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The Great Horror Campout Review (2014) – Living the Horror dream

There are few choice words I’d choose to describe the insanity that is the Great Horror Campout (there’s one already, insane): Intense. Every horror and gore-hounds wet dream. Haunting. But overall….FUN.

Opening Ceremony

The Camp Headmaster grabs the audiences attention with a brilliant performance evocative of Robert Englund in 2001 Maniacs blended with Woody Harrelson’s awkward drawl. Isn’t that a pretty assortment of words. I READ BOOKS MAMA LOOK AT MY VOCABULARY HURRRR

The first few hours surrounding the opening ceremony were immersive and mind bottlingly surreal. This beautiful park transformed into a veritable hellscape, filled with Metal and screams and monsters…monsters who never broke character, who waited in the dark and guaranteed you were checking every corner and CONSTANTLY looking over your shoulder.


nopenopenopenope. I didn’t realize when the Headmaster said to bring a change of clothes he meant because I’d be soiling myself.

Without a doubt, this year the team behind the Great Horror Campout spared NO expense and wonderfully outdid themselves. Initially, we hadn’t planned on participating much. Just sitting back and taking notes, that sort of boring BS. It was inevitable though – Romulus and I found ourselves swept up into the mayhem, charging over hill and through blood soaked valleys for various disgusting pieces of SCAG.

I'll leave this world the way I came in. Naked, screaming, and covered in someone elses blood.

And I LOVED it

It was so much more than the scares. Many of the actors had perfected this creepy as all get dark humor – oftentimes I wasn’t sure if I should be laughing or running. The storyteller was an especially brilliant example of this – going from singing Queens of the Stone Age to telling stories about gruesome effigies and stuffed family pets murdering from beyond the grave, his energy set the scene for the rest of our night.

From there, it was dodging kidnap-crazy rednecks hell bent on stuffing your ass into trunks, cages, and even a moving van (and be warned, you WILL be caught) and rushing headlong into a maze replete with Chupacabra’s and Living Statues (for the whovians out there think Weeping Angels, fucking CREEPY). And these were not easy challenges. It took us nearly 30 minutes to make it through the labyrinth, only to be confronted with a ritual straight out of Hellraiser. And there were so many others….a bizarre voodoo ritual, an autopsy, wading through a hillbilly trailer park eerily similar to something you’d find in The Hills Have Eyes, a terrifying pool, witches circle, Blood Tag, Tug of War….SO MANY OPTIONS, and so little time.

And if you think to take a break, think twice. No place is safe, not even your tent, and forget leaving as there’s no coming back. Dont forget,

“Only the dawning sun will save you”

On top of the location based ‘encounters’ there were random challenges scattered throughout the park – at one point we played a game with a group of clowns where the prize was SCAG and the penalty was a cage…

Scrambling through this gauntlet of blood and terror we found ourselves forming alliances, sharing knowledge of where to get the best SCAG, teaming up to retrieve team mates, sharing nervous or victorious laughs. Much as you see in the horror movies we all love and adore, we found friendship in hardship. We even hung out with Andy Dick, who was on the fast track to making Hell Master last I’d seen.

Sound awesome? Of course it does, this is easily the greatest event going down this summer, and if you’re anywhere near LA (LAST chance to see it here is TONIGHT), San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, Oregon, or Texas, I HIGHLY recommend you go.

Admission ranges from 140-160 bucks on average, comes with two full meals and a supplied tent, and memories to last a damn lifetime. Don’t miss out! Check it out NOW!


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Some more pictures from the event

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  1. You might get 2 meals, but they ONLY offer VEGAN food options… For the price I would expect edible food & OPTIONS. If people want vegan food they can mark that option on their reservation form so the majority of attendees can enjoy food that tastes good and not be subjected to other peoples morals.


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