Oculus (2013/2014)

If you were curious as to whether or not you should check this one out. Cleverly written and well thought out.

The Angry Scholar


I clearly bit off more than I can chew this semester, and as a result my posts have taken a dip in terms of, ah, existing. I’d like to say it’s because I’m too busy with work, but there’s a reason I’m the Angry Scholar and not the Mature Responsible Manages His Time Very Well Like a Big Boy Scholar. But I’m not giving up on this, dagnabbit. So let’s talk about Oculus.

Today was opening day for this film in the US (I started writing this Friday night, but it’s looking like it won’t get posted until Saturday morning), so for a change I’m getting a review out relatively early. Bafflingly, the opening credits announce that this is co-produced by WWE Studios–yes, that WWE. I’m not sure what it says about major motion pictures getting produced by the same studio as professional wrasslin’. Except…

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