Interview with Billy ‘Bloody Bill’ Pon, Writer/Director of Circus of the Dead!

Bacchus here, bringing you a boozy interview with another brilliant Director. This time I’ve got Billy ‘Bloody Bill’ Pon in the hot seat, here to talk about his knock down, drag out insanity filled splatter fest that is the demented Circus of the Dead!

Check out our review of the film while you listen to the interview!


(questions/answers below paraphrased from the original interview)

Q: How did you get (come up with) Circus of the Dead?

A: To me, its like a challenge to take something silly or stupid and make it good. […] It came from two haunted houses I run here in West Texas, and we built the backstory of these characters like Papa Corn and Doll Boy, and just wanted to make a movie around them. […] Its a real brutal movie, with very dark humor

Q: What was the motivation behind weaving in this demented card game Papa plays with his victims?

A: Well its a game called Loteria, a kids bingo game from Mexico. A friend of mine explained it to me and I realized ‘man, thats the ending of my movie right there’ – and once we’d figured out the ending my friend Lee Ankrum and I worked backwards from there

Q: How did you go about putting together the cast of this movie?

A: Thats a good question – this was my first real feature and I didn’t want to mess up. I knew Papa and Donald had to be bigger parts, and it kinda went from there. Even in some of the part people were scared…when Chanel Ryan came in I think she probably had the biggest balls of all of us, though I thought she wouldn’t do it…

Q: How long was the shooting process?

A: We had Bill for about a month, Parrish for 3 weeks…we probably shot for a month and a half straight.

Q: Any  pointers for up and coming Indie directors?

A: I’m just saying your shit stinks. You gotta be humble. I’ve got a great support group [which is important]. […] A good idea, plus good execution, equals a good movie – […] just find a good idea.


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