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Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

Insidious: Chapter 2 seeks to regain the same terrifying magic of the first – with occasionally successful results. Again, no nudity, but if you come barking up the Insidious tree for such carnal pleasures odds are you’re in the wrong movie.



The sequel to the 2010 release Insidious opens by giving us some back story on the father, Josh Stewart (Patrick Wilson) and the experiences of HIS childhood, which were eluded to in the first film. The crux then becomes ‘is the father posessed?’ which, for those of you who have seen the first (and if you haven’t GO WATCH IT NOW) isn’t much of a question.

Right off the bat shit starts going down. A woman in a white dress shows up and starts fuckin up Renai (Rose Byrne) without any preamble. The group gets right to the point conducting seances and the like, communicating with Elise and getting to the bottom of the situation.

The possession becomes fucking obvious after a time, and while Josh’s mom and team researches the potential possessor the plot progresses at a completely believable and predictable rate.

Take a number please. Something after 2 though that one's taken.

Take a number please. Something after 2 though that one’s taken.


Much of the sequel is spent wrapping up open storylines and questions from the first in order to properly set the stage for this one, which makes it a bit more cumbersome to get involved with. The creep factor is significantly lower, and the soundscape less tense and immersive.

I mean, how many creepy ass rocking horses do you really NEED?

I mean, how many creepy ass rocking horses do you really NEED?

Sad to say, but the magic of the original Insidious is no longer present. What remains is closer to a Thriller, with a sold storyline, that pushes towards a relatively explosive conclusion – but don’t worry bout sleeping with the lights on after this one, there isn’t that much to be afraid of.

tl;dr 5.5/10. The magic is gone and largely jump scares remain



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