Indie horror

Bad Kids Go To Hell (2013)

This movie is at all levels not your average cuppa tea, though it is massively entertaining and intensely deserving of some serious attention – its ‘the Breakfast Club’ on a nasty mix of acid and tequila. And there’s nudity! Sweet, sweet nudity!



Students stuck in detention, exemplifying differing levels of misbehavior, get stuck in said disciplinary activity. As I said earlier, the storyline should sound more than a bit similar, as its a veritable breakfast club of fuckery. Cue Judd Nelson, because, you know…’Breakfast Club’ and also HES AMAZING (and if you catch the ‘nod’ to the aforementioned film YOU WIN). Also…mother of god…the inimitable and supremely sexy Chanel Ryan.

Judd Nelson and Chanel Ryan

Judd Nelson and Chanel Ryan. Conceal thine boners.

It should be an easy thing, typifying the characters you’d find in a movie such as this..but it isn’t. The exposition puts us solidly in their shoes, until Augie Duke (Veronica) pulls a vibrator out of her panties and we’re completely unseated by these awkward tent-sicles. Suffice to say keep a pillow nearby if you’re in mixed company.

Draw the similarities where you will to just about any Horror teen drama that takes place in High School (The Faculty, All Cheerleaders Die, etc) but Bad Kids Go To Hell stands out from the crowd. While the standard stereotypes abound, the characters have surprising depth and a lot of your norms are flipped on their proverbial asses (like the jock whos suddenly crippled).

While not explicitly scary or genre busting, the story moves at a great clip with some decent twists and character evolutions. I’m not giving ANYTHING away here – just know that its worth your time.

Its sexy, its unnerving, its well written, exceedingly well performed, and dammit, its fun.


Sweet merciful TITTIES batman! Goddamn wonderful.



So. Yeah.

While normally thats the HH criteria for acceptance, I find Bad Kids Go To Hell one hundred percent in the batting cage for greatest teen horror flick this decade. Sexiness aside.

Think about it. Ghost stories, roaches, detention, no way out but by the skin of their teeth…Exciting, no?

Even better – the eccentricities of each character add dimension, one storyline at a time, and the story builds.

Builds to a fantastic conclusion.

TL;DR 7/10 Its on Netflix and its FUN. Take a bottle and some time, you wont regret it.




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