book review

Interview with Mark Groves

Bacchus (dats a ME!) sits down with Mark Groves to talk about the immense amount of work that went in to crafting the remarkable Hellzapalooza, The Best Damned Rock Show Ever!

There were some…eh, technical difficulties lets call em

(somehow I fucked up the conversion and corrupted half the interview SHUT UP)

But you get the gist.


Options to buy the book (WHICH YOU SHOULD DO):



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Also, we hope to be doing more with this wonderful wastes of space on: HELLZAPALOOZA!!


 the Kindle version is only 2.99, and contains 2 things the paperback doesn’t- a full description of all the bands, AND a chapter that was cut from the novel. We call it “The Lost Orgy Chapter.” 🙂 The kindle version is available here:


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