket pool & eating stolen canned peaches? Or was Myers in the coma for a year, & the hermit just left him on the bed, while he spent twelve months sleeping on an old car seat, waiting for him to awaken & kill him?

Cut to a dark & stormy night, raining like a cocksucker. The titles tell  us one year has passed since Michael disappeared, & it is now  Halloween Eve. We are shown a large old house that is supposed to be the Haddonfield Children’s Pyschiatric Hospital, but it looks like a Victorian 3-story mansion.


We are introduced to 9 year old Jamie Lloyd, strapped in a bed, hooked up to all kinds of sleep measuring machines. The thunder cracks, & we see her recalling the night a year before when she mysteriously tried to kill her stepmother,

Picture 5

& she dreams of Michael Myers, her dear Uncle, causing her to wake up trying to scream, but only making a small squeaking sound;


she is agitated enough that an older nurse comes in to comfort her. She begins to twitch & bob like she was having a  seizure. She is using sign language, so that is our cue to understand that she could not make a single sound since that fateful night.

Cut to someone’s presence out in the rain; we all know who the fuck it is watching the windows. Jamie seems to have a heightened psychic link to her Uncle. As she senses him drawing nearer, she becomes more & more agitated.The nurse is scared shitless, so she calls a code.

Orderlies rush in, put Jamie on a crash board, & carry her downstairs. Jamie is hyperventilating radically, nearly passing out. The doctor on call assumes the worst, grabs a scalpel, & begins to cut a trach-hole in her neck.

Enter Dr. Sam Loomis, who grabs his hand, stopping him. The idiot doctor on call claims the child is dying, & Loomis assures him that Jamie will calm down soon; which she does. Loomis is a bit of a hero, but we can see that his eyes are bat-shit crazy, & his voice is weak, high pitched & shaky. He is, we discover later, Jamie’s psychiatrist (somehow this new facility to the series had hired him after the Federal facility must have canned him)–& somehow he is aware that Jamie has this psychic link to Myers. He begs her to tell them where he is, for his instincts are blinking red-red, & he is pretty sure that Michael has returned (again).


This seems silly since Jamie refuses to talk at all, & he begs in such a whinny voice, it plunges the scenario into a children’s theater production.

This scene turns out to be so absurd, with the doctor’s stupidity &  ignorance burlesqued, one begins to wonder if this movie actually is a comedy in disguise. This (unfortunate) comedic tone pops up several more times in the movie; crudely done at best. I mean, shit fire, Agnes, I like gallows dark humor as much as the next swinging dick, but the way it is handled by this director, the scenes are like Benny Hill skits.


Cut to the next day, Halloween, with Jamie’s stepsister, Rachel, & her (new) dog, Max, visiting in the clinic room. There is a lot of banter by Rachel, hugs & kisses, while Jamie uses crude sign language & grunts a lot. Rachel’s friend, the loud mouthed buxom Tina shows up, & the girlish giggling & hurrahing gets out of hand. Dr. Loomis comes in & asks the visitors to leave. Both promise to come back later that night, after their Halloween party.


Cut to Rachel & Tina giggling their way down the street, headed to Rachel’s house. Her parents (with her mother still nursing her wounds from Jamie’s attack the year before no doubt) are “out of town”, so she is letting Tina, & another friend, Samantha, use the house that night, both before & after the party over at the Tower Farm. We hear the heavy breathing in the bushes, & see several Myers POV shots of the hapless girls walking home. Tina drops off her bag of stuff, & flits off to finish plans for the evening.


Rachel decides that this would be an excellent time to get naked & take a shower.

(**NOTE** Boy is my face red, dear readers. I had mistakenly included this scene in my review of HALLOWEEN 4, pics & all. Memory must have clouded since seeing these movies so many years ago, & carry over characters hop from sequel to sequel. Anyway, I fucked up–this is the damn movie that she takes her shower in). 

Cut to Max, the Doberman, on his chain in the yard, barking & barking; & of course, we all know that’s because old Michael is skulking about. Rachel, dressed in a football jersey, her perky nipples, & ass cheeks very evident, as she bustles around the kitchen, then sticks her head out the back door and tells Max to shut the fuck up. As she heads back upstairs, the jersey rises up & we get a lovely shot of her shapely butt.

Picture 16

I paid even closer attention to the through the shower curtain shots, & I don’t think she was wearing a body suit, I think her tan lines are such that it appears that she is; & at one point she does flash her beaver, so unless they painted that on a body suit, she must have been naked in the damn shower. Max continues to bark outside.


Cut to Jamie, being agitated & stressed, because she senses that Michael is after Rachel. She writes some of this down, and Dr. Loomis picks up on it immediately, & he calls Rachel. She has stepped out of the shower, & is partially wrapped in a towel. As she answers the phone, she lies on the bed, showing a naked back, and partial cleavage.


Loomis on the phone warns her that she is in danger & to evacuate the house immediately; which she does, rushing outside in her towel, going over to the neighbor’s to call the police.


Cut to later, a pair of cops, deputies Tom & Nick, doing another comedy act, explain in their sing-song delivery that they have searched the house, top to bottom, & there is nobody there. These yahoos think they are Martin & Lewis, laughing at their own jokes, getting a groan out of my ass. Rachel is standing there with wet hair, wearing a dressing gown (perhaps the neighbor’s wife gave it to her, or the neighbor was a transsexual & she/he was kind enough to share one of his/hers).

Cut to back inside Rachel’s house. She is up in her bedroom, standing in front of a full length mirror admiring her fine self. She walks over to her closet, & we get the Michael Myers POV shot from behind the clothes.

She picks out a sweater, and pulls it on without putting on any underwear. Michael finally appears, & without choking her first, he stabs her several times in the chest with a pair of scissors.

Picture 4

(Now this is another connection to HALLOWEEN 4, where originally, it was her, not her mother, who was taking a shower, & Jamie was supposed to stab her with the scissors.)


Cut to buxom bubbly Tina, talking with her arrogant boyfriend, Mikey (who is played by this actor as a hybrid of Fonzie & Kookie Burns, constantly combing his hair, & wiping down his ride–a blue Camero). This character is added to the list of dumb stock parts that never get fleshed out. Tina loves him anyway, bragging to friend Samantha, that she & Mike “like to do it in the car.” Samantha shares that she & boyfriend, Spitz, are going to get it on that night; she will be dressed as a red devil, & she will give  up her maidenhood. Tina thinks that’s great, since virginity is fucking over- rated, and offers the bedroom in Rachel’s house.

Cut to Tina returning to Rachel’s house, finding Max still barking his butt off, & the back door ajar. She comes in calling for Rachel, then walks all about the house, upstairs & down, finding the place empty (including Rachel’s bedroom. We are supposed to be spooked, assuming that Michael is still on the premises; but to no avail.) I can’t imagine where Rachel’s body was, & how did Michael have the where-with-all to clean up the killing blood?

Cut to a bus stopping in front of a drugstore (the same one Rachel & Jamie went shopping in for a Halloween costume in HALLOWEEN 4). We watch several people get off the bus, & we are introduced to a mysterious Man in Black; POV his shiny cowboy black boots with silver toe guards on them. He kicks a dog on a leash, and shoves past a kid as he walks through the crowd. In a long shot, we see him walking off, wearing a large Indiana Jones fedora, a long black coat, carrying a soft-cloth bag– careful not to show us his face. (Stuntman Donald Shanks, who played  Michael Myers in this movie, also played the Man in Black–reinforcing the suspicion that perhaps he was related to, or connected to Myers).

Cut back to Mikey being told to pull his hot rod around behind the store where Spitz works, to load up three cases of beer we are to believe he has stolen from a dim-witted owner. Mike guns it, lays rubber around the corner, slams on the brakes, and lays rubber pulling into the alley behind the store.

Cut to the back of the store. Spitz loads up the beer, telling him to bring it to the party at Tower Farm that night, & not to drink it up beforehand. Then we see a garden tool, hand rake, scraping along a pipe, sparking like the way Freddy Krueger used to announce his presence. Mikey, of course, wants to know whassup, so he gets out to investigate. Myers appears, attacks the punk, knocking off his aviator sunglasses, knocking him to the ground, as he straddled the kid, then raised up the tool & brought it down on the boy’s face, burying the claws into his brain.


This was all done in broad daylight. A number of scenes have the town’s teenagers getting ready to party, with Michael standing in plain sight. As in previous movies though, the Michael Myers masks & coveralls, complete with rubber butcher knife, are popular costumes, so the real Myers could then walk around without arousing suspicion. At least in this movie, none of the pretenders are shot by the police or rednecks. One odd thing though, we never see younger kids out trick-or-treating. The teenagers get all the focus in this one.

Cut to Tina visiting with Jamie at the kid’s whacko clinic. Suddenly Jamie has a break through, and utters Tina’s name. Oh boy, does this get every one excited; hugs all around, as Dr. Loomis smiles weakly, little Billy (another patient, who stutters) gives Jamie some flowers, & Tina promises to check back on Jamie later that evening. Jamie suddenly realizes that Myers is stalking Tina, so she begs her to stay there. Tina laughs this off & leaves. Oddly, no one asks about Rachel.

Cut to the Man in Black standing in shadows & bushes, watching all the scurrying about too. We sense that this guy is meaner than a weasel with a mouse trap slammed on his pecker; but we have no idea who the hell he is.

Cut to Tina, leaving the house in her skimpy angel ballerina costume, with little cape, & her big tits all pushed up in a special bra. She goes to her rendezvous spot & she sees the blue Camero waiting for her. The person driving is wearing a stupid-looking hayseed lumberjack mask; but we all realize this is Michael; somehow he figured out where to meet Tina, and has moved or disposed of Mikey’s body. (In the original script, this was suppose to be a Ronald Reagan mask, but later they changed up; too bad. I would have preferred a Nixon mask myself).

The Camero revs up the V-8, lays rubber all the way up to Tina.  Giggling she gets in on the passenger side. She assumes of course that the driver was her boyfriend; but he will not talk, or answer any of her chatty questions. She twizzles her boobs, & even leans over & kisses the mask on the lips, but gets no rise out of him. Pissed off, she demands he stop at the store so that she can get some cigarettes.

Michael while waiting for her, notices a cop car cruising by. He reaches in the back and retrieves his own mask, does the switch, and drives off leaving Tina to find another way to the party.

Cut to Dr. Loomis warning Sheriff Meeker that god damn Michael Myers is “back again”. Meeker is not convinced, so Loomis reminds him that Myers killed like 16 people, included half the police force & the Sheriff’s daughter, the year before. The Sheriff sends out some extra patrols.

Picture 3

Cut to Tower Farm as a hundred drunken teenagers enjoy their Halloween party. Outside, deputies Tom & Nick continue their comedy routines while on stake out duty. Inside there is a lot of dirty dancing & butt grabbing, with focus on Spitz & Samantha; she a darling devil, & he is in full Michael Myers mask & garb, brandishing his rubber knife. They get tired of swapping spit & playing grab ass, so they go out to the barn. We know that is a bad idea,but accept their stupidity; this is a slasher movie & they are sex-crazed teenagers after all.

They find a box of kittens out there, which keeps Sam occupied while Spitz wanders off. She searches for him but finds Michael Myers instead. As she is screaming & running away, Spitz takes off his mask, and enjoys a good laugh.

Perhaps a good scare will get a blond devil hot, because Sam pulls Spitz down on top of her immediately, and they begin to kiss & bump & grind in prime soft-core porn fashion. He begins to kiss her breasts, & pulls up her short skirt revealing a red garter belt and that tantalizing shock of white thigh. She asks him if he brought protection, & he proudly flashes a red condom (the first one I have seen in this kind of movie).


They get busy, she moans, he humps like a hound, & we see a glimpse of a nipple. This is all going fine until the real Michael Myers shows up & rams a pitchfork through Spitz’s back. Samantha gets to her feet screaming, & for some reason Myers backs off. She pulls the pitchfork out of Spitz & heads toward Michael.

Picture 4

Myers picks up a farm scythe, & easily slaps the pitch-fork out of her hands, & slices open her chest & belly with the well sharpened scythe. As she slams into the wall, her bloody tits are flashed at us.


Cut to Jamie in the kiddy whacko bin, now speaking, telling Dr. Loomis that Tina is now in grave danger. Loomis leaves, hot on the scent, & Jamie grabs young Billy, & they start off on foot on probably a 5 mile journey to the Tower Farm. We see that the Man in Black is still lurking about in the shadows, noticing the children rush by him.


Cut back to the dumb deputies arguing about some inane thing, as Michael calmly walks up to their car, & kills both both of them with the bloody scythe, as they scream WTF.

As the party breaks up, Tina returns to the barn, hoping to surprise Sam & Spitz with their knickers down. She calls for them, & there is no response. She picks up one of the kittens, & it is covered in blood. She discovers the sliced-up bodies of her friends, him probably with his dick hanging out, her with her tits sliced & diced.

She runs out of the barn screaming, but the last of her other friends are just leaving, laying rubber, tossing out beer bottles, yelling Fuck, Michael Myers, he was a punk bitch anyway! Then she notices there is one car left, a blue Camero with Myers at the wheel. (She does not seem to notice the police car sitting there with Nick & Tom cut to ribbons in the front seat).

She screams, Michael stomps on the gas, & pursues her across a field & into the woods.  Now this kind of shit always pisses me off. That fucking hot rod Camero could have run her ass down in the first 50 yards–but oh no, she easily runs on ahead of it, making it to the woods, where the car weaves in & out of the trees continuing to chase her ballerina butt, the engine roaring, drowning out her pitiful screams.

Cut to little Jamie & Billy arriving, her dressed as a pink princess, & he as a Pirate. They run off in pursuit of the Camero & Tina, &  of course catch up them quickly; those little stumpy legs can move  like they were in a Roadrunner cartoon for  sure. “Leave her alone!”  Jamie yells. Michael looks up, & decides to run down Jamie, leaving  Tina for later.


So now we have the 396 milled Camero chasing after a nine year old pink princess, who also is able to run fast enough to stay out of harm’s way (my inner BS meter is flashing fucking red). Then, of course, Jamie falls down, & then Billy falls down & his leg is run over, so he is out of death’s way. Jamie begins crawling along whimpering. Myers stops the car, & decides to get out so that he can enjoy a  bare handed kill. I think he is carrying the scythe. Leave her alone!  screams Tina, who rushes in & jumps Michael’s shit, running  directly into the wide blade.

Jamie meets up with Billy, & limping off toward the road they bump into Dr. Loomis, and some cops. For reasons only known to the script writer, & a bottle of Cutty Sark, the cops take the kids off to safety, leaving Loomis there by himself; not checking out the crime scene, leaving the dead cops & dead kids for some other time.

Loomis has his pistol, but when Michael appears, he doesn’t shoot at him (maybe realizing that lead alone can never stop the demonic threat of Mr. Myers). He talks to Michael calmly, telling him he  understands the evil rage that fuels him, & only Jamie, his last living relative can calm that rage, that Loomis will meet Myers at his old house there in town, & Jamie will be there, & everything will work out. Myers gets back in the Camero & drives off. I just shake my head. People get paid big bucks to write this shit.

Cut to the old Myers house. Jamie is seen in the upstairs bedroom window, still in her bloody princess costume. In the room with her is  Loomis, & a deputy. Outside there are three cop cars hidden, and  ten cops hiding in the bushes with Sheriff Meeker. They have old  fashioned walkie-talkies, and make so much noise checking on each other, Loomis has to remind them to be silent.

Suddenly Jamie is very agitated, telling the cops that she feels that young Billy and others at the children’s clinic are in danger, that Michael must be over there. Sheriff Meeker leaps up like a Barney Fife clone, takes two cars & 8 cops & rushes off to the clinic; leaving one deputy inside, and one in a hidden car. Even Loomis seems confused by all of this. WTF is Myers doing over at the clinic; he was supposed to be there after Jamie.

Cut to the Children’s Psychiatric Clinic, as Sheriff Meeker is bringing out a wounded Billy, & a couple of wounded staff members; lots of fucking yelling a pulsating police lights.

Cut back to the cop in the hidden car at the Myers mansion. He is on the walkie-talkie conversing with the cop inside when Michael sneaks up on him, slamming his head on the dashboard 15 times until his brains ooze out like apple butter.

Cut to the upstairs bedroom. Loomis leaves them safely in the room,  while stalwart moron that he is, he heads downstairs to confront Myers. What does he have up his sleeve? He does encounter Michael downstairs, who has picked up a butcher knife somewhere.

Picture 4

Again, Loomis puts away his gun, & in his best psycho-babble tries to reason with Myers, like trying to talk a city bus, sliding in the rain right at you, out of running over you. Michael lowers his knife, &  cocks his head at this funny little piss ant in front of him. Loomis thinks he is making headway, so he reaches for the knife. This enrages Myers, who cuts Loomis on the neck, & slices open his chest, knocking him to the floor.

The cop upstairs, Charlie, guesses things were not going well, so he dug out a home fire ladder from under the bed, I guess,  & was busy trying to secure it when Michael began kicking at  & pounding on the locked door.


The overweight sweating dim-witted cop was just getting Jamie up into the window when the door crashed in, broken to splinters. The cop empties his service revolver into Myers, who seems to fall backward. Jamie scurries out of sight.

Michael suddenly tears the broken door off its hinges & charges in at the officer. Jamie slips past them, and runs downstairs. Myers beats the snot out of the cop, then wraps the rope ladder around his fat neck, & tosses him out the window, hanging him. We see an outside shot as the cop’s feet twitch a little, & Michael pursues Jamie.


Jamie, meanwhile has found an old laundry chute, perched in the wall, & she struggles to get into it. Myers appears, & must smell her fearful armpits, because he heads right to the chute. She screams & wriggles further down into it, as he reaches for her, & stabs at the chute between them. She slides toward the bottom, in the basement, but Michael beats her to the end of the chute; & he struggles to open it; but it resists him, strangely. Then he  does something stupid, & tries to use his butcher knife as a pry bar. I shake my head again.

He goes berserk & begins stabbing wildly through the thin aluminum sides, the blade just missing Jamie. She panics, slips out (she is pretty slick at slipping past the guy actually).

She runs back upstairs, with him in slow pursuit. She makes it to the attic. He kicks down the door. She finds Max, the dog, Mikey the asshole, & stepsister Rachel, all stashed dead up there. Myers corners her by a toy fake coffin, obviously an old Halloween prop. She just crawls up into it, & waits for the attack; now that makes all kind of sense, right?

Like Loomis before her, she tries to appeal to his humanity; like begging a wolverine to give you a smooch. “Uncle, please don’t!” He does stop, lowering the blade. They stare at each other. She asks him to take off his mask. He does it. What’s next, will she want to see his killer cock?

His face remains in shadow, so we do not get to see it. (originally, a scene was shot where we can see the scars from the fire in HALLOWEEN 2, but they decided against it; keeping the mystery). There is a close up of his eye, as we watch a single tear roll down his cheek. Jamie reached out & touched his cheek; how sweet, but this sends him into a fit of rage, which tips the toy coffin over, so that the ballerina mouse could scurry away again.

She runs downstairs, & he slowly, menacingly follows her. Dr. Loomis appears, holding a tranquilizer gun. He shoots Michael with four darts, which slows him down a bit. As he approaches Loomis, the good doctor releases a switch which drops a chain net down over him. He rages against the chains like a mountain gorilla. Jamie is screaming while Loomis picks up a 2X4 plank, and whacks Michael in the head 6 or 7 times (Donald Pleasence got carried away during this scene,actually whacked Don Shanks in the face, breaking his nose).


Cut to the Sheriff’s office. Michael Myers is double-locked in a cell, & Sheriff Meeker is calling him a pussy; telling him that the next day he would be transferred to a maximum security prison where he will stay for the rest of his worthless life. One of the deputies is dispatched to take Jamie back to the clinic.

While out in the parking lot, they hear a loud explosion back inside the jail. We hear numerous gun shots & screaming. We see a flash of the Man in Black firing an automatic rifle. Jamie & the deputy return to the building, & found that all the cops were killed (once again; it must be tough to recruit deputies for that town). Jamie approaches Michael’s  cell, & finds it empty, with the cell doors blown open. Myers & the Man in Black have disappeared. Dum, de, dum, dum; roll end credits.

Michael Myers

Rotten Tomatoes rated this film at a very slim 14% Critic’s Approval, (implying 86% negative reviews), with a 40% Audience Approval.

Stephen Holden of the NEW YORK TIMES wrote: “This was a bit more refined in its details than the conventional horror movie.”

Felix Vasquez, Jr. of CINEMA CRAZE wrote: “This is very much a sub-par filler for completists of the series only.”

Tim Brayton of ANTAGONY & ECSTASY wrote: “This one completed the transition to full-fledged brainless slaughterdom begun in HALLOWEEN 4, at a time when this brainless slasher series was at its worst.”

Clint Morris of MOVIEHOLE wrote: “A guilty pleasure–the knife is not blunt yet.”

David Nusair of REEL FILM REVIEWS wrote: “The film is infused with a run-of-the-mill slasher vibe, complete with oversexed teenagers & moronic authority figures.”


The film was not half bad, which means it was half good. The dumb stabs at comedy, intentional or otherwise, were way off base; scenes that would have been cut from a SCARY MOVIE sequel. I liked the inclusion of the mysterious Man in Black character, and hope it will be developed more in HALLOWEEN 6. I would have liked some of the nudity & gore left in, of course. It is just fucking stupid to make a Slasher film, & then edit it timidly.

Scenes cut or trimmed included one where punk Mikey twitches on the ground with the hand rake plunged into his brain, glass shards sticking into the cops face killed by Michael by bashing his head against the dash & windshield, Jamie being stabbed in the leg while she is in the laundry chute, & little Billy’s leg being run over by the blue Camero, & originally Rachel was supposed to be stabbed in the throat, but the actress felt it would be too gruesome, so the blows were transfered to her chest.

It is humorous that director Dominique Othenin-Gerard’s name was misspelled in the opening credits. I do wonder what color hair Michael Myers was supposed to have. As a teenager, and adolescent, he was very blond. The masks mostly have dark brown or black hair on the back of them, except in HALLOWEEN 4 where some of the scenes with the mask having blond hair was left in the edited scenes. In this movie, the two times Michael is maskless, sitting up in the hermit’s cabin, & in the attic scene with Jamie, his hair is very dark.

Isn’t it interesting that the posters for this film show Jamie in her bloody clown outfit from HALLOWEEN 4, even though she spends this movie either in hospital pajamas or the pink princess outfit; just saying. Donald Pleasence’s performance was so subdued, shaky, & low key, it made me wonder if the actor had some medical issues; perhaps not. Back in 1978, he was asked how many of the films could he commit to; his response was that he would stop at HALLOWEEN 24. He does appear again in HALLOWEEN 6, but he died before it was released. I will rate this movie at 5.5/10, & think it was better than most of the critics would have us believe.

Next up I will tackle HALLOWEEN (6): CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS (1995), with a new director (again), a new writer, & the only returning cast members were Donald Pleasence, and George P. Wilbur playing Michael Myers again, complete with hockey pads.  Jamie is kidnapped by Druids, who are hiding Michael, & Myers impregnates Jamie, and a son is born; wow, when will we see THE SON OF MICHAEL MYERS?


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  1. I remember a few months ago when Bacchus proclaimed that some of us needed to consider tackling the real classic horror sagas, Jason, Freddy Krueger, & Michael Myers were mentioned. I was in the middle of reviewing the SAW series, with fascinating Jigsaw John. I volunteered to reach back & look again at these icons, these classics. I think after I finish the HALLOWEEN series, (5 films to go, folks), I will tackle the Jason Vorhees FRIDAY THE 13th group (more than 10 I think). The newer Indie Horror films go to Bacchus & Sweaty & affiliates. At some point I will probably find myself working through the CHUCKY, LEPRECHAUN, PINHEAD, HOSTEL, & SCREAM franchises too. What a joy for a Horror site like HH to cover the full spectrum of Horror.


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