Must see

Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)


SOMEONE got a budget.

That being said HOLY FUCK BUCKETS BATMAN they really pulled all the goddamn stops on this one and ramped up the cheese factor exponentially. I would suck the dick of the man who put this together (YOU READ THAT RIGHT ANTHONY C. FERRANTE)




I’m not honestly sure why I even included this part. I mean…more sharks, more tornado’s, and we’re in New York with Ian Ziering (Fin Shepard) saving the day. Again.

Anywho – things kick off quick with Fin and April on a plane to New York, following her publishing the best seller ‘How to Survive a Sharknado’. Unfortunately, the plane flies into…a SHARKNADO. WOA. Tara Reid nearly bites it right off the bat (to resounding screams of joy in our household) but unfortunately survives.

We’re greeted with the other leading couple, Martin (Fin’s brother) and Ellen Brody (played by Mark McGrath and Kari Wuhrer respectively), on vacation in beautiful, sunny NY.

Course, it doesn’t stay sunny for very long. Cuz…you know, its raining sharks. The different family groups spend the rest of their time attempting to reconnect and survive the storm – I’m not giving any more away because you absolutely have GOT to see it yourself.


You’ve heard the phrase ‘jump the shark’? Try ‘jump ON the shark’. For serious.


Who the fuck ISNT in this movie?! Honestly half the fun was catching random cameos (including my girl TIFFANY SHEPIS!!). Actually thats an overstatement…Sharknado 2 was a goddamn roller coaster of insanity and fun, and it doesn’t waste any time before launching into sharktastic-ness. Which is a word now.

Also holy SHIT Vivica A. Fox.

woa boy

woa boy

Thanks to the previous sharknados, they’ve officially become a type of weather (“Sharknadoes falling at two inches an hour”) which makes one wonder what other sorts of animal themed natural disasters we could see. Tiger Tsunami’s? Tignami’s? Elephant earthquakes – elequakes? Hippocanes?

Pay attention SyFy this shits golden.

From the cameos, to the fantastic and hilarious deaths, to Ian Zierings brilliant MacGuyver style moves and flaming shark rain I seriously couldn’t tear my eyes away. I mean thank whatever god you like for commercial breaks or I wouldve ended up pissing in my beer bottles.

Honestly, the scripts…pretty impressive. They manage to bring shit together nicely, and it makes for a kickass ending.


TL;DR 9.5/10 – Everything you loved about the first one taken to a whole new level that has to be seen to be believed. Seriously. Watch this.



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