The Final Cut (2004)

Normally reviewing in the Horribly Hooched household is a raucous affair, boisterous. We’re loud, usually drunk, and we have a good time no matter the film we’re reviewing.

Tonight however, its a more somber affair. Tonight we mourn the passing of a great and talented man – tonight we pour one out for Robin Williams.

In his honor, we’re sipping vodka tonics and watching The Final Cut, an oft overlooked and in my opinion under appreciated Sci Fi Thriller.



The concept is downright brilliant. In the not so distant future people can be outfitted with memory chips that record their entire lives, and there are ‘cutters’, people with their own Hippocratic oath that splice this footage into ‘rememories’ for their funerals. The main character Alan Hakman (played by Robin Williams) is one such cutter.

Robin WIlliams styles himself as a Sin Eater, someone who consumes the sins of the dead so that they may pass unburdened into the after life – as you can imagine, this results in some serious baggage for the Sin Eater (Cutter).


We soon learn that Alan is pursued by an ex cutter named Fletcher (Jim Caviezel), a man who seeks to take down the EYE tech corporation, the ones responsible for these unique implants. Fletcher wants the footage of a recently deceased EYE tech executive, and Alan isn’t willing to give it up. Soon though this footage leads him down a rabbit hole, as he sees someone he’d long since thought dead – at his own hands.


One of the central tenants of the Cutters is that they are not allowed implants of their own…and poor Alan, who’s parents died before they could tell him, comes to learn he does in fact have one. But all is not lost, as this implant allows him to access his own memories and prove his innocence, that he had in fact misremembered the events of his childhood.


Whats the problem with a cutter having an implant? Every single life they’ve ever worked on, viewed, cut – is stored IN that implant. And that information is INCREDIBLY valuable.


GodDAMN this is a great film.

Well. Mostly. Except for Jim Caviezel’s facial hair. We don’t need to talk about that.

"I'm starting to think beards and I don't get along"

“I’m starting to think beards and I don’t get along”

TL;DR 7/10 This is a solid flick. Some plot holes and a slightly weak ending leave it a bit lacking.

RIP Robin Williams. For this and so many countless more memories you will be sorely missed…You enriched my childhood and my life in ways I simply cannot explain. I hope to memorialize you and your body of work the only way I know how..through words.



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