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From Dusk till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter (2000)

What better way to round out a trilogy than a prequel set in the early 1900s. No? Yeah. If that doesn’t tickle your nethers either I think we’re on the same page, which is good.

However, despite my reservations, From Dusk till Dawn 3: The Hangmans Daughter actually delivered, and was vastly more entertaining than I’d expected. Plus there’s titties!



Set 100 years in the past, in Mexico, the third installment of the From Dusk Till Dawn series tells the origin story of Santanico Pandemonium, or Salma Hayek’s character from the original. Steeped in supernatural myth, the story follows a prophecy of a princess destined to lead the vampire crew to salvation, or some shit. Basically, they need a female leader, and their eldest is apparently dying (of a belly full of bats…? I digress) and so Santanico Pandemonium is next in line.

The two main heroes are American author and drunkard (!) Ambrose Bierce (played by the classically talented Michael Parks) and highwayman and all around badass Johnny Madrid (played by Marco Leonardi). When shit hits the fan, these two are instrumental in keeping the group together and (mostly) alive.


Ok so its almost an HOUR before Vamps even show their faces…and when they do, its a creepy Sonia Braga licking another chicks bleeding back. Odd, I know, but the slow build pays off.

Lick it REALLLL goood

Lick it REALLLL goood

Still though, check out this cast: Rebecca Gayheart, Sonia Braga, Michael Parks, Temeura Morrison (Jango Fett, people!), Jordana Spiro, Orlando Jones (who has since pulled an EPIC disappearing act) and of course Danny Trejo. Fun little fact about Danny Trejo – and if i’ve dropped this egg of knowledge on your mind grapes before pardon me – in every one of his Robert Rodriguez roles his characters names are in some way connected to blades. Razor, machete, etc.


I'm baaaaaaaack

I’m baaaaaaaack

The first real confirmed vamp kill (head removal) results in some cobra snake head thing popping out of the headless torso and looking a little too much like John Leguizamo in Spawn. Why? Come on. Wayyyy too late to be asking questions.

do i make sensssssse?

The conversion rate (human to vamp) in this one seems pretty quick as well. Maybe not as fast as the second, but still DAMN fast. Except when it serves the story, then it takes a while. Of course. And then, for some reason, the vamps seem to be some cat/snake mixture…and even the chicks sound like dudes in vamp form.

Also theres a tentacle rape-ish scene…? I don’t know. If there’s one thing the series has been excessively liberal with its exactly WHAT the vamps can do. And I seriously don’t mind, keeps me on my toes.

So THATS where Orlando Jones went

So THATS where Orlando Jones went

I was completely prepared to hate this one. Third in a series that only seems headed downhill? Yeah. For whatever reason I found myself quite enjoying it. Despite being a period piece, its actually quite reminiscent of the first movie – and when I discovered that Robert Rodriguez was also involved in the story for this one (he was not in the second) it makes sense.

TL;DR 6/10. Solid amount of fun that hearkens back to the first. Definitely worth a watch when you’re rocking a good buzz.




IMDB for the film

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