Found Footage

Willow Creek (2014)

Guest review by Horror on Screen

HoS rating:

  • Eloise: 2/10
  • Raoul: 1.5/10


A young couple documents their trip as they head to the woods of Willow Creek, hoping to prove the existence of the legendary creature known as Bigfoot.


 Horror-on-Screen Review (by Raoul)

As increasing numbers of new releases gives us found footage theme at about every sauce, it is then without surprise that Willow Creek delivers us the found footage version of the Bigfoot encounter.

The movie is quite short (75 min) but could, if we considered what it has to say and show, be condensed into 30 minutes only. The first 40 minutes are useless. This compilation of road trip videos, couple chitchat and a series of uninteresting interviews is supposed to put the viewer in the mood and build some suspense, but it is just way too long to allow the viewer to care for it. Forty minutes into the movie, I was extremely bored. Luckily, the second half is where the two characters head into the woods and where the “action” supposedly happens. The problem is that there is no action at all. The film is simply a shot of the two characters’ face, along with a series of strange noises and a couple of footprints, all of this blended into something too slow to be of any interest. Every single “Bigfoot event”, like a noise or a crack, monopolizes at least 5 minutes of screen time, with lots of silly talk in between, and lots of silent moment where the couple is just…listening. Even watching the fishing channel is more exciting than this.

Now, I understand that found footage is about not showing things in order for your imagination to compensate, but here, Willow Creek is pushing it too far. The 20 minutes in the tent where they are commenting over the noises they hear outside is simply unwatchable to me. I confess being angry at the tsunami of new releases that use the found footage aspect as an excuse to including no good ideas or scenario at all. Despite that, I always try to keep an open mind when rating a movie. Yet, to me, Willow Creek is as cheap as found footage will ever go to make profit without spending a dollar…and that is just not why I enjoy horror movies in the first place.

The 1.5 point out of 10 is given for the semblance of tension that the film nevertheless manages to produce using the found footage aspect. But honestly, this movie makes Paranormal Activity 4 look like The Exorcist in comparison.


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