Shithoused Saturdays

Grabbers (2012)

Now, check this: Aliens invade, and the only way to survive is to stay drunk. Perfect premise?

For us, abso-fucking-lutely. Its as if it were written with us in mind.



Lets be clear – the grabbers here are the alien type.

NOT this kind

NOT this type

Said touchy feely aliens invade an island – a rather drunk island – off the coast of Ireland. There’s only one problem – these aliens can’t handle their hooch.

Feckin amateurs.

So. Its a small town on the Isle of Erin, filled to brim with a rousing cast of drunks. When the aliens come fishing for human folk (with only the choicest bait) the townsfolk quickly realize the only solace to be had is at the bottom of a bottle. So, we’ve got a lot in common.


We’ve waited a long time to review this one. I mean…its right up our alley. Is it a quality movie? Yes. Clever writing, solid performances, and plenty of laughs.

Essentially, the perfect drinking game movie. There’s honestly NO point saying anything more. Grab a pint and a bottle of whiskey, you’ll fucking LOVE this one.

8/10. Brilliant all around.


IMDB for the film

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