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Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend (1989)


We wouldn’t be doing Asian horror justice if we here at HH didn’t include this, one of the most recognized movies in the adult anime scene. Legendary in its own right, LotO is throwback to a time when anime was called Japanimation, and animators gave special attention to every areola and vein. Explicitly violent, sadistically erotic, this film is commonly known as the grandfather of tentacle rape porn and it remains one of the most graphic installments in animated hentai to this day. It’s been a good decade or so since I last watched it and wasn’t sure if I remembered correctly how fucked up this movie was. The verdict? It was even worse.


Sweaty’s Stats



Tons, animated. Impressively animated, I might add.


Tons, animated.

Scare Factor

Scary sure … but only from a psychological standpoint.



Released around the time of Akira and when Dragonball Z was just beginning to find its footing, LotO sought to go the extra mile and just have their characters try to fuck each other to death between scenes of shouting at each other in the sky. You still get the monologues about war and prophecy and whatever else is going on in the background, but the meat of the film is in the humans being brutally violated by demonkind.

Apparently there are three planes of existence: human, demon and some sort of man-beast, hybrid thing. The story plays out like typical eighties Japanese animation, steeped in the mythos of demonic lore while revolving around a couple of high school kids, because the first rule of anime is that you can’t tell a story in Japan without setting it inside of a high school. There are also some cliché anime characters in play. We have a couple of star-crossed lovers: an awkward boy enamored with a pigtailed girl – a girl who, it seems, is a magnet for demon dick. Seriously, even the female demons rape this poor girl, and I don’t think it ever explains why. Probably has to do with the fact that this “high school” girl is drawn looking twelve.

”High school girl.”

Almost immediately, Pigtails gets plowed in every available orifice while her future lover and his friend watch through the peephole, doing nothing to help her. Even funnier, she goes on about her day later without batting an eye, as if one just gets tentacles rammed through oneself every day.


“Can we hurry this up? I’ve got Trig in twenty minutes.”

A few more characters enter the madness: a kid with Wolverine hair and Naruto whiskers (meaning he’s a half-breed something-or-other) and his whorish, Jem-and-the-Holograms looking sister, who enjoys fucking demons before she kills them. They and their comic-relief monkey hearken back to a time when American ‘toons of the eighties were taking cues from their Japanese counterparts. And then there’s the nerd, a poor, freckled kid humiliated and dominated over by women. Approached by demons, they give him the power of Demon Dick, to revenge fuck all the ladies! But his goal is the one and only Pigtailed Mary Sue of our story, because she can’t get raped enough.

“Should I slip this severed, pulsating, demon cock over my own cock?  Or run screaming from this entire scenario forever?”

Eventually the movie centers in on an apocalyptic all-out war between human and demon. Our main protagonist, Pigtails’ lecherous lover, is revealed to be “the one,” though instead of seeing truth, he gets the pleasure of transforming into the Overfiend, a rape-lovin’ demonic monster which is supposed to unite the three planes, or something. I don’t know, it sort of got lost in the horrifying, labia-crushing, tentacled fuckfest. Seriously, this movie is completely nuts. Just when it starts to get boring, someone starts furiously and gorgeously animatedly fucking the living shit out of someone else. I almost feel dirty saying it, but this flick is honestly better than most actual porn. Which just goes to show why the Japanese beat off to cartoons; when you have the skill to draw sex better than it can be simulated in real life, well I guess ya make lemonade.


Warm, golden lemonade.

Final Thoughts

Definitely watch this movie.  Aside from being one of the most shockingly pornographic animated features on the planet, LotO is a genuine look into some decent Japanese animation for its time.  Sandwiched somewhere between the episodic series of the eighties (Bubblegum Crisis, Tank Police) and the wave of nineties cyberpunk (Ghost in the Shell), it should be easy for old school lovers of anime to pick out the influences.  And it’s not all porn.  There’s a fair amount of grisly death in the film as well.  In addition, the designs for some of the demons are surprisingly creative and horrifying at times.  It’s refreshing and again reminds me of other great films from that era, such as Fist of the North Star and Vampire Hunter D.

Somewhat sadly, LotO is often overlooked next to its less offensive brethren in classic anime, though it’s only the subject matter setting it apart.  However to this day, it maintains a worldwide cult following and it’s no wonder.  In all of the years since, no film has ever come close to topping the hilariously erotic outrageousness of that which is the one, the only: Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend.


She’ll swallow more than your soul.



Score: 10/10, required watching


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