Drinking Game

Friday the 13th (1980) Drink Along Game!



First things first people…don’t you DARE use this with that god awful shit bird of a remake. We aren’t even going to talk about ‘the other movie’ because I’ve selectively forgotten it with copious amounts of the worst bathtub moonshine. THIS is the movie you drink to.

Second, while we encourage you to use this guide whenever you like, we’ll be demonstrating the proper execution LIVE via Google+ Hangout TOMORROW NIGHT with the wonderful Hayley Derryberry and husband Paul J. Porter, the genius’ behind the brilliant Rabid Love.

Here’s the link to the Hangout: HERE

So come drink with us! Via the internet, of course. I like you and all but we’re not on a first name basis yet, ok?

Don’t make this weird.


A huge shoutout to Hayley Derryberry for putting this together for us! Follow her on Twitter and Facebook!


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