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Alice D (2014)

One of the greatest pleasures I’ve found since deciding to make this Horribly Hooched thing a …thing, has been sharing in the blood sweat and tears of the artists who dedicate so much of their lives to creating wonderful new and inventive content for the rest of us to consume.

I know that sounds macabre (i’m not actually consuming their bodily fluids, this wasn’t THAT kind of party) but I digress – the fuckin point is that Alice D is absolutely one of THE horror films to look forward too this year.

Alice D Poster


The story begins in 1898, in a brothel run by Sr. Davenport (Kane Hodder), a not so nice guy who likes his ladies young and innocent. To settle a debt, a gambler sells his 2 nieces into sexual slavery at the Davenport house. The younger of the two sisters, Alice, proves to be remarkably spirited and rebellious, personality traits that result in fatal consequences.

Flash forward to the present day – a descendant of Sr. Davenport, Joe (Juan Riedinger) is throwing a party at his families mansion, and he’s hiring some…’talent’…to keep things interesting.

Hiring prostitutes at a haunted ex brothel? What could go wrong…


I mean shit, yes, you have your archetypes. The asshole, the stoner, the good guy, the whore, the innocent girl stuck between a rock and a hard place, who’s almost a whore, the …well I guess the other whore – but that is OKAY. With such amazing performances, I just wanted to get to know them. When it came to the story of Jenny (Megan Hensley) and Michael (Aaron Massey), for the first time in a while I wanted to see how that all played out. I knew, the movie being what it was, that their story was going to end stabbily (THATS A WORD NOW) and yet I actually wanted them to make it – just as much as I wanted Joe to have his balls pulled out through his throat (in my notes I wrote JOE=JOFFREY, and thats a fucking compliment).



Add to that an absolutely wonderful location, brilliant cinematography and an eerie soundscape, and you’ve got one hell of a stew going. I really couldn’t point out one aspect of the movie that shone brighter than the rest – its genuinely a sound composition that flows so well you’ll never even notice the 85 minute run time.

While writer/director Jessica Sonneborn may have had reservations casting herself as a prostitute, believe me, we had NO issues with the choice :D

While writer/director Jessica Sonneborn may have had reservations casting herself as a prostitute, believe me, we had NO issues with the choice 😀

I mean, solid writing delivered by brilliant actors filmed on dead sexeh cameras set to a haunting score? And did I mention a female cast so gorgeous it made standing to clap difficult?


You might think you know where Alice D is headed, but before the credits roll Alice D will sit you down in your seat, look you in the eye, and decorate the drapes with your brains.

This movies important – I expect to see great things from this group.

 TL;DR 8/10. Alice D embraces its place in horror and brings home a killer story with haunting aplomb




IMDB for the Film

For more information on Alice D, check out their WEBSITE


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