If you're already drunk

Shootin the shit with Horribly Hooched

We had the exclusive privilege of filling in on Shitfaced Saturdays, and decided to shoot the shit. It took countless takes and I can honestly say I FUCKING HATE MACBOOKS but whatever.

I digress.

From the mouths of Bacchus and Romulus we bring you:


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  1. Gentlemen, & hey I’m using that term fucking loosely–that segment had the trappings of brilliance, like Beavis & black Butthead meet Godzilla, before the next fucking remake even opens. The shit-shooting session (SSS) on shitfaced Saturday (SS) without Slash (S) was both out there on the cutting edge, & under the wire of tasteful journalism; but who the hell likes that shit anyway.

    I applaud you, sort of respect you two, & fully appreciate the gesture. Perhaps this session, or another one similar to it, could be, should be a regular feature on HH.

    By the by, HIGHLANDER, & II, were dynamite fucking features for their time; especially the original film. Queen’s music, and the flawless cuts from present to past were boffo. Clancy Brown still scares me when I think about it. Sean Connery in tights, with a fucking plume in his hat, is endilable in my memory.

    I am 5 hours into my research on SAW V, racing along like a bulldog with amputated rear legs strapped into one of those doggy cart wheel gizmos you see on FB & YouTube.

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  2. You belligerent motherfuckers. As a kid growing up in the 90s, I’ve got to agree with most of your picks. Nothing but love for Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie. One of my guilty pleasures is Clueless. Love that shiz. PS — your thank you card is in the mail.


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