Macabre Monday

Happy Camp (2014)

Found footage. Documentary bout a kid revisiting a not-in-the-slightest bit creepily named Happy Camp, where his brother disappeared 20 years earlier.

Its filmed nicely, and sets a decently creepy mood but overall tries a bit too hard. Also, sorry, no tits.

Happy Camp movie poster 2014


I mean, I pretty much covered it earlier.

Though I suppose you want some more detail.

Main guy Michael (played by Michael Barbuto), his GF and friends are making a documentary about Happy Camp, a place where twenty years earlier Michael’s brother disappeared. Apparently over 600 people have gone missing in this area. No red flags there people?

Ok fine.

Redneck warning about ‘things in the woods’ and doing the ‘you folks don’t belong here’ routine? No red flags?


How bout we go kick it in a graveyard after dark? Cool. Yeah.



The real crux here is that Michael doesn’t remember what happened to his brother Dean. He lost two days. This causes the crew to fragment as Mike breaks down, and they begin getting harassed by rednecks.

Once we discover whats behind the disappearances an earlier bit of foreshadowing begins to make sense.


I hate writing shitty reviews. Whether it be a shittily written review because I was shitty, or a shitty review of a shitty movie or a review I accidentally took a shit on, its never fun. Whatever. Now i’m crying into my wine.

Wait I think this is whiskey.


Its whiskey.

Anyway. This is supposed to be a horror/thriller found footage number – its definitely found footage. So there’s that. There’s plenty of ‘turn the fucking camera off’ moments where the actors highlight the fact no decent human would be filming…but they’re still filming. All in all, its pretty fucking frustrating. The movie falls apart at its most crucial moments and as one of the friends (Josh?) says ‘this is turning into a soap opera’..

Yeah. It is. It does.

One of the weirdest points to this flick is that everyone (I do mean EVERYONE) seems to remember Dean disappearing. Given the over SIX HUNDRED disappearances that strikes me as a bit odd.

Still. The endings pretty fun, but it definitely isn’t worth the ride (nor does it explain the memory loss etc).

TL;DR 2.5/10. The most enjoyment I got was following the reveal when I went ‘oh.’ Audibly. But only just.


IMDB for the film

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