Don't even bother

Shrooms (2007)

What’s that? Another Irish horror?

I’m subbing in for Sweaty this Sunday, and I figured i’d hearken back to some of my heritage (and my habits) and make this weekend a drunken Irish one. Without further adieu, grab an ice cold cider, and sit back as I bring you –



I’ve got an idea – lets wander into the Forest and pick random mushrooms based on the semi informed chemistry nerd who ALSO cautions us that some of these mushrooms, in fact a lot of them, will just outright kill you.

Sound wise? No. Unless, of course, said nerd is feckin Irish and your friends from college. Then its just a great idea. Sure.

Fuck. err…FECK.

The group, 2 couples and one would be couple, manage to hit major stereotypes. Jock douche fuck, hippie chick, wannabe spiritual martial arts douche fuck, worldly scholar, innocent damsel, slut. On top of the brilliant idea to pick shrooms in the woods and trip, they manage to pick a perfect location next to a haunted house. What could go wrong?

Despite a warning from the shroom expert, the main chick Tara eats a deaths head mushroom and begins having premonitions of whats to come.

While the ending is admittedly pretty awesome, and there’s a talking cow that really steals the show, all in all its pretty standard fare. Certainly not scary.



4/10 Give it a pass unless you really cant find the remote and its already on


IMDB for the film

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