The Sleeping Room – help support this Indie Horror!

I personally can’t WAIT to see this hit the big screen, and as you know we at Horribly Hooched love supporting Indie Horror. One of the biggest obstacles often faced is getting support and raising awareness prior to release – and thats exactly what this Kickstarter is all about.

Sleeping Room Kickstarter


Sean Evans, CEO and Founder of Back to the, had this to say:

After its recent crowdfunding success –  becoming the first feature film to equity crowdfund online* (using the Seedrs platform), ‘The Sleeping Room’ has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to build its audience and raise vital P&A funds.

Ahead of its World Premiere screening at this year’s Film4 FrightFest, Producer Gareth I Davies said today: “We’re really excited to be bringing The Sleeping Room to Kickstarter at this stage in its life. So many films fail at the final hurdles of sales and distribution through lack of resources, and it really needn’t be that way. In this climate it’s logical that audiences should be the ones dictating which screens a film makes it out onto, both big and small.”
Director John Shackleton commented: “Retaining the spirit of independence through which this film was created, it now makes perfect sense for us to be the ones responsible for creating a really interesting campaign, attempting to engage with audiences across all platforms, before the film is released.”
The producers are considering their current distribution opportunities, with a view to releasing the film in the UK and US in early 2015.
PR is also currently being run by Greg Day of The Horror Channel
The Sleeping Room Trailer –




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