Indie horror

Banshee Chapter (2013)


After I made it through my modest nightcap of a handle of Jim Beam maple and cola (tastes like pancakes by the way)  I was scrolling through Netflix and stumbled across Banshee Chapter. I saw inside out anatomy guy on the cover and I figured I’d give it a go. I needed to kill some time before my nightly ritual of googling medieval torture techniques for no reason in particular until I pass out.

If you were ever thinking of trying government enhanced DMT before, this film gives plenty of ways it could go wrong. This film has some fun jump scare moments and a few creepy scenes but there was a lot of it that left me asking questions. Mostly : “Why is she doing that?” “WTF?” and “Why, why, why?” The film’s easy enough to follow it just suffers from common horror ailments such as the main character having dumb bitch syndrome.


“Drugs are safe as long as they’re from the government, kids.”

It starts off with James and his friend on camera talking about DMT19. James is about to do a little experimenting of his own and somehow acquired his own sample of the obscure drug. This is where I first starting asking questions because seriously why the fuck would you take a drug that you’ve studied and know to be a  government conspiracy cover up inducing psychotic episodes. He prepares himself with much warranted anxiety and the wait-and-see begins. What seems to only be a few minutes after ingesting James and his friend begin to hear music that kind of sounds like an icecream truck from downstairs. After reaching the stairs still all “what the fuck is going on?” mode they start to hear a voice calling numbers along with the music. They go downstairs and this is where shit immediately goes wrong. James can be heard saying “They’re coming…” and something about something wanting to wear them.As James’s friend I would  have slapped the shit out of him for wanting to do this in the first place but it since the damage is done  I would have bailed at the first sign of weird shit and trails of intestines but then there wouldn’t be a movie and you wouldn’t have this lovely image to coddle you to sleep at night.


Apparently whatever is wearing James needed a larger size.

James’s hot English girlfriend Anne was apparently not involved in this because she becomes the main character trying to figure out where the fuck James and his friend went. Here is where her dumb bitch syndrome comes in. At one point, she goes out into the middle of no where broadcasting same freaking signal music that seems to be a venus fly trap for dumb girlfriends.


“I think I see something ominous in the dark darkness. I should get out and investigate.”

Working her way through the mystery she meets up with a surly Hunter S Thompson knockoff played by Ted Levine. He introduces her to his redhead counterpart Callie who seems to have somehow easily recreated some of the highly classified experimental super secret government drug. Another mother fucker that thinks it s good idea to drink this shit.Stupid always comes out of the woodwork in horror films. Needless to say the same fucked up shit starts going down and you are then greeted with nightmare fuel number 2.



Callie disappears as interdemensional body snatchers do and Anne and Thomas run off to have a few adventures of their own together.

On the way there this shit happens…..


“I’ll swallow your soul!”

And they are surprisingly nonchalant about the whole thing.

They eventually find the signal is coming from a fallout shelter and there’s one of those eyeless things living in a tank.


“Ah! The Zora people have come to seek their revenge!”

Running outside of the broadcast room is not an option because there’s this fucking thing right behind the door.


Maybe he’s just lonely but I doubt it.

Thomas freaks out and starts bleeding from his face again and shoots himself  in the head all Hunter S. style. I don’t blame him. At one point she finds James’s clothes in the room I guess implying that they’re done wearing him. Anne realized she needs to kill the thing in the tank with fire and knocks herself unconscious.

Next scene is Anne in custody trying to explain this whole thing to a woman. Anne discovers that the effects of the drug can b transferred though human touch and now she’s hearing the icecream truck from a speaker and now she’s trapped in the room with this:


Why to interdimensional creatures using humans always have to look so terrifying?

The film recaps footage from the experiments throughout the main plot which does a good job in keeping the suspense.


Banshee1 images



Anne discovers they were extracting DMT from dead pineal glands.

The film is loosely based on Lovecraftian horror wish is a bonus for me. It does have its flaws but I find it pretty well done for the director’s first. The atmosphere keeps you waiting for the next big jump scare.You will need a few belts to get through and it’s worth the buzz.

I give this 7/10 shots of government grade DMT.



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