Thirsty Thursday

At the Devil’s Door (2014)

I’ve had a pretty rough stint recently and haven’t seen anything that genuinely scared me, like At the Devil’s Door did, in quite a long while. Bottom line – check this one out whenever you can, and go old school – i’m talking turn out the lights, lock the doors, hopefully alone, cuddled up with a bottle or three of wine.



A troubled teen makes a deal for her immortal soul (and 500 bucks). When an unwitting real estate agent comes to sell the house our troubled teen used to live in, she gets entangled with a supernatural force that will stop at nothing to get what it wants – even if it means chuckin some bitches out windows or snappin a few necks here and there.



  • Yet another zero in this department (I just can’t win these days) but I didn’t expect any. Not that type of movie.

Scare factor

  • Ah fuck. The opening alone sets the tone BRILLIANTLY. I was so on edge after the first 5 mins I felt like a gorram schoolgirl, anxious I’d decided to watch it alone. Anyone who can elicit verbal responses from me during a movie gets some serious props, and director Nicholas McCarthy got a couple of ‘OH FUCK’s and ‘SHIIIIIT’ out of me. While the tension peters out as the movie progresses, and some of the jump scares are just downright dumb, its still quite effective.
Heyyyy....who shit in my pants??

Heyyyy….who shit in my pants??


  • A bit plodding and stale at times, especially the snippets of random conversation, doesn’t feel terribly natural. It all feels a bit forced.


  • Stunning. I mean fuck. Every scene is literally pregnant with presence, virtually bursting at the seams with it. Its that insane sensation that there’s someone else in the room, and you’re just desperate for them to finally show themselves but, at the same time you’re terrified they will. Its wonderful! And the special effects are brilliant, not at all what I was expecting (though looking back, i’m not quite sure just what I WAS expecting. Some banal Indie thriller trying to be edgy I guess)



  • The creeps are super creepy (eloquent, I know) but that’s the bottom line. Everyone else does their job and doesn’t get in the way.


Holy buttery bullshit Batman GET TO THE FUCKING POINT. I was so hooked, so totally on board, and then it all just…fizzled. All that pent up tension and atmosphere fumbled.. Oooo so frustrating. Like mental blue balls.


That being said, I still really enjoyed this movie, but set your expectations a bit lower, and be prepared for a wait, as the 90 minute run time is a bit rough.

TL;DR 6/10. Check it out for a decent scare but don’t expect a reinvention of the wheel




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