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Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead 2 (2013)


We’re back this week with the sequel to director Naoyuki Tomomatsu’s illustrious Rape Zombie, a film that broke new ground in Asian pornographic horror.  As with most apocalyptic stories, the survivors of the rape plague have now poignantly discovered that the real threat is not from the zombies, but from other surviving humans.   Which in this case, refers to roving packs of unwashed, virgin men.  With references to Macross and self-deprecating nerd humor, this flick is a love letter to all you kawaii anime geeks out there.

Sweaty’s Stats



Oh my yes.  Tits at every opportunity, and some nice girl-on-girl too.  The director cut his teeth in porn, so that should give you an idea.  Also, being that this is Japanese horror, there’s quite a bit of monster cock.


Some good, some bad.  Sadly, the film does suffer from some poor effects.  For what it lacks in blood though, it makes up for in boobs, boobs, and more boobs.

Scare Factor

This one is a comedy. A rape comedy.  A rapedy?  It’s pretty rapalicious.  A rape-tastically good time!



Before we get started here, I must educate you all on the term “otaku.”  A lot of American pseudo-geeks like to throw this word around as a cute way of describing fans of anime or manga, but that’s utter bullshit.  “Otaku” does indeed refer to someone of the nerdier persuasion, though it’s more of a slur.  Something perhaps in same vein as “neckbeard” or “trilby enthusiast” or “brony.”  If you’re familiar with the concept of the anime pillow girlfriend, then you’re on the right track.


The internet has yet to invent a meme dedicated to this amount of life failure.

Now it’s not often you see this subculture represented in film, even in Japanese film, and I for one appreciate that.  It’s what really gives these films their charm.  If you remember from the first movie, Otaku Guy played a significant role, being the virginistic hero of the film (until he was seduced into R-town).  Here’s the joke, see: it’s a zombie flick, but instead of feasting on brains, the infected feast on pussy.  Think Crossed, but as a comedy.  The catch is, you have to actually lust for sex in order to be affected.  Therefore, the geek have inherited the Earth.


Akiba = Akihabara, aka, nerd capital of the world and current title holder of “city most smelling of onion sweat.”

In the sequel, we’re introduced to a roving gang of katana-wielding otaku, terrorizing the populace like a dorkier version of the raiders from Mad Max.  Fighting them are the brave, hot women of the army, the last bastion of hope in a world gone rape.


Fighting the good fight, one rape at a time

The plot tiptoes around a couple of young lovers, the man seemingly the last non-geek unaffected by the rape virus.  They hook up with some hot, female scientists looking for the cure.  Meanwhile, the otaku contingent rallies around Momoko, the young mother from the first film, who is now for some reason their moe Madonna.


And of course, she’s a cutter. Suicide implied, everyone drink!

And because no global conflict would be complete without our interference, the United States sends in their secret weapon: a sexy, killer robot who um … looks Asian and speaks broken English.  She teams up with Eye Patch Guy, the sage talking head from the first film, and the two of them hang out in a room to wax poetic about the situation while looking at shunga.  Because hey, it wouldn’t be a Japanese rape comedy if they didn’t work in a tentacle or two.


Pictured: vintage tentacle porn.

So just to recap: we have the moe-loving otaku raiders, the hot lesbian army chicks, the blonde American robot and her eye patch sidekick, the sweet young couple and the sexy scientists (one of which is Momoko’s lesbian lover from the first film).  Eventually it all culminates in … a black “to be continued” screen.  That’s right, it was just too much rape for one film!  See you guys next week for Rape Zombie 3: The Other Half of This Movie.


Still less creepy than your average brony.

Final Thoughts

Fucking ridiculous, every second of the way.  When I first stumbled upon these movies, I’ll admit—I had reservations.  I figured that something called “Rape Zombie” would be another attempt at trying to shock, scaring us with non-con instead of murder.  I guessed it would be yet another manchild’s fantasy played out on film, the director spewing his sick little desires onto celluloid and calling it “art.”  Well.  That may be, but I had no idea it would be so entertaining.

That said, the effects could use some work.  It goes without saying that if you can’t afford good CGI, it’s best not to use it.  Also, the “apocalypse” background screen used over and over again throughout the film was tacky, made more so by the characters trying to walk through the environment (but were so obviously just walking in place).  The camerawork was distracting in parts as well; one has to wonder if the cameraman wasn’t suffering from Parkinson’s.

Still, these issues don’t detract too much from the fun.  The great thing about these films is that they never try to be anything they’re not.  Go into this expecting to laugh, and you will.  The subject matter might not be for the faint of heart, but if you’re the type of person that can find humor in even the most taboo of topics, this one will do it for ya.  Absurd, gory, filled with sex and violence—Rape Zombie 2 is a film that accurately represents the Japanese flavor of weird we’ve come to know and love.

Sweaty’s Score: 7/10, hilarious, insane, definitely one for anime fans


IMDB for this rapeflick

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