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Guinea Pig 6: Devil Woman Doctor (1986)


Wrapping up our coverage of the famed Guinea Pig series is this week’s Devil Woman Doctor, a bizarre and comedic finish to what is an unusual, though varied, set of films.  Much less gruesome than some of its predecessors, this one aims to shock through bad taste.  The verdict is a mediocre comedy with a few good horror effects.  You’ll get a few laughs out of this one due to eccentricity alone, but if you’re looking for the grisly content often associated with these films, you’d best return to some of the earlier installments.

Sweaty’s Stats



One scene of a hot, pimpled man-ass.  This one’s just for you, ladies!


Eh, some.  This one’s pretty weak up against the more gruesome Guinea Pigs. Surprisingly, the effects look painfully amateurish in a few scenes.

Scare Factor

A flat zero.  This one is all comedy, bordering on slapstick in parts.



This movie is actually a series of vignettes strung together and hosted by the Devil Woman Doctor, a sadistic and fashionable woman provocatively played Japanese drag queen Peter (Shinnosuke Ikehata).  She first introduces us to a family of four, suffering from a rare genetic disorder that would make Johnny the Homicidal Maniac weep with unfettered, psychotic joy.


While the effects aren’t exactly up to a Scanners-level type of quality, watching the infant’s brain drop out of its skull is a nice touch.  After insulting them (yes, even the infant) to trigger their head explosions, the doctor moves on to her next victim/patient, a young girl with heart-explody.  After going through her medical history, the good doctor jumps out at her screaming, and … well, you can see where this is going.  One man suffering from “Jekyll and Hyde Disorder” has no control over the violent half of his body.  Another has a Siamese twin, “the human face,” growing from his torso.  The doctor does eventually help a few of these characters, not by healing them mind you, but by finding some of these freaks a job in the entertainment biz.  And well, she does kill a few of her patients along the way.  But hey, you’ve got to break a few eggs, right?


A few alien-infested vomit eggs, as it were.

The movie takes a small turn here to a dinner party serving human flesh.  What does this have to do with the eponymous Devil Woman Doctor?  I’m so glad you asked.  Because it is this point in the film where Peter cross-dresses as a different female character, a cleaning woman working at the party, for no real plot-driven reason.  Sweeping along in the background, doing his best Carol Burnett impression, at this point it feels a bit like we’re watching Burnett’s sketch comedy show.  You know, just starring an androgynous, Japanese, Peter Pan-obsessed queen instead.


Yep. It makes about as much sense as it sounds.

Turning back around to the medical anomalies, we next meet a nice young couple madly in love, only the man seems to be suffering from a case of living deadness.  Zombified and decaying slowly, his chipper wife couldn’t care less, going out shopping with him shuffling in tow.  And then for some reason he has dinner with Peter the Cleaning Lady, so … that happens.  The makeup effects are decent in this portion though, I’ll give it that.

The doctor returns in the next scene and we’re treated to a few more interesting characters, like “Bloody Face Disease” guy and a man with a tattoo that travels around on his skin.  The doc also rescues a woman being chased by a ball of sentient guts.  Her methods may be unorthodox, her ethics questionable, but by god the woman gets results.


Hippocratic what?

One of the highlights of the film comes next, as we meet four men trying to one-up each other in medical afflictions.  They start with the benign (excessively long nipples, a roaming heart) and just immediately derail into the ridiculous (alien parasites, anthropomorphized feces).  Fittingly, the scene ends with the men singing a song about cuckoos.


Yeah I dunno man, I just … don’t know.

And because this insane film wouldn’t be complete without an insane finale, we end with a montage of the film’s actors throwing an “iron pie” at each other.  Which is supposed to be a pie tin with sharp nails instead of pie, but due to the shit quality of the effects it’s too difficult to suspend your disbelief that it is anything but a rubber prop with a blood pack in it.  Sigh.

Final Thoughts

This movie has a lot of flaws, but one thing I will say is that it’s not boring.  For as silly and nonsensical as it is, I did find myself interested just to see what loony thing was going to come next.  It gets points for being unique, if nothing else.  It’s like the Naked Gun movies fused with Pink Flamingos and threw in a dash of Basket Case.  It’s not even in the same league as Flowers of Flesh and Blood or Mermaid in a Manhole but I have to admit, it does carve out its own daft little niche.


Pictured: the most amount of blood in the film. Naturally, it came from a doll.

Score: 6/10, fun and weird, but the effects fall flat


IMDB for this one

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    • Hey, I love man ass as much as the next person, but the lack of boobage in these films is almost criminal. That’s Japan for ya. I guess when your porn consists of non-con tentacle lovin’, the mere thought of nipple is waaaay too vanilla.


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