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The Great Horror Campout starts THIS WEEKEND!!

“Only the dawning sun will save you”…

Bacchus and Romulus here, reporting in for another EPIC event –




Time to put our money where our mouths are. All this horror watching, with supposed nerves of steel – well, we’re finally going up against the real deal. Check out this snippet from their press release to see what we’re talking about:


(LOS ANGELES, CA – May 14, 2014) Returning to Los Angeles on June 6th, 2014, for a second kicking and screaming year, the Great Horror Campout is expanding its uniquely entertaining and immersive horror camp to cities across the nation. From Ten Thirty One Productions, the creators of the incredibly popular Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, the Great Horror Campout is a “choose your own adventure” overnight experience unlike any other in the horror themed events genre. With Mark Cuban recently investing $2 million in the company, the biggest deal in Shark Tank history, this year’s Great Horror Campout will be even more frightening with live scareactors, fog and scent effects, water spray and splash, narrow tunnels, crouch spaces which require you to bend down while walking, sudden loud noises, and much more.

“People want engagement and complete immersion in their experiences…and Great Horror Campout is the definition of that. The night is packed with layer upon layer of active content. The days of spectator sport haunted attractions and events are over and we couldn’t be more excited about that,” states Ten Thirty One Productions Founder, Melissa Carbone.


What does that mean? It means yours truly, in the trenches, going toe to toe with thrills and chills, and sleep will be only for the weak. We’re going in this Friday, 6/6 (ominous?) and not coming out until 8 am Saturday morning.

Are you in the LA area? Would you like to meet the Horribly Hooched crew in person, and get your pants scared off in the process?

Pick up your tickets NOW and join us this weekend! LINK HERE

Otherwise, check out their other events happening throughout the states!!

And finally heres some pics from last years event to get a sense of what you can expect:

Also, stay tuned for our write up of the event!

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  1. Hey guys. My name is Heath and I play the Camp Storyteller at the Great Horror Campout. Had a great conversation with one of your soldiers on Friday night, and I wanted to drop a line and say I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves! Thanks for coming out.

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