Twisted Terror Con – Disciples (2014) Review

One of the highlights of the Sacramento Twisted Terror Convention has got to the be epic and sweeping Disciples, which I (Tyler) had the pleasure of checking out

Check out the trailer here:

Oh, and there’s nudity. Sweet, sweet boobage and sweeet sweeeeet gore aplenty

WHEW. The last word I had written for this one was ‘FUCK’. With damn good reason.





First off, I’ll say this – the story is absolutely epic. Sweeping. Spanning every demon I’ve heard heard of (and a few I hadn’t), and focusing on the triumphant return of Lucifer. Now….that being said…for the first half of the movie I didn’t know my asshole from my elbow in terms of story. Virgins, lost amulets, sexy demons, sex with sexy demons…Its a lot to take in.

The essential premise is that Lucifer’s council of demons, including Asmodeus, Azazel, the Bride of Lucifer, Marishka, Duncan/Belial – are involved in a ritual centering on an entity known only as ‘The Maker’. One demon among them has a different plan, a more selfish plan

The key players in this game are a series of virgins (and one who ‘bears the marks’), the head demons and Father and Mother (who hold the keys to the Maker). One such virgin was the daughter of Asmodeus, who was conceived in a particularly brutal fashion that involved rape and cumming on a bible (NOT JOKING YO, shits LEGIT).

Without giving too much away (you have to see it to believe it) there’s a substantial twist and an insanely intense conclusion.



There really wasn’t an aspect of demonic lore this movie DIDN’T go after. I thought I was well versed but I had no idea at some of the references here. And the cast! My god the cast. Tom Lodewyck, Tony Todd, Angus Scrimm, Debra Lamb, Bill Moseley, Linnea Quigley, Nick Principe – god DAMN are you hard/wet yet? Maybe both?

Yes, there’s a lot to take in. Yes, there’s some ‘hammy’ performances – but it all WORKS. I thought I was making a pact with the Devil himself then Marishka (played by Debra Lamb) made her topless appearance and I was confronted with the MOST confusing boner I’ve had the pleasure of hiding in public.

All in all, this is one epic journey you don’t want to miss – grab a bottle, make sure no one can clearly see your groin, and strap in for the demonic ride of your life!

7.5/10 – come for the spectacle, stay for the story, and don’t forget to mop the floors when you’re done!


IMDB for the film

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Note: Forgive any inaccuracies. I only had my notes to go off of, and those were taken in a dark screening room. I may have been drinking. So If I missed anything/got anything wrong let me know via email.

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