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Tusk (2014) – that’s MR. TUSK to YOU!

Shell shocked would be the phrase I’d use to describe my girlfriend as we exited the theater.

Romulus and I alternatively guffawing and hollering ‘WHAT the FUCK!’, drunk on visual stimuli, and my poor beautiful lady walked like a woman in a dream.

And that would be the line – you will either LOVE this film or not. Either way, its a brilliant and bountifully confounding ride that I am still attempting to find a category for.




If you’ve been following the film prior to release, you’ll know the basic premise here. Man meets Walrus, man loves Walrus, man recreates boy into Walrus.

I knew walking in what I’d be seeing. I understood there were some Frankenstein-esque elements at work here.

But the real beauty of this one is that Kevin Smith didn’t give a flying rat-tailed fuck WHAT you knew about the film going into it, because he was aware there was no WAY you could be prepared for it!

So before I wax poetic on your pillowy ass allow me to recap the full story briefly:

Justin Long plays Wallace Bryton (Wallace…Walrus…Wallarus….Wallacearus…wait) a podcaster who works with Teddy Craft (played by Haley Joel Osment, whose face forgot puberty) and decides to head up north to cover an extremely tasteless story involving an ill fortuned YouTube star. When that story falls through for morbid reasons, Wallace wallows in his sorrows in a local bar when he discovers, mid piss, an eloquent letter from an old seafaring shut in promising stories.



As Wallacearus enjoys his tea a bit too much, Howard Howe (played by Michael Parks) begins weaving a story of his worldly ventures, opening with an interaction he had with the great Ernest Hemingway

“Do sober what you say drunk, it’ll teach you to keep your mouth shut”

If only WE were that wise…shit though…this blog probably wouldn’t exist….


Soon our main man Wallarusace succumbs to the delicious tea as Howard begins the tale of his beloved friend Mr. Tusk (short for Tuskegee, cuz, fuck it) and we finally arrive at the transformation we all showed up for.

The real story, the real movie, begins AFTER said transformation, and its a pants-shitting blast.



  • It may be a tired subject but HEY this is the shit i’m interested in. Also, no. No boobage.


  • Michael Parks, at the mind blowing age of 74, is gut bustingly brilliant. Seriously. The rest of the cast is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but hOLY SHIT MICHAEL PARKS. Yeah. Anyway.

AW SHIT I LEFT THIS MOUSTACHE ON MY FACE. Yeah. Not related. Deal with it.


  • Kevin fuck shit Smith. FUCK. FUCKEDY FUCK. I’ve always known his shit to be brilliant but this one takes the gorram cake. For a few minutes I thought things were going a bit slow, but then I wised the fuck up and listened – its just splendid. Say nothing of Guy Lapointe, played by…well…Guy Lapointe. You sort it out.


Everything about this movie put me in shit fucked stitches. Not…like actually shit fucked but yes, stitches. I’m not sure why I said that. Can we move on?


SO. On top of Michael Parks, we saw that Haley Joel Osment still has his acting chops (in SPADES), Justin Long is still wildly relevant, and apparently Epic Meal Time’s canadian connection with Harley Morenstein (it could get more jewish but I’m worried about attics) is bountiful.

That beard its...its...glorious

That beard its…its…glorious

All in all? This shit is glorious. I mean that in the best possible way.

At the end though, I found myself asking the age old question, the one that has puzzled man since he first witnessed the sun…..”Is man TRULY a Walrus at heart?”



Honestly, after this movie, I can emphatically say…I have no fucking idea what the shit you are talking about.

But I love it.

TL; DR 9/10 I don’t know bitches, but this glory has to be seen in theaters JUST for the audience reactions.




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  1. Nice to see that Kevin Smith can still direct a fucking movie. Get tired of his Comic Book Store bullshit, even though I still dig comics. Your review is Superb-pure Sparks, a template for the rest of us to worship at the fucking feet of. DOGMA is still one of my favorite raunchy movies of all time; the shit monster still haunts me in public restrooms.


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