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Slash’s Shitfaced Saturday

I am still working on finishing up my review on SAW 3D; The Final Chapter, but I did have some time on my poetry blog to write a Haibun poem all about my new adventures here at HH. It is a bit pedantic, with a pinch of esthetics, but it will give you Gorehounds some fucking factoids to chew on for a time before I drop in SAW 3D (2010).


Call Me Slash


Horror movies would not exist unless people

went out to see them–& they always will.”

–Joss Whedon.


Recently I was recruited to write movie reviews on a Horror Movie  Website. Joining a spirited staff of younger writers, I soon discovered that the torture porn slasher splatter Indie horror films were the primary focus of the reviews; which I was cool with.

Back in the turbulent awakenings during the 60’s-70’s, when I was an actor, as a lark I chose a stage name, Slash Phuque, as a sarcastic response to the actors named Rock, Rip, & Tab. My theatrical friends still call me Slash, so now my horror film reviews are written under that lauded moniker.

But my new avocational pursuit made me wonder about myself, & millions like me, right across the age spectrum that really enjoy graphic violence, nudity, & action in movies; always did. If you recall, the violence in the movies of the 40’s-50’s was pretty tame, even lame. Then the cultural revolution in all the arts blossomed in the 60’s, & wham, we suddenly had nudity in public, mainstream porno theaters, kung fu & yakuza & samurai & Black Exploitation & Italian Western movies flooded the screens & altered our consciousness.

Which transitioned into the 70’s-80’s where mass murderers ran up phenomenal box office bucks & spawned new horror series that soon aped the success of the old monsters, the Frankenstein, Dracula, Mummy films of the past–new characters that were blood thirsty & inexorable, with names like Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorheas, Chucky, Pinhead, Leatherface, & Jigsaw–producing sequel after sequel, clones & contrived extensions of their personas, where the killers favored cutting tools like knives, machetes, axes, hatchets, cleavers, & saws.

The horror eggheads broke down our attraction to, & the popularity of this genre, & found solid psychological & homo-erotic tendencies to be the culprits;


Catharsis: Where we can find an expression or a release or a confrontation of many of our primal fears regarding bodily injury, being devoured or buried alive, or even from personal, vocational, political, or social fears.

Recreation: Within action splatter slasher horror films we actually can experience a physical thrill, something visceral, like a carnival roller coaster ride, or driving on bald tires at 130 m.p.h, rock climbing, or keeping a python as a pet.

Displacement: This is the primary one for me, understanding that audience member’s sexual desires can be displaced onto the  characters in the film–why cops get fired for looking at porn in their squad cars, why 12 year old kids can watch porn in public libraries, & their right to do so is protected by law.

Ever notice that after driving over 100 m.p.h. for a few minutes, one loses the sense of speed, gets used to it quickly & becomes desensitized to the actual danger? The same can be said for the die-hard fans of horror torture porn, where a constant exposure to explicit violence juxtaposed with explicit sexual scenes seems to blunt our emotional response to both violence in films, video games, & even reality–leaving us less disturbed by reoccurring scenes of extreme violence & degradation directed at women. The Armed Services love recruiting young gamers, since their reflexes & mental states are primed & conditioned to be functional within the techno-warfare they are consumed with.



imagery does fuel intense

hormonal responses. 

Freddy Vs Jason-19

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